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Enterprise AI Landscape - Infographic


I always enjoy these industry-spanning infographics. They sometimes point me to companies I want to understand in greater depth. The inclusion of SAS for example as a BI enterprise system and the total absence of IBM SPSS from the data science category are huge red flags. These two companies alone control what is at least 1/3rd of the data science platform market among the global 8,000 companies with more than $1 Billion in revenue.

How can marketers apply machine learning? New report from The Drum explores the power of data-driven marketing


The Drum in partnership with intent marketing specialist, Iotec, has launched a report exploring the application of machine learning to solve commercial challenges.

New Communitech incubator set to tap world of big data


James Slifierz is making the rounds of New York City investors as he prepares to move his startup -- Skywatch -- into the Communitech Data Hub in Waterloo.

Cortana Intelligence Suite: Big Data and Advanced Analytics


In this post we will discuss reference architecture for Big Data and Advanced Analytics using Cortana Intelligence Suite. The architecture can be relevant for organizations looking to fully manage big data and advanced analytics to transform all enterprise information into intelligent action. This will allow to take action ahead of your competitors by going beyond looking in the rearview mirror to predicting what's next.

How to Talk to Your Data Scientist


Machine learning is poised to help marketers garner phenomenal new insights and results, and to change many processes and jobs along the way. We discussed this potential in "Machine Learning is About to Turn the Marketing World Upside Down."

Putting Artificial Intelligence to Profitable Use


Having lavished millions of dollars on data scientists to search for patterns in a deluge of digital information, banks and financial institutions need to start doing something to make that newfound intel pay.

Empowering Every Organization on the Planet with Artificial Intelligence


Extracting intelligence from ever-expanding amounts of data is now the difference between being the next market disruptor versus being relegated to the history books. Microsoft's comprehensive data platform and tools let developers and businesses create the next generation of intelligent applications, drive new efficiencies, create better products and improve their customer experiences.

Machine learning 10 - Funny pictures


The following are funny pictures related to machine learning or data science I found online. It is a great way to learn some concepts in this way. Also, it is nice to use some of them in your talk so that students can learn something in a very relaxed environment. Hope you also enjoy them!

3 Cool AI Projects - InformationWeek


AI is all around us, quietly working in the background or interacting with us via a number of different devices. Various industries are using AI for specific reasons such as ensuring that flights arrive on time or irrigating fields better and more economically.