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Justice Dept. scrambles to jam prison cellphones, stop drone deliveries to inmates

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The Justice Department will soon start trying to jam cellphones smuggled into federal prisons and used for criminal activity, part of a broader safety initiative that is also focused on preventing drones from airdropping contraband to inmates. Deputy Attorney General Rod J. Rosenstein told the American Correctional Association's conference in Orlando on Monday that, while the law prohibits cellphone use by federal inmates, the Bureau of Prisons confiscated 5,116 such phones in 2016, and preliminary numbers for 2017 indicate a 28 percent increase. "That is a major safety issue," he said in his speech. "Cellphones are used to run criminal enterprises, facilitate the commission of violent crimes and thwart law enforcement." When he was the U.S. attorney in Maryland, Rosenstein prosecuted an inmate who used a smuggled cellphone to order the murder of a witness.

Zipline Expands Its Medical Delivery Drones Across East Africa

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While companies like Amazon pour considerable resources into finding ways of using drones to deliver such things as shoes and dog treats, Zipline has been saving lives in Rwanda since October 2016 with drones that deliver blood. Zipline's autonomous fixed-wing drones now form an integral part of Rwanda's medical-supply infrastructure, transporting blood products from a central distribution center to hospitals across the country. And in 2018, Zipline's East African operations will expand to include Tanzania, a much larger country. Delivering critical medical supplies in this region typically involves someone spending hours (or even days) driving a cooler full of life-saving medicine or blood along windy dirt roads. Such deliveries can become dangerous or even impossible to make if roads and bridges get washed out.

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MIT Media Lab to participate in $27 million initiative on AI ethics and governance

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The MIT Media Lab and the Berkman Klein Center for Internet and Society at Harvard University will serve as the founding anchor institutions for a new initiative aimed at bridging the gap between the humanities, the social sciences, and computing by addressing the global challenges of artificial intelligence (AI) from a multidisciplinary perspective. How can we best initiate a broader, in-depth discussion about how society will co-evolve with this technology, and connect computer science and social sciences to develop intelligent machines that are not only'smart,' but also socially responsible?" As founding academic institutions, the Media Lab and Berkman Klein Center, along with other potential collaborators from the public and private sectors, will act as a mechanism to reinforce cross-disciplinary work and encourage intersectional peer dialogue and collaboration. This research will include questions that address society's ethical expectations of AI, using machine learning to learn ethical and legal norms from data, and using data-driven techniques to quantify the potential impact of AI, for example, on the labor market.

LinkedIn cofounder Reid Hoffman, Omidyar Network create $27 million fund for AI in the public interest


LinkedIn cofounder Reid Hoffman, Omidyar Network, and John S. and the James L. Knight Foundation have today joined forces to create the Ethics and Governance of Artificial Intelligence Fund. The John S. and James L. Knight Foundation gave $5 million to the cause and The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation and Jim Pallotta, founder of the Raptor Group each gave $1 million. "There's an urgency to ensure that AI benefits society and minimizes harm," said Reid Hoffman, founder of LinkedIn and partner at venture capital firm Greylock Partners . Omidyar Network was created by eBay founder Pierre Omidyar and focuses on social impact investment.

Cybersecurity trends 2017: malicious machine learning, state-sponsored attacks and ransomware


Vincent also believes the British government's £1.9 billion cybersecurity budget announcement signifies a change in how governments publicly relate to cyber threats. Intel Security's Eric Peterson cites the Business Email Compromise scam – where individuals in companies are targeted through social engineering, and directed to fraudulently transfer money to bank accounts. There are no guarantees, of course, that they will actually get the data back after the ransoms are paid – and there have been recorded incidents where law enforcement has permanently removed data dumps online, meaning it's lost forever, Intel Security expects that ransomware will increasingly move into mobile. "In 2017, we expect that mobile ransomware will continue to grow but the focus of malware authors will change," says Intel Security's Fernando Ruiz.

CES 2017 for CIOs: Making consumer tech business-ready


Now, AI is augmenting our mental capabilities," said Lepofsky, who recently completed research on AI's impact on work. But even they will face big challenges as they start introducing things like digital assistants and AR. President-elect Donald Trump was briefed on the Russian hacking intelligence report Friday. Apple invests $1 billion in Vision Fund.

Why AI must be redefined as 'augmented intelligence'


Couple this with 10,000 security research papers published each year and over 60,000 security blogs published each month, and security analysts are severely challenged to move with informed speed. AI will help security professionals by sorting through all this data, using natural language processing to understand the imprecise human language contained in blogs, articles, videos, reports, alerts, and other unstructured data; connecting obscure data points humans couldn't possibly spot; and making recommendations on remediation strategies based on those connections and insights. Augmenting the expertise of cyber professionals, AI systems are learning how to monitor unstructured data to detect risks before they emerge. Cognitive tools such as IBM's Watson are currently being trained to ingest and understand vast amounts of security data and research created for human consumption.

Thanks to AI, Computers Can Now See Your Health Problems


The child had ear infection after ear infection and trouble breathing at night. What had taken Patient Number Two's doctors 16 years to find took Face2Gene just a few minutes. The RightEye GeoPref Autism Test can identify the early stages of autism in infants as young as 12 months--the crucial stages where early intervention can make a big difference. But machine learning hears what doctor's can't: Signs of cognitive impairment in speech.

Sources: Amazon quietly acquired AI security startup for around $20M


We were alerted to the acquisition by a tipster, who said the purchase price for The tipster also said the team's 12 employees are relocating to Amazon's Seattle headquarters. AWS already offers embedded security features and tools for users of its cloud services platform. Although there are third parties who offer security features for cloud services, Amazon has also moved into this area, given how vital it is for customers to trust it to lock down their key business assets. Last November, Amazon launched the Amazon AI platform as a way to monetize its in-house AI smarts by making different services available as services to outsiders.