deep angel

Deep Angel, The Artificial Intelligence of Absence


Deep Angel is an artificial intelligence that erases objects from photographs. Part art, part technology, and part philosophy, Deep Angel shares Angelus Novus' gaze into the future. With this platform, you can explore the future of automated media manipulation by either uploading your own photos, submitting a public Instagram account to the AI, or trying to detect fake images. Beyond manipulation, Deep Angel enables you to uncover the aesthetics of absence. What happens when we can remove things from the world around us? Deep Angel is part of an ongoing research project.

MIT's new tool erases anything (or anyone) from old photos


But what if there was a tool that could erase people and things automatically–a magic wand that could do hours of imperfect Photoshop work in an instant? Now, thanks to an MIT Media Lab project led by Matt Groh, that tool is real–if still imperfect. As an image-conscious millennial, I fed my own Instagram feed into the machine in an attempt to improve my past. For as confusing as AI can be, Groh's team has built a remarkably simple front-end interface to control it. In one column, you select what you'd like to remove from your photos, and in the right column, you select your source material.

Deep Angel-The AI of Future Media Manipulation


To cut a long story short, the movie was shot in beautiful Amsterdam, which was portrayed as a place of imminent catastrophe with empty streets and no people around. I thought that Deep Angel would have been a prime candidate for such a movie allowing the movie crew to shoot the scenes with people wandering around, cars passing by and then just run the film through Deep Angel to remove those unnecessary artefacts "auto-magically". No permission necessary to close down or evacuate streets, buildings and whole areas in order to shoot a film.