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Silverstream Wins Innovate UK KTP Grant To Advance Machine Learning In Maritime


Silverstream Technologies, the leading air lubrication manufacturer for the shipping industry, in collaboration with the University of Southampton, has been awarded an Innovate UK Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) grant to advance machine learning in the maritime sector, the organisations have announced today. The two-year partnership will see an Associate of the University of Southampton, secured under the programme, work with Silverstream's Technical Team with the goal to advance machine learning and artificial intelligence within the Silverstream System's control and automation module. The Silverstream System uses air lubrication to reduce frictional resistance between a vessel's hull and the water and delivers fuel savings of 5-10% depending on the vessel and its operating profile. The KTP will aim to increase this saving by analysing operational data taken from installed systems. This data, when combined with cutting edge machine learning techniques, will help to further increase Silverstream System performance during a voyage, with the goal of gaining the theoretical maximum savings associated with the technology every time it is operating.

Amazon to build its first robotic and largest fulfilment centre in Australia


Global e-commerce giant Amazon has announced it will build what it is touted to be its largest fulfilment centre in Australia. To be built at Kemps Creek in western Sydney, the new storage and distribution centre will measure almost 200,000 square metres, which according to Amazon, is equivalent to the land size of Taronga Zoo or 22 rugby fields, and be able to house up to 11 million items. Amazon said it would be the first centre in the southern hemisphere where the company's "latest robotics systems" is deployed. "The Amazon robotics fulfilment centre will more than double our operational footprint in Australia, enhance efficiency and safety for our associates while ultimately providing customers with wider selection and faster delivery," Amazon Australia director of operations Craig Fuller said. "We look forward to creating more than 1,500 jobs, the majority of which are permanent full-time jobs, with the opportunity to work alongside advanced robotics to deliver the ultimate in service for customers."

Amazon to build mammoth robotic warehouse in Western Sydney – IAM Network


"We needed to invest in a building of that type of size and scale so we can deliver the convenience, in terms of delivery speed, to the Australian customer base."Mr Fuller said while the centre would likely improve Amazon's delivery times across most of its Australian customers, the retailer would not know the material benefits of the centre until its completion in 2021.When we launched in Australia there were lots of unknowns…we had to learn the nuances of the Australian marketplaceCraig Fuller, Amazon Australia's director of operationsWhile Amazon operates around 30 robotic fulfilment centres internationally, this will be its first in Australia. The centre will still use humans to pick and pack items, but instead of workers walking to the shelves to pick the items, robotic units take the shelves to them, improving fulfilment time and reducing the amount of walking workers have to do.Amazon has faced criticism in the past over the treatment of its distribution centre workers, who have described working conditions at its Melbourne centre as a "hellscape" due to allegedly unrealistic performance targets.New South Wales Premier Gladys Berejiklian said the jobs created by the new centre come at a time the Australian economy " …

Hitachi's Microsoft Agreement: A Game-Changer in Cloud-based Logistics


Today, global innovation company Hitachi has announced its next-generation digital transformation solutions will run on Microsoft. The two companies have signed a strategic agreement to advance AI, Robotics, and IoT capabilities across logistics and manufacturing industries based in South Asia and Japan. The digital solutions would also be made available to the North American market. Each industry is unique in the way it adopts digital tools to transform its core operations. Logistics, manufacturing and supply industries are the most potent markets for digitalization.

AI in Logistics: 5 ways artificial intelligence is transforming logistics


A man who has been sleeping for twenty years and woke up in 2020 would find himself in a different transformational era. Along with numerous changes in ecology, politics, the way we live, and diseases we cure, he or she would be astonished by the consequences of the revolution that has redefined each of the aforementioned aspects of our lives. Digitalization has reached more people than any other revolution. Since Gutenberg's printing press, it has become the most outstanding event to mark a huge shift in the way we communicate. People have learned how to exhibit their intelligence by machines and systems that improve human thinking.

Why robotics startups fail!


What are the main reasons that robotics companies and startups fail? Is it the technology or is it the business? Fresh Consulting analyzed significant industry case studies from Rethink Robotics to iRobot for their whitepaper "Why Robotics Companies Fail," and launched it on June 11 at a panel discussion moderated by James Dietrich, from Fresh Consulting, with guest speakers Aaron Prather, Senior Advisor for the Technology Research and Planning Team at FedEx Express; Andra Keay, Managing Director of Silicon Valley Robotics and startup accelerator advisor, and Eric Klein, Partner and Founder at Lemnos Labs. In a lively discussion, the speakers weighed in on what key factors for success or failure were most likely in their experience. Andra Keay believes that lack of business fundamentals is the most critical error a young company faces.

Navigation algorithm lets drones perform challenging acrobatics

Daily Mail - Science & tech

Scientists have developed a quadrotor helicopter, or quadcopter, that can learn to fly acrobatic manoeuvres that would challenge even a human operator. The drone, developed with US tech giant Intel, uses a navigation algorithm that allows it to autonomously perform tricks using on-board sensor measurements. In demonstrations, researchers flew power loops, barrel rolls and matty flips, during which the drone was subject to high thrust and extreme angular acceleration. A drone with the ability to perform tricky stunts will be more efficient in conventional operations, the research team say. It can be pushed to its physical limits, make full use of its agility and speed and cover more distance within its battery life.

eStore Logistics sinks AU$40 million to roll out robotic-powered fulfilment centres


E-commerce fulfilment provider eStore Logistics has announced a AU$40 million investment over several years into developing two fulfilment centres and the rollout of over 200 AI-enabled robots between both centres. According to the company, the robots, shaped in the form of household robotic vacuum cleaners, will be used to automatically retrieve inventory stored on shelves or pallets from the warehouse floor before the products are packed by staff for shipment. Each robot operates using algorithms based on historical matching data to calculate the most efficient picking paths and order groupings, and can automatically move the storage locations of shelves or pallets within the warehouse based on incoming orders and future demand, eStore Logistics said. "Consumers are demanding faster delivery today than they were three to four years ago, and our robotics warehouse systems mean online retailers can give their customers the best service possible -- including same-day delivery -- in the most cost-effective way possible," eStore Logistics managing director Leigh Williams said. The robots will be rolled out in two of eStore Logistics' warehouses based in Melbourne's western suburbs.

Deliveroo Chooses EduMe's Workforce Success Platform


Deliveroo and EduMe today announced an exclusive new global partnership that will drive the success of the food delivery giant with effective onboarding, training and continuous learning by using EduMe's platform. The initiative is being rolled out to Deliveroo's entire global network of riders. It will take advantage of EduMe's experience as the training provider of choice by other leading technology companies. This will help facilitate effective onboarding at scale for new riders. Furthermore, an integration with hiring platform Fountain will be leveraged to present a seamless engagement and onboarding experience for new riders.