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Nintendo suspends Switch game console shipments

The Japan Times

Kyoto – Japan's Nintendo Co. has suspended domestic shipments of its popular Nintendo Switch video game console due to a production delay caused by the coronavirus outbreak, company officials said Wednesday. Nintendo has yet to decide when to resume shipments. The company will continue Nintendo Switch shipments for customers who had placed orders and European and U.S. markets, where sufficient inventories are available. It has also halted domestic shipments of the Switch Lite portable game machine. Nintendo outsources production of the game consoles to plants in China and Vietnam.

Newest Nintendo 'Animal Crossing' Arrives

NPR Technology

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a video game from Nintendo that's bringing comfort to millions of socially distant people around the world. MEGAN MANATA, BYLINE: It's a new day, perfect weather to go outside and water your flowers or maybe you'd like to spend your morning fishing. Maybe catching bugs is more your speed. Whatever way you want to spend your day, you can also pop by for a quick chat with your friendly furry neighbors. VANESSA NGUYEN: Right now, my favorite is Flo.

DualSense is the video game controller for PlayStation 5. Here's what it does.

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While we wait to get our first official glimpse of the PlayStation 5, Sony is sharing the first details on the video game console's controller. The DualSense features a two-toned look with a white touchpad and subtle PlayStation blue light bar illuminating the sides. It also boasts white grips, with black shoulder buttons and thumbsticks. The DualSense will include many of the features of the DualShock controller used on the PlayStation 4 but will focus more on how games feel as you use the controller, said Hideaki Nishino, Sony's senior vice president of platform planning and management. Nishino said the controller will have haptic feedback to mimic "powerful sensations you'll feel when you play, such as the slow grittiness of driving a car through mud."

Last Week in AI


Every week, Invector Labs publishes a newsletter that covers the most recent developments in AI research and technology. You can find this week's issue below. You can sign up for it below. Games are often seen as a great benchmark to evaluate the ability of artificial intelligence(AI) algorithms to generalize knowledge. From the different data environments that we can create, games come the closest to resemble real world environments.

Children that play lots of video games are more likely to be fat teenagers, study finds

Daily Mail - Science & tech

Parents letting their child play lots of video games are signing the youngster up for weight gain a decade later, a study has revealed. More than 16,000 children were tracked from age five through to age 14 and scientists assessed the relationship between video games and weight. Results revealed children who regularly played video games as a five-year-old had a higher BMI nine years later, compared to those who did not play video games. Drinking sugary drinks and irregular bedtimes also have a significant impact on children, the study found, and could partly be to blame for the weight change. The study, funded by Cancer Research UK, is the first to look at the potential effect of video game use on children's BMI over time.

The 5 best gaming deals you can get right now

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Here are the best gaming deals you can get at the moment. Purchases you make through our links may earn us a commission. Since we'll all be staying at home for the foreseeable future, a new gaming laptop or Nintendo Switch might be just the thing to keep you occupied. If you've worn out your video game collection while in quarantine or have been considering an upgrade to a new console, you may be on the hunt for the best video game deals, and right now, there are plenty of savings to be had on top-rated games, consoles, and accessories. To help you find them all in one place, we've rounded up the best deals on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch, as well as gaming laptops, headsets, and more below: Target, for instance has buy two get one free deal on select video games.

Intelligent Heuristics for the Game Isolation using AI and Minimax


How do you create an intelligent player for a game? Artificial intelligence offers a variety of ways to program intelligence into computer opponents. In this article, we'll show how it works, using intelligent heuristics and a web-based game that you can try yourself. Artificial intelligence is becoming an increasingly important topic in the field of computer science. While advancements in machine learning continue to break records in areas including image recognition, voice recognition, translation, and natural language processing, many additional branches of AI continue to advance as well. One of the earliest applications of AI is in the area of game development. Specifically, artificial intelligence is often used to create opponent players in games. Early forms of AI players in games often consisted of traditional board games, such as chess, checkers, backgammon, and tic-tac-toe. Games of this type provide a fully observable and deterministic view at any point in the state of the game. This allows an AI player the ability to analyze all possible moves from both the human player and the AI player itself, thus determining the best likely move to take at any given time. AI players in video games have since expanded to a much broader range of gaming categories, where the best move or course of action is not always crystal clear. These include games that often utilize random events or actions, in addition to hidden views of the game or of the opponent's actions.

On coronavirus lockdown, gamers seek solace and community in video games

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Video games have always been a source of solace in tough times for Rosemary Kelley. Now, as everything across the U.S. is being shut down and slowed down, the 25-year-old has her game controller in hand again. "I originally had every single weekend booked, and now I have nothing," she said. For Kelley, an esports caster and host for games like "Pokémon," "Overwatch" and "Hearthstone," the worsening coronavirus pandemic has led to a halt in bookings and an array of cancellations for events. The Game Developer's Conference, known as GDC, supposed to happen in March is now postponed to the summer.

Bafta games awards 2020: Outer Wilds and Disco Elysium dominate

The Guardian

Independent video games were the big winners at this year's Bafta Games awards, which took place as a live-streamed event on Thursday evening after the planned ceremony was cancelled due to Covid-19. Sci-fi action puzzler Outer Wilds took the best game award, as well as game design and original property. Offbeat detective adventure Disco Elysium also won in three categories: debut game, narrative and music. Other winners included space station thriller Observation for British game, Apex Legends for multiplayer and Untitled Goose Game in the family category. Metal Gear Solid game designer Hideo Kojima was awarded the Bafta fellowship, with his latest title, Death Stranding, also taking the award for technical achievement.

r/artificial - Google DeepMind 'Agent 57' Beats Human Baselines Across Atari Games Suite


DeepMind's breakthroughs in recent years are well documented, and the UK AI company has repeatedly stressed that mastering Go, StarCraft, etc. were not ends in themselves but rather steps toward artificial general intelligence (AGI). DeepMind's latest achievement stays on path: Agent57 is the ultimate gamer, the first deep reinforcement learning (RL) agent to top human baseline scores on all games in the Atari57 test set.