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How can a business begin to harness the potential of AI?


Interviewed at innovation Day, Cambridge Consultants' Head of Artificial Intelligence, Tim Ensor, discusses how businesses can approach the challenge of deploying AI. Tim introduces the concepts of Minimum Viable Intelligence and continuous learning to improve AI performance. One area or particular interest is teaching a system to have a human-like sense of intuition, so that they perform better in the highly complex challenges that face businesses today. So today we've been talking about understanding and harnessing the potential of AI, most interested in that latter part, so where does a business begin harnessing the potential of AI? Tim: So it's an important topic and lots of people who we speak to are trying to grapple with that, and so we're proposing an approach which is very much wrapped up with this idea of Minimum Viable Intelligence. So as you can imagine from that phrase its borrowing some of the ideas from agile software development, but the fundamental idea is that you build and develop your initial version of an AI system with enough capability that you can launch something, get that into the market and deliver some value for customers.