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Google and Walmart team up to take on a common enemy: Amazon


Google and Walmart announced a partnership on Wednesday that will make items from the big-box retailer available through the search engine's Google Express shopping service. SEE ALSO: Amazon may not always have the best prices, but that doesn't stop people from shopping there anyway Probably the most significant part of the deal is that shoppers with Google Home devices can now order Walmart products through the tech giant's digital assistant, just as Amazon customers do with its own Echo gadgets. Meanwhile, Google's been worried about a growing number of shoppers starting their product searches on Amazon rather than its own site, allowing Amazon to sell ads around them and eat into Google's market. Yet Google's never had much luck challenging Amazon's online shopping dominance on its own.

Charles W. Bachman

Communications of the ACM

Charles William "Charlie" Bachman, the "father of databases" who received the ACM A.M. Turing Award for 1973 for creating the first database management system, died June 13 at the age of 92. Born in Manhattan, KS, in 1924, Bachman earned his B.S. in mechanical engineering in 1948, as well as an M.S. in mechanical engineering from the University of Pennsylvania. He went to work for Dow Chemical in 1950, using mechanical punched-card computing devices to solve networks of simultaneous equations representing data from Dow plants. In 1957, Bachman became head of Dow's Data Processing Department, through which he became a member of Share Inc., and a founding member of the Share Data Processing Committee. In 1960, Bachman joined the General Electric (GE) Production Control Services Group in New York City, using a factory in Philadelphia to test designs for a system to automate factory planning, scheduling, operational control, and inventory control. The resulting MIACS was based on the ...

Computational Thinking Is Not Necessarily Computational

Communications of the ACM

Computation is a process that is defined in terms of an underlying model of computation, and computational thinking is the thought processes involved in formulating problems so their solutions can be represented as computational steps and algorithms." If we replaced it with similar words, like "procedures" or "sequences," we would arrive at such vacuous "definitions" as, say, "Medicine is a process that is defined in terms of an underlying model of medicine, and medical thinking is the thought processes involved in formulating problems so their solutions can be represented as medical steps and procedures." And "Drama is a process that is defined in terms of an underlying model of drama, and dramatic thinking is the thought processes involved in formulating problems so their solutions can be represented as dramatic steps and sequences." If such influence is indeed the basis for a comparison, then additional covariates should be controlled for, including the mean estimated valuation per patent, number of employees in the industry, and additional financial and industry-specific characteristics.

The Cloud Computing Era Could Be Nearing Its End


Today the $247 billion cloud computing industry funnels everything through massive centralized data centers operated by giants like Amazon, Microsoft, and Google. Theoretically, data would only need to travel a few miles between customers and the nearest cell tower or central office, instead of hundreds of miles to reach a cloud data center. Austin-based Vapor IO has already begun building its own micro data centers alongside existing cell towers. That enables Vapor IO to take advantage of Crown Castle's existing network of 40,000 cell towers and 60,000 miles of fiber optic lines in metropolitan areas.

This Week at Udacity, August 18 edition – Udacity Inc – Medium


Or maybe it's because one of the most exciting things that happened all week happened … this very morning! We built our Digital Marketing Nanodegree program with the best in the business, like Facebook, Google, Hootsuite, and Moz, and right now, you can see content for all 9 topics we cover, including Content Strategy, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Display Advertising, Email Marketing, and more! You can read our blog post about Armen, IBM Watson, and the future of AI, right here. David Silver, who heads up our Self-Driving Car Nanodegree program, very kindly put together a handy all-in-one guide this week, and we published it right here on Medium!

When AI (Artificial Intelligence) Goes Wrong...


Critical systems - automated piloting, running a power plant - usually do well with AI and automation, as considerable testing is done before deploying these systems. But for many mundane tasks, such as spam detection, chatbots, spell checking, detecting duplicate or fake accounts on social networks, detecting fake reviews or hate speech in social networks, search engine technology (Google) or AI-based advertising, a lot of progress must be made. For instance, some Google algorithms automatically detect bad websites using tricks to be listed at the top on search results pages. For instance, if advertising dollars are misused by some poorly designed AI system (assuming the advertising budget is fixed) the negative impact on the business is limited.

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It covers multiple aspects of the enterprise wide layers at the backend covering government domain specific applications, decision support systems where the data flows from the IoT devices. Enterprise Layer: It implements Government domain-specific applications, decision support systems and provides interfaces to end-users including operations. IoT based Layered Reference Architecture for Connected Government The reference architecture consists of a set of components. The Business and Information Services layer is designed based on "Micro-services" architecture principles and which will provide cross channel capabilities A basic service system provides fundamental data services, which include data access, data processing, data fusion, data storage, identity resolution, geographic information service, user management, and inventory management, etc.

Why You Should Be Excited About Blockstack And The Decentralization Movement

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Many of blockchain technology's true believers already see the next reincarnation of the internet on the horizon: A decentralized web where direct peer-to-peer interactions, fueled by digital sovereignty, replace many of the business models we know from Uber to Twitter. The New York-based tech company Blockstack just launched a $25 million venture capital fund for startups and projects working to create a decentralized internet. Shea and Ali are just two prominent members of a wider movement for decentralization, according to Colin Pape, project lead at the decentralized search engine project Presearch. Google dominates internet searches, monopolizing global access to information in an almost unprecedented way.

Apache Spark Streaming


Live input data streams is received and divided into batches by Spark streaming, these batches are then processed by the Spark engine to generate the final stream of results in batches. Its key abstraction is Apache Spark Discretized Stream or, in short, a Spark DStream, which represents a stream of data divided into small batches. Complex workloads require continuously learning and updating data models, or even querying the streaming data with SQL queries. To address the problems of traditional stream processing engine, Spark Streaming uses a new architecture called Discretized Streams that directly leverages the rich libraries and fault tolerance of the Spark engine.

Google can now warn you when your allergies might flare up


Google search just gained a helpful new superpower. Much like weather forecasts, when you search for queries like "pollen forecast" you'll get a detailed look at pollen levels in your area for the next few days. Google says searches for allergy information consistently spike every year in the spring and the fall, when seasonal allergy sufferers tend to have more symptoms. By putting the pollen count predictions right in search, the information should now be a lot easier to find.