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How AI And Machine Learning Are Helping Drive The GE Digital Transformation


This is the story of how GE has accomplished this digital transformation by leveraging AI and Machine Learning fueled by the power of Big Data. Bill Ruh, the CEO of GE Digital and the company's Chief Digital Officer, emphasizes the role and importance of data and analytics in the company's transformation. Machine Learning technology, according to Ruh, is critical to making the "digital twin" concept successful. Because there may also be changes over time relative to which variables and models best predict the need for required maintenance, machine learning represents the best technology approach to addressing these requirements.

Hedge Funds Look to Machine Learning, Crowdsourcing for Competitive Advantage


A session on Tuesday featured Christina Qi, the co-founder of a high-frequency trading firm called Domeyard LP; Jonathan Larkin, an executive from Quantopian, a hedge fund taking a data-driven systematic approach; and Andy Weissman of Union Square Ventures, a venture capital firm that has invested in an autonomous hedge fund. Many of the world's largest hedge funds already rely on powerful computing infrastructure and quantitative methods--whether that's high-frequency trading, incorporating machine learning, or applying data science--to make trades. Some have begun to incorporate machine learning into their systems, hand over key management decisions to troves of data scientists, and even crowdsource investment strategies. Domeyard can't incorporate machine learning, Qi says, because machine learning programs are generally optimized for throughput, rather than latency.

Predictions for Data Science in 2017


Nowadays, DL is so bound to Artificial Intelligence (AI) that people are mistakenly switching the two terms deliberately as referring to the same thing. As a matter of fact DL has brought impressive progress in many fields, from artificial vision, to speech recognition, and Natural Language Processing. Many other fields are ready to enjoy the powerful features of DL and intelligent software too. In one episode of Data Science at Home we mentioned that soon data scientists will disappear as they will be completely automated.

The Age of #DigitalTransformation @CloudExpo #BigData #IoT #AI #ML #DL


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The subtle, invisible AI that Indian unicorns have made a part of consumers' lives


So, ShopClues plans to use advanced technologies to make it easier for shoppers to find the right size when buying clothes online, according to Utkarsh Biradar, vice-president of product at the company. It's also applying these technologies to help advertisers expand their reach effectively, using machine learning to identify "lookalike" targets that are similar to existing users as well as figuring out what kinds of ads users don't want to see. Ola, one of India's leading ride-hailing apps, is using data science and machine learning to track traffic, improve customer experience, understand driver habits and extend the life of a vehicle. Machine learning models log each customer's gender, brand affinity, store affinity, price preference, frequency, volume of purchases, and more, which become more accurate as the company collects more data.

Using Azure Data Lake and R for Fraud Detection


The advantage of processing data using Azure Data Lake Analytics (ADLA) comes from the unique characteristics of U-SQL, a big data query language that combines SQL-like declarative benefits with the expressiveness and extensibility of C#. This document uses the example of online purchase transactions to demonstrate a basic 3-step process in fraud detection: feature engineering, training, and scoring. To evaluate the model, we can split the dataset into training and testing sets, train a model using the training set, and then evaluate the model's performance using metrics such as accuracy or AUC on the test set. With Azure Data Lake Analytics, AI engineers and data scientists can easily enable their machine learning solutions on petabyte-scale infrastructure instantly, without having to worry about cluster provision, management, etc., and the code can automatically be parallelized for the scale they need.

The Machine Learning Imperative


Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. There's no longer a debate as to whether companies should invest in machine learning (ML); rather, the question is, "Do you have a valid reason not to invest in ML now?" Machine Learning Uses Data We Don't Yet Have Analytics and business intelligence extract information from structured data (i.e., data stored in databases: customer information, purchase history, etc.). First, it extracts concepts out of words and associates pages that discuss the same concept with different words: A search for "artificial intelligence" will produce results that mention machine learning and robotics but not explicitly the words "artificial intelligence."

Why AI is crucial to cyber security


From advanced machine learning and intelligent apps to digital twins and conversational systems, AI is just breaking out of an emerging state with substantial disruptive potential across all industries, says Gartner. All the top technology companies are spending millions each year on AI and cyber security -- from Microsoft to Google, from Cisco to Symantec, including the big name anti-virus companies. However, in the last few years, there has been an increase in startups around security tools that tout machine learning and AI (Darktrace, Cylance, AlienVault, etc.). You can look at this trend by checking out Gartner's Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2017, 2016, and 2015.

Scikit-Learn Cheat Sheet: Python Machine Learning


Most of you who are learning data science with Python will have definitely heard already about scikit-learn, the open source Python library that implements a wide variety of machine learning, preprocessing, cross-validation and visualization algorithms with the help of a unified interface. In short, this cheat sheet will kickstart your data science projects: with the help of code examples, you'll have created, validated and tuned your machine learning models in no time. Scikit-learn is an open source Python library that implements a range of machine learning, preprocessing, cross-validation and visualization algorithms using a unified interface. Don't miss our Bokeh cheat sheet, the Pandas cheat sheet or the Python cheat sheet for data science.

In the Auto Industry, the Future Is Software--Not Machinery - Column


But this was an autonomous Volvo, part of a small test fleet Uber operated in Pittsburgh, San Francisco, and Arizona. The Cal DMV had revoked the registrations for Uber's 16 test vehicles, and if the bureaucrats were motivated by the fear of a couple tons of undercooked technology circulating among the driving public, those fears seem to have been vindicated by the photos of the capsized Volvo. Note that around 17.5 million light-duty vehicles were sold last year, swelling the national fleet to more than 240 million vehicles, and only the most infinitesimal percentage of them has any autono mous ability what soever. A friend who works in so-called big data told me recently that the digital information generated by these test cars meas ures out in petabytes per day, a petabyte being 1 million gigabytes.