computer vision engineer

Machine Learning / Computer Vision Engineer


Are you an experienced Machine Learning / Computer Vision Engineer looking for a new opportunity? Vave Health is a startup based in the heart of Silicon Valley. Our mission is to provide the world with connected and personal tools that will help deliver better care, improve patient experience, and drive healthcare efficiency. Our next generation wireless connected device enables faster diagnosis and treatment at the point of care resulting in better patient outcomes. Vave Health is at the forefront of medical imaging and digital health.

5 Hottest Artificial Intelligence Jobs Right Now


It's not surprising that in this day and age, artificial intelligence jobs are some of the most sought-after positions on the market. The chance to work with exciting technology that's becoming increasingly important, collaborate with top-level engineers and be an employee on the most avant-garde companies around makes a career in artificial intelligence an excellent choice for an ambitious young graduate. Not to mention the fact that tech companies are paying big money for the right kind of candidate. The AI sector currently offers all kinds of exciting opportunities. Let's take a look at some of the hottest AI jobs out there.

New AI-Based App Develops Kids' Tech, Photo and Language Skills


Los Angeles, California – Indie developer and computer vision engineer, Mustafa Jaber, is pleased to announce the release of Capture Caption Lite, an AI-based app developed for iOS and Android devices. With the Capture Caption app, users can snap a photo with their smartphone or iPad and artificial intelligence will generate a word cloud using cutting-edge computer technology. These word clouds can be then downloaded to the user's image library and shared across multiple social media platforms. The brainchild of electrical engineer and image processing expert Mustafa Jaber, the app uses an artificial intelligence platform that derives information from images. This program understands the content of any image by using powerful machine-learning models, which can quickly classify images into thousands of categories.