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OracleVoice: 5 Ways Oracle Keeps Its Cloud Platform Open


When Amit Zavery laid out the Oracle Cloud Platform roadmap at Oracle OpenWorld on October 2, one of the first themes he focused on was keeping that platform "open." "This is something that we really believe is important," said Zavery, senior vice president for Oracle Cloud Platform. At Oracle OpenWorld, Oracle Senior Vice President Amit Zavery emphasized that Oracle's application development, integration, management, and other platform services are built around open standards. Zavery emphasized that Oracle's application development, integration, management, and other platform services are built around open standards, including those for emerging technologies such as blockchain, machine learning, and chatbots. Oracle enhances the best open source innovations with tools for management, security, development, and high-performance infrastructure that companies need to put them to practical use.

What's hot and what's not in application development - Watson


March 8, 2017 Written by: Susan C. Daffron Wondering what the "next big thing" in application development will be? Here are a few tidbits from their conversation, including why cognitive app development is poised to accelerate and the role Watson cognitive APIs will play. During the webinar, Marcus Boone said, "Data science for developers has to go more mainstream." In addition to empowering developers with access to Watson cognitive APIs, Marcus goes on to say that IBM is working to make cognitive capabilities available in more areas where developers may need them.

R: Complete Machine Learning Solutions - Udemy


With machine learning, the analysis of business operations and processes is not limited to human scale thinking; machine scale analysis enables businesses to capture hidden values in big data. By taking this course, you will gain a detailed and practical knowledge of R and machine learning concepts to build complex machine learning models. Dipanjan Sarkar is an IT engineer at Intel, the world's largest silicon company, where he works on analytics, business intelligence, and application development. He is an IT engineer at Intel, the world's largest silicon company, where he works on analytics, business intelligence, and application development.

A Practical Guide to Machine Learning: Understand, Differentiate, and Apply


Over the years, application developers moved from V-shaped projects with multi-year turnaround, to agile development methodologies (turnaround in months, weeks, and often days). Secondly, machine learning enables the automated production of actionable insights where the data is (i.e., where business value is greatest). Then it is possible to compare the actual fraudulent transactions with the anomalies detected by the machine learning model. Even in the retail banking sector, we're seeing machine learning models evolve via feedback loops to: With a feedback loop, the system learns continuously by monitoring the effectiveness of predictions and retraining when needed.

IBM: DevOps, AI to Drive Digital Business Transformation -


But rather than there being not enough developers to write all the code necessary, the shortage will be in software engineers who can develop innovative systems. Instead of writing low-level code, most developers today simply combine modules to create new applications. People will add value by providing the engineering expertise needed to combine modules to create an innovative application, Lord says. But as application development advances, many of those developers will be software engineers rather than people who write code, while IT operations teams will become teachers who train intelligent systems how to respond to the needs of deployed code.

Google Assistant To Overtake Apple's Siri, Samsung's Bixby, With Over 1 Billion Installations By 2021: Survey

International Business Times

Google Assistant's wide presence is not unexpected, owing to the company's large ecosystem of Android devices. It is even installed on the Samsung Galaxy S8, which also comes with the company Bixby voice assistant pre-installed. According to a report, AI-based voice assistants will be installed on 7.5 billion devices by 2021. This growth is owed to their presence of voice assistants on a large number of connected devices including smart speakers, wearable devices, smart TVs, smart home devices and other smart devices.

Big Data Terminology: 16 Key Concepts Everyone Should Understand (Part II)


However, since it has become apparent that a huge amount of value can be locked away in this unstructured data, great efforts have been made to create applications that are capable of understanding unstructured data--for example, visual recognition and natural language processing. Recently, there has been a big push for the development of systems that are capable of processing and offering insights in real time (or near-real time), and advances in computing power, as well as development of techniques such as machine learning, have made it a reality in many applications. Spark is another open-source framework like Hadoop (discussed in my Part 1 post), but more recently developed and more suited to handling cutting-edge Big Data tasks involving real time analytics and machine learning. A subfield of reporting (see above), visualizing is now often an automated process, with visualizations that are customized by algorithm to be understandable to the people who need to act or take decisions based on them.

AI and IoT at SAP - Yin and Yang - Epikonic


SAP has been fairly quiet on the former and fairly vocal on the latter, although the first announcement was about machine learning powered intelligent business applications, back in November 2016. It's time for SAP Leonardo, the SAP system for digital innovation.' With this approach they even go beyond only connecting two technologies but they also add Blockchain, Big Data, Data Intelligence and Analytics into one single platform. This massive amount of data also explains why SAP moved Big Data, Data Intelligence and Analytics into SAP Leonardo.

How Machine Learning Unlocks the Power of BI - DZone Big Data


The pair joined forces to deliver an in-depth webinar on Machine Learning and business intelligence, which you can view in full here. Or, put another way: when does it make sense to invest in Machine Learning projects for my business? One of the most exciting applications, says Boaz, is Natural Language Processing (NLP). For example, Sisense Everywhere uses bots and NLP to deliver data insights outside of the usual dashboard environment.



It also adheres to good variable scoping practice and common tensorflow conventions I've observed in the documentation and source code, which has nice side effects such as clean graph visualizations in TensorBoard. Also employs a sampled softmax loss function to allow for larger vocabulary sizes (page 54 of notes). Instead of using the feed_dict argument to input data batches to the model, it is substantially faster encode the input information and preprocessing techniques in the graph structure itself. Rather the model uses a sequence of queues to access the data from files in google's protobuf format, decode the files into tensor sequences, dynamically batch and pad the sequences, and then feed these batches to the embedding decoder.