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Google acquires Nevada land for future data center


Google has acquired a significant piece of land in Nevada, near Reno and Tesla's Gigafactory site, which will house a future data center, and could also host a testing track for Waymo, the Alphabet-owned autonomous driving company. The purchase of the 1,210 acres in Nevada's Tahoe Reno Industrial Center was reported by The Wall Street Journal on Monday, and follows the filing of documents detailing the transaction late last week.

Google tweaks its search results to take on fake news

Daily Mail

Google is making changes to its search engine designed to counter the spread of fake news.

Google acts against fake news on search engine

The Guardian

Google announced its first attempt to combat the circulation of "fake news" on its search engine with new tools allowing users to report misleading or offensive content, and a pledge to improve results generated by its algorithm.

State of AI: How did we get here, and where are we going next?


Here's an illustration of this exponential trend: the number of press releases published by companies mentioning "Artificial Intelligence" skyrocketed over the last few years.

Providing personalized experiences at scale with AI


There is tremendous interest in artificial intelligence this year, which is ironic since the technology is more than 60 years old. In fact, artificial intelligence actually encompasses a few different technologies, each of which can help an organization better understand and engage with customers.

Why Artificial Intelligence Still Needs A Human Touch


How do we distinguish between fact and falsehood? This is perhaps, one of the most debated questions of the past year. Google and Facebook are both in the spotlight for disseminating so-called "fake news", despite the artificial intelligence (AI) systems that these companies developed and deploy on their platforms. If AI is currently struggling to discern facts from fiction, could it be that human intelligence is still a necessary component for the continued successful integration of AI?

Machine learning data management startup SafeGraph raises $16M - SiliconANGLE


San Francisco-based machine learning data management startup SafeGraph Inc. has raised a $16 million funding round led by IDG Ventures USA but including more than 100 high-profile individual investors.

Artificial intelligence: fulfilling the failed promise of big data


The topic of artificial intelligence is dominating discussions of data management this year. But while a growing number of organizations are interested in AI, many don't fully understand what the technology can do to help boost their customer engagement or the bottom line.

Data Unification at Scale @CloudExpo #BigData #DataLake #AI #Analytics


This term Data Unification is new in the Big Data lexicon, pushed by varieties of companies such as Talend, 1010Data, and TamR. Data unification deals with the domain known as ETL (Extraction, Transformation, Loading), initiated during the 1990s when Data Warehousing was gaining relevance. ETL refers to the process of extracting data from inside or outside sources (multiple applications typically developed and supported by different vendors or hosted on separate hardware), transform it to fit operational needs (based on business rules), and load it into end target databases, more specifically, an operational data store, data mart, or a data warehouse. These are read-only databases for analytics. Initially the analytics was mostly retroactive (e.g.