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Gartner: 10 changes coming to data analytics


Businesses that trust AI to operate will leverage different kinds of data input and infuse automation into how they extract insights. The year began with an ambitious data mandate for organizations: leverage data analytics and AI techniques to keep up with the competition and increase efficiency. Pressed by the challenges of a redrawn business landscape, leaders searched for guidance in their data and analytics toolkit. In the pivot to distributed work, AI helped field rising help desk requests from a mobile workforce. Data analytics informed leaders in near-real time how consumption patterns shifted, helping manage supply chain constraints.

Global Big Data Conference


AI technology is associated with making machines and related processes intelligent through the use of advanced computer programming solutions. The AI technology market is poised to grow at a robust pace driven by its increasing adoption in an expanding range of applications in varied industries. The growing need to analyze and interpret burgeoning volumes of data and the escalating demand for advanced AI solutions to improve customer services are expected to fuel growth in the AI market. With significant improvements being seen in data storage capacity, computing power and parallel processing capabilities, the adoption of AI technology in various end-use sectors is on the rise. The rising adoption of cloud-based services and applications, rapid growth of big data, and the increasing need for intelligent virtual assistants are also contributing to the rapid growth of AI market.

Data Analyst - Loyalty, Partnership and Monetization


About the Role If you're looking to be a part of a dynamic, highly analytical team who enjoys working with data, look no further. GoClub is a Gojek loyalty product part of the Loyalty, Partnership & Monetisation (LPM) group. As a Data Analyst specializing in GoClub, you will be building data products to support the team in achieving its business objectives. You are expected to help drive data strategies and business initiatives in GoClub. In addition to this, this role is expected to be a thought partner for leaders across the Gojek group in all things loyalty and retention.

Informatica IPO: Better the second time around?


Today, Informatica is going public, once again. The company, which went private in a $5.3 billion deal back in 2015, expects to raise $841 million on this round. Informatica's emergence from private equity comes as the company has transitioned to a cloud-first business where subscriptions have climbed to nearly half of overall revenue. Informatica's journey into private equity has been a familiar one: a company seeks to transform its core business without the pressure of having to deliver quarterly results to Wall Street. It's a well-trod path that has been followed by a wide range of household names, and most recently in the data world, Cloudera.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Supply Chains


Some of the benefits derived from AI in supply chains are less tangible than others. For example, determining the impact of predictive analytics based on supply chain data can eventually yield benefits, but some companies are reporting a direct link between revenue shifts and the addition of AI in supply chains. Recent research conducted by McKinsey & Company found that 61% of executives who have introduced AI into their supply chains report decreased costs, and more than 50% report increased revenues. More than a third of study respondents reported revenue increases of more than five percent.

Keeping Up with The Latest Marketing Trends - Data-driven Email Personalization


Businesses depend on a solid customer base to achieve targeted goals and survive in the competitive environment. This is precisely where email personalization proves to be helpful to brands. It allows email marketers of a brand to include subscriber data in email marketing. This way, email personalization allows them to send tailor-made emails to individuals. Thus, email personalization serves as a tool for brands to communicate their messages to customers based on data-driven insights.

Tesla Hits $1 Trillion Market Cap: Role of AI & What Happens If a Driver Falls Asleep?


Tesla recently hit a $1 trillion market cap for the first time following news that Hertz is ordering 100,000 vehicles to build out its electric vehicle rental fleet by the end of 2022. Elon Musk did it again. Tesla has reinvented the art of designing, building and selling modern cars by leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning. While most of the auto manufacturing industry buys components from many suppliers, Tesla has built up its own supply chain: it has custom-built its own electric engines, battery packs and self-driving technology, even its own glass. If a driver falls asleep, the car will automatically put on its hazard lights to warn nearby vehicles, slow down and eventually stop.

Four Basic Steps in Data Preparation - KDnuggets


What are the steps in data preparation? Are there specific steps we need to take for specific problems? The answer is not that straightforward: Practice and knowledge will design the best recipe for each case. First, there are two types of data preparation: KPI calculation to extract the information from the raw data and data preparation for the data science algorithm. While the first one is domain and business dependent, the second one is more standardized.

How Advanced Analytics Can Put an End to the $50 Billion Retail Overstock Problem


It's a frustrating problem, given that it's so easy to solve. Those who embrace modern technology are already optimizing their inventory with advanced analytics, entirely preventing these massive amounts of overstock. So, if a retailer is wondering why consumers and investors are pulling away, it's because they are still using a traditional approach in a modern world. Whether it's fast fashion or high-end brands, at the end of the day, the goal of a business is to maximize shareholder value. As such, retailers can't afford to risk losing sales because they ran out of stock.

Vasudevan Sundarababu Joins Pactera EDGE to Lead Its Global Digital Engineering Practice


Pactera EDGE, a world-class digital solutions provider for the data-driven, intelligent enterprise, announced the appointment of Vasudevan Sundarababu as a Senior Vice President, Head of Digital Engineering. Sundarababu, who has over 25-years of IT industry experience, most recently served as Global Head of Cloud Data Platforms for Capgemini Financial Services. He was previously Chief Technology Officer of CSS Corp. In his new role, Sundarababu will lead Pactera EDGE's global digital engineering practice, where he will be responsible for the identification and design of new products and solutions, the development of technology strategies and capabilities, and the inception of programs to bring these opportunities to Pactera EDGE's clients. Additionally, he will provide support to the sales team for client proposals and solutions.