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Review on The First Paper on Rectified Linear Units (The Building Block for Current State-of-the-art Deep Convolutional NN)


NORB is a synthetic 3D object recognition dataset that contains five classes of toys (humans, animals, cars, planes, trucks) imaged by a stereo-pair camera system from different viewpoints under different lighting conditions. NORB comes in several versions – the Jittered-Cluttered version has grayscale stereopair images with cluttered background and a central object which is randomly jittered in position, size, pixel intensity etc. There is also a distractor object placed in the periphery. For each class, there are ten different instances, five of which are in the training set and the rest in the test set. So at test time a classifier needs to recognize unseen instances of the same classes.

[webinar] Getting Started with Automated Analytics Powered By Machine Learning, Nov 8


Join Tellius and industry expert, Jen Underwood on Nov 8 to learn how companies today are moving beyond BI--leveraging automated analytics powered by machine learning to better understand their business.

Announcing the Data Science Virtual Machine in Batch AI Service


The Ubuntu DSVM is supported as a native VM image in Batch AI. The Ubuntu DSVM comes with many deep learning frameworks, GPU drivers, CUDA, and cuDNN pre-installed, so it is easy to get started with a deep learning project. Data scientists can develop an initial version of a model on a single DSVM, using a smaller dataset, then easily scale out across many DSVMs and larger datasets in Batch AI when ready. Using the same DVM image in Batch AI minimizes the setup time required for your cluster's VMs and reduces incompatibilities between Batch AI and your development environment. Batch AI handles the details of setting up your cluster, can automatically scale up and down based on demand, and supports low-priority VMs for additional cost savings.

Artificial Intelligence Seizes the Attention of UK Government


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is no longer a nebulous concept that lies over the horizon. The fourth industrial revolution, powered by AI, is already here and these advanced systems are helping us scale human knowledge and expertise. AI represents a significant economic opportunity for the United Kingdom. In fact, recent research from IBM and the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) found that around 20% of British firms have already deployed practical applications of AI. To gain a greater understanding of the potential impact of AI and what the future could hold, the UK House of Lords recently issued a call for views from interested parties.

Burning Man announces artificial intelligence theme for next year's festival


Burning Man's organisers have announced that next year's theme will be based on I, Robot, a series of short stories focussing on artificial intelligence and their impact on mankind written by Isaac Asimov. Published in 1950, the short stories are all about the various degrees of artificial intelligence and the human-machine Interface. "This year's art theme will focus on the many forms of artificial intelligence that permeate our lives; from the humble algorithm and its subroutines that sift us, sort us and surveil us, to automated forms of labour that supplant us," an official Burning Man blog post reads. "Are we entering a Golden Age that frees us all from mindless labour? Everything, it seems, depends on HMI, the Human-Machine Interface.

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How to AI-Wash Your Company in 3 Easy Steps – Jason Kowal – Medium


The wait is over, Artificial Intelligence is here. If your company isn't doing it, start looking for a new job. Obsolescence, decline, and/or bankruptcy are around the corner. Take for example drinks giant Coca-Cola, which used the mighty power of Artificial Intelligence to come up with a new flavor, Cherry Sprite, based on the mixes we puny humans selected from their make-your-own "Freestyle" machines. Greg Chambers, Coca-Cola's head of digital innovation summed up their AI-powered strategy at a conference recently: It's hard to argue with that.

Artificial Intelligence: 4 ways AI is changing the marketing game - Phrasee


For many, the term AI still conjures up images of robot butlers and malicious computer programs. In truth, however, artificial intelligence is already being used all around us, although its potential may not be fully understood by all marketers just yet. It's a fair question (and no it's not exactly like HAL 9,000). Now we can get back to looking at how artificial intelligence is changing marketing. We're just beginning to realise the possibilities artificial intelligence offers to marketers.

How To Predict ICU Mortality with Digital Health Data, DL4J, Apache Spark and Cloudera - Cloudera Engineering Blog


A recent example of such work is the ICLR 2016 paper "Learning to Diagnose with LSTM Recurrent Neural Networks" (of which Mr. Kale is a joint first author in his capacity as a PhD candidate at the USC Information Science Institute). In it, the authors trained a LSTM RNN or LSTM, to classify acute care diseases such as respiratory distress in critically ill children. The RNN (and the more complex LSTM RNN) is a neural net architecture with recurrent connections between hidden states, giving it a form of persistent state (or "memory") across sequential inputs. These connections enable RNNs to detect relationships not only between inputs, e.g., heart rate and blood pressure, but also over time, e.g., between a patient's state at time of admission and later in an ICU stay. This makes it especially well-suited to health problems, which often involve modeling changes over time.

How Disabled Students Benefit From Assistive Technology In Classrooms

International Business Times

Technology has modernized the system of education for students with various disabilities, making it easier for them to keep up with academic curriculums and even compete with their peers in classrooms. According to Open Colleges, most of the common disabilities can be categorized into any of the following classification -- Physical (students using wheelchairs, prosthetic limbs, or dealing with diseases such as muscular dystrophy, Lou Gehrig's disease, multiple sclerosis, etc), Sensory (students lacking in normal visual, hearing or speaking abilities), Cognitive (students with weaknesses when it comes to memory, self-expression, information processing, and other learning disabilities), Psychiatric (students may suffer from an array of challenges, ranging from social phobias, bipolar and/or other personality disorders), Health-related (students who have chronic illnesses like cancer, diabetes or epilepsy) A Palestinian child reads braille during a class at Al-Nour, which translates'we have seen,' Rehabilitation Center for the Visually Impaired, in Gaza City, Gaza Strip, May 7, 2006. Students who suffer from any form of disability might find it difficult to attend classes regularly, keep up with everything that is being taught and compete at the same level with children who are not plagued by the same impairments that they have. These students often need some extra assistance when it comes to performing academically. One of the best forms of assistance in today's times is the gift of technology.