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Self-heating-induced healing of lithium dendrites


Lithium (Li) metal electrodes are not deployable in rechargeable batteries because electrochemical plating and stripping invariably leads to growth of dendrites that reduce coulombic efficiency and eventually short the battery. It is generally accepted that the dendrite problem is exacerbated at high current densities. Here, we report a regime for dendrite evolution in which the reverse is true. In our experiments, we found that when the plating and stripping current density is raised above 9 milliamperes per square centimeter, there is substantial self-heating of the dendrites, which triggers extensive surface migration of Li. We show that repeated doses of high-current-density healing treatment enables the safe cycling of Li-sulfur batteries with high coulombic efficiency.

Apple may secure its own battery materials to avoid shortages


According to the report, Apple is seeking to lock down a long-term deal, securing several thousand metric tons a year, for a last five years. The move puts Apple in direct competition with other big players who are also looking for a similar agreement, and advantage. BMW, Volkswagen and Samsung's own battery division are thought to be engaged in similar negotiations for their own EV projects.

22 Motors Flow launched; India's first artificial intelligence based scooter


The electric scooter Flow gets advanced artificial intelligence based software that can do many unheard things. It is priced at Rs. 74,740, ex-showroom.

LG Electronics Launches 'ThinQ' For Its AI Initiatives


LG first laid the foundation for its AI efforts at CES 2017 when it announced DeepThinQ followed by the initiative to include Wi-Fi in its entire line of premium appliances launched this year. Advancing the company's innovations in AI, LG opened the Artificial Intelligence Lab in Seoul in June under company's CTO to tie together all its diverse AI research in technologies that recognize, deduce and learn from voice, video and sensors. LG's AI Lab has contributed to the development of the world's first space-learning air conditioner as well as intelligent refrigerators, washing machines and robot vacuum cleaners.

Robots Are Fueling the Quiet Ascendance of the Electric Motor


If you were going to kick off a technological revolution, you'd be hard-pressed to do it with more pizazz than Tesla with its electric cars. But oddly enough, what's driving it all--the electric motor--is an ancient technology at this point. It's lost out to the gas engine for over a century, sure, but it's finally begun to take over transportation, thanks to supporting roles from better batteries and fancy sensors.

Eight reasons the Huawei Mate 10 Pro is good for business


The massive 4,000 mAh battery of the Mate 10 Pro is a welcome addition and ensures you can go a couple of days with heavy usage on this phone. RAM and storage: The new Huawei Mate 10 Pro has 6GB of RAM with 128 GB of integrated storage. Both are ample for today's daily usage. Easy projection: Samsung DeX is great, but it requires a DeX dock. Huawei lets you simply connect an external display via the USB Type C port to project the device onto an external display.

Google: Here's how we predict battery life based on your usage patterns


Google is using machine learning to improve the accuracy and credibility of its battery-life predictions on the Pixel. If you felt your Pixel's battery life forecasts were previously inaccurate, you can blame the assumptions Google used to make about usage. A Google product manager has now explained on the Pixel forum that the company used to assume that if you had used up 10 percent over the past few hours, it estimated that level of per-hour usage would remain consistent. "As you might expect, this wasn't always very accurate," wrote a product manager called Michelle from Google's NYC office. To improve accuracy, Google has created an'on-device model' that analyzes each device's battery usage over time to build an understanding of patterns of usage on similar days and times.

Battery safety and fire handling


Lithium battery safety is an important issue as there are more and more reports of fires and explosions. Fires have been reported in everything from cell phones to airplanes to robots.

GE Working on Robot That It Says Can Save $200 Billion of Power


General Electric Co. is working on a way to use artificial intelligence in electricity grids, a technology that it expects will save $200 billion globally by improving efficiency. "We're also putting a lot into the machine learning side, a lot," said Steven Martin, chief digital officer at GE's energy connections business, at an interview at the Bloomberg New Energy Finance summit in London. "We have a lot of people working on this." This is expected to significantly increase the efficiency of the grid and save consumers money. Researchers are looking into how so-called machine learning can be integrated into businesses from healthcare to computing, and now energy.

Experts find graveyard of 60 preserved ancient shipwrecks

Daily Mail

Dozens of perfectly preserved ancient shipwrecks have been found at the bottom of the Black Sea. A total of 60 wrecks were discovered dating back as far as 2,500 years, including galleys from the Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman empires. Scientists stumbled upon the graveyard while using underwater robots to survey the effects of climate change along the Bulgarian coast. Because the Black Sea contains almost no light or oxygen, little life can survive, meaning the wrecks are in excellent condition. Researchers say their discovery is'truly unrivalled'.