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The Galaxy Note 8 finally competes with the iPhone where it counts


You can adjust the intensity of the background blur (bokeh) with the Note 8's Live Focus mode. There are a few new Air Command features like Live Messages and full sentence translation. And there's a Live Message feature that lets you handwrite and draw animated messages just like iOS's own Digital Touch. Samsung's extremely ambitious with Bixby, but compared to other digital assistants like Siri and Google Assistant, it still falls short -- really short.

Google to launch 'Her' AI headphones and Chromebook Pixel

Daily Mail

It's unclear when these headphones could be released and if it will be at the same time as the other upcoming products In separate rumors, it's believed Google is also getting ready to announce smart headphones that will give users direct access to Google Assistant, similar to the futuristic technology in the film Her. Reports suggest Google are investing $880 million (£709 million) in LG's flexible organic light emitting diode (OLED) screens. Reports suggest Google is investing $880 million (£709 million) in LG's flexible organic light emitting diode (OLED) screens. Reports suggest Google is investing $880 million (£709 million) in LG's flexible organic light emitting diode (OLED) screens for their Pixel 2 handset (pictured is first-generation Pixel handsets) Google debuted the first smartphones in its Pixel line during a conference in October 2016, a Pixel and the 5.5-inch Pixel XL.

iPhone 8: Facial recognition unlocking will be the main feature of new, premium Apple phone, report claims

The Independent

The phone will be able to use facial recognition technology to see its owner in just a few hundred miliseconds, according to new leaks from both The Korea Herald and Bloomberg. Rumours about Apple's facial recognition have swirled for months, and seemed to be confirmed by leaked iPhone code that made its way onto the internet. Together, the improvements to those facial recognition features mean they will probably be among the top ways of selling the phones at their launch next month. Other companies including Samsung have brought face and eye recognition to their phones in the past.

AccuWeather for iPhone might be watching you without your permission


A security researcher recently discovered that the AccuWeather app for iOS was sending location information to a data monetization firm, even when users opt out of location tracking within the app. What's strange about this particular discovery is that every iPhone user has the option to turn off location data for individual apps running the background. Strafach discovered that even though he wasn't running AccuWeather in the foreground, it sent his personal location data to Reveal Mobile 16 times in just 36 hours after closing the app. "Location data also informs the home and work location of customers," RevealMobile writes.

Smartphones set to become 'superphones'


Keynote addresses at the world's biggest consumer electronics show routinely attract a full house, but in the country that gave the world Apple, the international press corps seemed fixated on the touted "epic" capabilities of the Honor Magic, the latest model in the budget smartphone brand by Chinese manufacturer Huawei. Ahead of the anticipated launch of the iPhone 8, Apple is reportedly working on an AI chip of its own – tentatively called the Apple Neural Engine. "We predict that by 2019, 20 per cent of all smartphone interactions will be done via a virtual personal assistant [VPA]," Cozza says. Huawei sees upcoming Mate 10 handset spoiling the launch of Apple's new iPhone

Is AI the Beginning of the 'Terminator' Timeline?


If you did, and you're reading this article, you may well understand the link I'm making between the growing publicity over Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Terminator Timeline. In the first "Terminator" movie, James Cameron set a fundamental timeline that was carried through – albeit with a few minor adjustments, and sometimes a few conflicts – in all five of the "Terminator" movies. The date upon which this AI system goes live is set into Cameron's timeline as Aug. 29, 1997, a date that is coined as "Judgement Day." By the way, did you realize that what we know as the internet today (actually Web 2) went live in 1999?

Flipboard on Flipboard


The startup behind the Prisma style transfer app is shifting focus onto the b2b space, building tools for developers that draw on its expertise using neural networks and deep learning technology to power visual effects on mobile devices. Initially, say Prisma's co-founders, they'll be offering an SDK for developers wanting to add effects like style transfer and selfie lenses to their own apps -- likely launching an API mid next week. The wave of augmented reality apps that are coming down the smartphone pipe, driven by more powerful hardware and active encouragement from mobile platforms, could also help generate demand for Prisma's effects, reckons Moiseenkov, as they can offer object tracking as well as face tracking via APIs or an SDK. "We want to explore the CV [computer vision] area and help companies also produce a greater user experience with AI -- helping people to communicate easier, to solve their tasks," adds Moiseenkov.

Lenovo to ramp up investment in artificial intelligence - Business -


Chinese leading PC giant Lenovo Group Ltd will step up its efforts to develop artificial intelligence (AI) to boost its existing business as well as create new growth engine. The second is to create innovative AI equipment," said Rui Yong, chief technology officer of Lenovo. In the first quarter, Lenovo accounted for 20.4 percent of the world PC market while HP had 21.8 percent share in terms of PC shipments. To revive growth Lenovo last week announced cooperation with Tsinghua University, China's top university, and Ing Dan Group, China's e-commerce platform of electronic components, to encourage young staff and university students from the three places to start a business.

Why Humanity Matters


The movie was made nine years ago; it is fascinating to me how much of the hypothesis have come true throughout the last few years with technological advances. Do we ever spend time, even for just a few minutes, to reflect upon our day's activities, the people we have crossed paths with, the lives we have touched, and the impact we have on others with our actions and our words? I was intrigued by 1s and 0s and I wanted to spend my work life connecting boxes. Instead of connecting boxes and systems, I want to connect people and make a positive impact.

Google Pixel 2 Gets FCC-Certified With Android O, Snapdragon 835 And 'Active Edge'

International Business Times

The Google Pixel 2 edged closer to its launch after being certified by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), and according to the filing, the device will come with Android O and Snapdragon 835, features long expected. A screenshot of the device in the filing displays the feature, which is expected to be a gesture-based trigger for the voice assistant. Pressing the edges of the display is expected to trigger the Google Assistant. Previous Pixel handsets started at 32GB.