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Artificial Intelligence in Olympics Introduces a New Phase of Sporting


'The show must go on,' an often heard sentence that makes absolute sense in the pandemic hit the world. Yes, it all became at the end of 2019 when Covid-19 was first reported in Wuhan. Later, the virus spread across the globe and pushed governments to impose strict lockdowns. An international sports event that was supposed to take place in 2020 got delayed and finally, when people started living with the virus in 2021, the IOC and Japan, the host country, came forward to go on with it. One of the most welcomed guests in the summer Tokyo Olympics is artificial intelligence.

US-Israeli Startup Uses Artificial Intelligence to Revolutionize Real Estate Industry - The Media Line


Artificial intelligence is poised to revolutionize the real estate industry and make the homebuying process much more transparent, AI-driven startup Localize believes. Headquartered in New York City, Localize was founded in Israel in 2012 and also has offices in Tel Aviv. The startup, which operates in Israel under the name Madlan, launched in the United States in 2019 and began working with real estate agents and brokerages earlier this year. It has developed an AI- and big data-based platform that enables both buyers and brokers to streamline house-hunting, a traditionally low-tech process. "Our goal is to reinvent homebuying," Localize President and Chief Operating Officer Omer Granot told The Media Line.

Mexican Artificial Intelligence startups with a global profile


In recent years, Mexican startups have emerged considerably, so much so that many of them have become benchmarks not only in the region, but throughout the world. The reasons are various, from the enormous talent and potential that entrepreneurs have to exploit new digital technologies, to the geostrategic position that the country has. Another factor that has a favorable influence is that currently in Mexico there are various supports, coming from both the private and government sectors, that promote the emergence of innovative and technological service startups . And it is that for the national economy to continue growing, industries must have businesses that bet on innovation and that implement 4.0 technologies such as: Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data, Robotics, Blockchain, Machine Learning, Cloud Computing, among other. From emerging companies That focus on fintech, e-commerce and retail solutions, there are many Mexican Artificial Intelligence startups with a global profile .

100% OFF Udemy Coupon - (Verified) For Aug 2021 - Python For Data Science


When compared to all other programming language, python is extremely simple, easy to learn, interpret and implement. Due to this reason it became very popular and trending programming right now. The job demand for python programmers are high. Python engineers have some of the highest salaries in the industry. There are plenty of Python scientific packages for data visualization, machine learning, natural language processing, complex data analysis and more.

DotData boasts automated feature engineering for Databricks


Last week, dotData, a company focused on automated feature engineering (AutoFE) and automated machine learning (AutoML), announced the integration of its AutoFE technology with the Databricks platform. Feature engineering is one of the toughest parts of building a machine learning model because it requires both technical and domain knowledge to determine which columns in the source data are most relevant to the model's predictions. DotData's new integration enables Databricks users, including those without advanced data science expertise, to design richer ML model features, tackle more challenging AI use cases and enhance model accuracy. Also read: Data-driven 2021: Predictions for a busy year in data, analytics and AI. ZDNet spoke with Ryohei Fujimaki, PhD, dotData's CEO and founder, who explained that the company's AutoFE technology works by discovering patterns in the source data to find statistically important features that can improve model accuracy in order to augment the domain-relevant features that data scientists might discover intuitively.

Council Post: How An Avalanche Of Data Led To New Trends In AI Software Modernization Approaches


Evgeniy is a specialist in software development, technological entrepreneurship and emerging technologies. In recent years, companies' growing focus on big data has led to increased digitalization demands. The avalanche of data has forced businesses to reconsider software modernization approaches. With that in mind, let's look at how enterprises use AI in intelligent analysis, hyperautomation and cybersecurity in the world of big data. Data orientation is the future of business, and the survival of companies depends on efficiently processing external and internal information.

Emerging technologies in Data Science


Technologies are masters, ruling the world of Data! As of now, we all know that without Network and Data the entire globe will be stuck and drown in the huge economic crisis. The connectivity around the world through networks is successfully established by the Data. Every matter is considered to be data either physically or virtually. The tremendous amount of data that are generating every second by most of the citizens of the world.

Turning Big Data into better data with MLOps - insideBIGDATA


Chida interacts with CxOs to provide them support in Cloud, Machine Learning & Data Analytics and Data Modernization and transformation Strategy. His expertise ensures that enterprises are able to successfully adopt AI and integrate cloud technology. Over the past decade, Big Data has been an outsize force in reshaping how businesses operate. But as data continues its breakneck proliferation--an estimated 59 zettabytes were generated in 2020--businesses are increasingly challenged to aggregate, understand, and use these massive jumbles of data. That's where Machine Learning Operations (MLOps) comes in.

Fighting Climate Change With Big Data: Clir And SINAI Technologies


When you think about solving the climate crisis, what springs to mind? Most people's knee-jerk reaction is along the lines of "electrification," "carbon sequestration," "recycling," or "renewable agriculture." While not many think of phrases like "big data" or "artificial intelligence," several recent conversations have convinced me how important these fields are to helping our civilization thrive and survive into the next century. The two founder / CEOs with whom I have had the pleasure to speak recently use AI in very different ways and in completely different fields, but it is clear that the ubiquity of cheap computing power, combined with smart engineers and focused, visionary entrepreneurs represents a formidable force in helping us mitigate and adapt to today's harsher, more challenging post-climate world. The companies featured in this article are Clir and SINAI Technologies.

Master Python With NumPy For Data Science & Machine Learning


This forms the basis for everything else. The central object in Numpy is the Numpy array, on which you can do various operations. We know that the matrix and arrays play an important role in numerical computation and data analysis. Pandas and other ML or AI tools need tabular or array-like data to work efficiently, so using NumPy in Pandas and ML packages can reduce the time and improve the performance of the data computation. NumPy based arrays are 10 to 100 times (even more than 100 times) faster than the Python Lists, hence if you are planning to work as a Data Analyst or Data Scientist or Big Data Engineer with Python, then you must be familiar with the NumPy as it offers a more convenient way to work with Matrix-like objects like Nd-arrays.