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Why do we need the Democratization of Machine Learning?


We are living in an era of hype. In this article, I am trying to discover the hype around Artificial Intelligence. The First thing I want to clear is that ML/DL are algorithms, neither conscious nor intelligent or smart machines.

Big data, analytics comes before artificial intelligence: panel


Insurers are keen to adapt artificial intelligence in the enterprise, but first they must build up a layer of data and analytics excellence.

Spain Jobless Rate at 18.8 in Q1, Halting Downward Trend

U.S. News

Official figures show that Spain's unemployment rate edged up slightly to 18.8 percent in the first quarter, interrupting an overall downward trend in recent years.

Where can Machine Learning be Applied to Improve Banking Performance? - Accenture


Machine Learning is an application of Artificial Intelligence that allows computers to learn without being explicitly programmed to do so. It's the product of established statistical theory and more recent developments in computing power. Combined, the Machine Learning algorithms offer businesses the opportunity to transform their operations and the services they provide.

Artificial intelligence: Implications for China


The country is becoming a hub for global AI development. Five priorities can help China harness AI for productivity growth and prepare for the societal shifts it may unleash.

Startup Vacasa Is Utilizing Machine Learning And AI To Determine Vacation Rental Pricing


While Airbnb brought enormous attention to the short-term vacation rental space, more specialized players are now entering the industry, bringing differentiated offerings to a new trend in hospitality. As the amount of vacation rentals available flourishes, the trickiness in pricing rentals relevant to demand and the competition becomes more critical.

Here's what to pay attention to when Google reports Q1 results - Business Insider


Google's parent company Alphabet reports its Q1 earnings Thursday afternoon after the market closes.

The AI Marketing Revolution Comes to Banking


As the impacts of artificial intelligence and machine learning creep their way into every corner of the financial industry, banking providers are finding new ways to transform their approach to creating, producing and distributing their marketing materials. Advanced data analytics can help you build an omniscient system that automatically knows what to send, to whom and when, and do so without raising any compliance red flags.

Artificial Intelligence Comes to the Rescue for the Retail Industry


Exponential progress in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, fuelled by the combination of cloud, big data and new algorithms, is transforming the retail industry. As AI leverages big data to automate, predict and personalize, retail is testing and implementing these applications to garner robust competitive advantages. The key focus for AI in retail is customer relationships. In times of concerns for the retail sector in the UK where sales posted biggest quarterly fall since 2010, the refashioning of this industry comes as a breath of fresh air with many opportunities to come.

Man GLG Taps Ferreira To Lead Machine Learning Efforts


Man Group's Man GLG unit has named former Florin Court Capital executive William Ferreira as the company's new head of machine learning.