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China's drone giant DJI hits back at U.S. security concerns


Another Chinese tech giant is now at the center of national security concerns raised by the U.S. Senate. DJI, a Chinese company that dominates the commercial drone market in the U.S., published an 1800-word letter on Monday striking back against mounting concerns on Capitol Hill over spying, following the recent ban on the Chinese telecom giant Huawei. "The security of a company's products depends on the safeguards it employs, not where its headquarters is located," the Shenzhen-based drone maker said in an open letter to Senators on Monday. During a hearing hosted by Transportation Subcommittee of the Senate Commerce Committee last week, some of the experts testified that they believe that DJI has the potential to send data back to China, which poses serious risks. "American geospatial information is flown to Chinese data centers at an unprecedented level. This literally gives a Chinese company a view from above of our nation. DJI says that American data is safe, but its use of proprietary software networks means how would we know?" said Harry Wingo, Chair of the Cyber Security Department from the National Defense University. Newswire - AI News: VSBLTY (CSE: VSBY) Selected by Energetika Technologies to Provide Crowd Analytics to Enhance Safety Lighting & Security Throughout Latin America


Newswire) VSBLTY Groupe Technologies Corp. (CSE: VSBY) (5VS.F) (VSBGF), a leading retail software and technology company, is teaming with Energetika, an international provider of "intelligent lighting" solutions, to install safety lighting and integrated security to Mexico City, and other Latin American cities designated as a "Smart City." Accessibility, habitability, sustainability, air quality, noise levels, energy, health and economic vitality are among the elements necessary to be selected as a "Smart City." Energetika is a leading provider of smart lighting solutions for economically efficient applications that incorporate security. Energetika chose VSBLTY to provide security technology that includes crowd analytics and facial recognition for residential, commercial and governmental applications. VSBLTY technology provides enhanced customer engagement and audience measurement using machine learning and computer vision.

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AAAI advances the understanding of the mechanisms underlying thought and intelligent behavior and their embodiment in machines.

On the Robustness of the Backdoor-based Watermarking in Deep Neural Networks Machine Learning

Obtaining the state of the art performance of deep learning models Deep neural networks(DNNs) have been successfully deployed in imposes a high cost to model generators, due to the tedious data various applications; ranging from speech [14, 17, 19] and image preparation and the substantial processing requirements. To protect [18, 22, 35] recognition to natural language processing [2, 12, 13, 36] the model from unauthorized redistribution, watermarking and more. The task of generating a model in deep neural network is approaches have been introduced in the past couple of years. The computationally expensive and also requires a considerable amount watermark allows the legitimate owner to detect copyright violations of training data that has undergone a thorough process of preparation of their model. We investigate the robustness and reliability and labelling. The task of data cleaning is known to be the most of state-of-the-art deep neural network watermarking schemes.

ECTA: The implications of AI for IP


There are many characterisations of artificial intelligence (AI), such as Andrew Ng's in the World Intellectual Property Organization's (WIPO) report on Technology Trends 2019 regarding AI. He adds: "I can hardly imagine an industry which is not going to be transformed by AI." Precise definitions, however, are lacking. In order to come to grips with the term it is recommended to distinguish between AI techniques, such as machine learning, logic programming, fuzzy logic, probabilistic reasoning and ontology engineering, functional applications, and AI application fields. Computer vision, natural language processing and speech processing can be mentioned as examples of AI functional applications. The application fields are several, such as networks, life and medical sciences, telecommunications and transportation.

Guidelines for Responsible and Human-Centered Use of Explainable Machine Learning Artificial Intelligence

Explainable machine learning (ML) has been implemented in numerous open source and proprietary software packages and explainable ML is an important aspect of commercial predictive modeling. However, explainable ML can be misused, particularly as a faulty safeguard for harmful black-boxes, e.g. fairwashing, and for other malevolent purposes like model stealing. This text discusses definitions, examples, and guidelines that promote a holistic and human-centered approach to ML which includes interpretable (i.e. white-box ) models and explanatory, debugging, and disparate impact analysis techniques.

Artificial Intelligence and Intellectual Property


AI has the potential to revolutionize service delivery and administration in IPOs. Through three main channels, WIPO leads and enables cooperation amongst IPOs towards this goal. Search our index of initiatives to find out how AI is being used to facilitate IP administration and service delivery in different IPOs. The index is based on inputs received from WIPO member states. Please contact us for updates or corrections.

Futurus Group Files First Ever Patent to Predict Gratitude Using Artificial Intelligence


Futurus Group, an affiliate of Gobel Enterprises and a full-service consulting firm focused on artificial intelligence, announced that it is seeking a patent for its proprietary gratitude prediction machine learning model. G2G (Gratitude to Give), Futurus' flagship product, currently utilizes this patent-pending algorithm and is the first artificially intelligent product on the market focused on predicting gratitude specifically in a healthcare environment. Early results have revealed promising insights. Forty-seven percent of the high-gratitude patients became donors, surpassing the ten percent of high-wealth patients who did. "We conceptualized this idea a few years ago," said Chad Gobel, CEO and founder of Gobel Group.

Amazon's Alexa WILL listen to everything you say

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Alexa's poor reputation for privacy may soon worsen as a patent filed by the firm suggests the virtual assistant may start listening before its'wake word' is said. Under the plans Alexa will be able to detect when it is being given a command even if the wake word is said at the end of the sentence instead of at the front. The move raises concerns over user privacy as Alexa will, by default, always be listening to conversations on the off-chance its wakeword is spoken. Alexa's poor reputation for privacy may soon worsen as a patent filed by the firm suggests the virtual assistant may start listening before its'wake word' is said. The patent, filed with the US Patent and Trademark Office, reveals the Seattle-fimrs plans for the next evolutionary step for it Alexa's technology.

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The promise of AI will be fulfilled only by establishing a clear, coherent link between AI and business value. This Gartner Special Report will help CIOs incorporate AI into their strategic planning and evaluation processes for business transformation. Gartner is a registered trademark of Gartner, Inc. and its affiliates. This publication may not be reproduced or distributed in any form without Gartner's prior written permission. It consists of the opinions of Gartner's research organization, which should not be construed as statements of fact.