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The biggest trend at CES was sleeping through CES


CES is a ruthless grind. As the largest tech convention in the world wraps up today in Las Vegas, thousands of attendees are engaged in one last push to make the most of a hectic week filled with problematic product launches, power outages, and too many sales pitches to count -- and they're dead tired. The cracks started to show Wednesday, technically only the convention's second day. Mixed in among the drone-racing courses, home robots, and at least one promise of free beer (only while supplies last!), were an untold number of people from around the world just trying to catch a goddamn minute of sleep. From nodding off at booths, to head-in-lap moments of presumed peace, to just saying "screw it" and laying on the floor, it was abundantly clear that the biggest trend at CES was sleeping through CES.

AI, cybersecurity two biggest trends shaping the CIO role


The role of the chief information officer will change significantly in the next few years, driven by the growing adoption of artificial intelligence and by demands from cybersecurity. IT leaders are rapidly scaling their digital businesses, making the remainder of this year and 2018 a defining moment for CIOs that don't want to be left behind, according to research firm Gartner Inc.

The biggest trends of SXSW Interactive: AI and Chatbots - Watson


With that mind, I decided to attend the "Building B2B Bots" session hosted by Dharmesh Shah, Founder and CTO HubSpot inbound marketing. Decades ago businesses started building websites, now they will start building bots. Every website is trying to get customers and answer questions from a business perspective, and this can complement search for websites. Well done mobile apps embrace the constraints, but well done bots embrace the conversation.

#DigitalMarketing: AI and machine learning


What is the fundamental change in the marketplace today that is impacting on digital marketing strategies? I'm working with a talented, tight-knit team of interaction designers and developers, on a wide range of work from digital experiences, to service and product design for brands and international start-ups. What are your key learnings from your career in digital media and design - tips you can give clients? What are your key learnings from your career in digital media and design - tips you can give clients?

Martech 2017: The four biggest trends so far this year


Marketers are learning to expect that platforms offer important insights pulled from layers of hidden data, make predictions about customers and know how to see a world of images, objects and sounds. So, we've seen the boom in efforts to make advertising more direct and transparent, such as the increasingly popular header bidding trend. In the past few months, for instance, people-based marketing was extended in a LiveRamp-based consortium, in Time Inc./Viant's marketing platform, and in a new publisher consortium from Sonobi. The same transparency urge behind header bidding and people-based marketing -- understanding what the deal is and who you're dealing with, whether marketer or customer -- is similarly driving General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), a European Union-based consumer privacy initiative that could have a significant impact in the US and elsewhere.