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Supercomputers Use Machine Learning to Gain New Insights into Complex Cellular Processes


To make sense of these intricate processes, we need to perform billions of simulations to identify patterns and form meaningful, bigger-picture insights. Supported with funding from the National Science Foundation (NSF), and other organizations, Stampede's infrastructure utilizes the latest hardware and software technology for advanced machine learning, accelerated by Intel processors. Without this machine learning capability and supercomputer power, this task of automatically reverse-engineering explanatory models directly from experimental data would be impossible." Thanks to the combined effort of TACC's team and researchers, it seems the gap between supercomputers' advancements in artificial intelligence and the natural processes they emulate is narrowing.

Lenovo's Bendable Yoga-Style Laptop Revealed: 5 Features Including Voice-Control, Stylus

International Business Times

Voice-input: The device will work with voice command instead of a traditional track pad. Voice commands on smartphones, despite being highly developed in the form of voice assistants such as the Google Assistants and Siri are not considered the primary way of input. Flexibility: This is the part that makes Lenovo's announcement special -- a foldable, rollable PC is something that hasn't been attempted before and not without reason -- there are many working parts of a PC including a large battery and mostly a fan-based cooling system that will be difficult to put into this kind of a form factor, even if you have a PC-size flexible display. "This is more than just design or look and feel…it's how you can speak to it… or how its speaks to you," the company's presentation stated.

IBM supercomputers will power global weather forecasts


Through its subsidiary The Weather Company, the computing titan has partnered with the University Corporation for Academic Research (UCAR) and the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) to move beyond today's regional-scale forecasting to anticipate weather at the local level...and aspire to introduce the first model that covers the whole globe. The model this IBM collaboration wants to build would account for the influence smaller events (like thunderstorms) have on local weather. IBM will join with UCAR to co-design a computational solution that runs on the former's POWER9-based systems, which are set to launch at the end of the year. The Weather Company will use this computing powerhouse to adapt NCAR's community-weather model to a global scale and refine the longer-term predictions to make more accurate forecasts weeks or months out.

Interact or Die Trying – ThoughtWorks Featured Insights – Medium


Fast forward another 20 years to the advent of personal computers and then to the internet -- technologies that utterly transformed our human ability to perceive, act on and share information and content of all kinds. We believe 2017 will see both voice and text-based interaction start to fulfill on the promise of conversational interfaces -- approaching the naturalness we expect from human interactions. As the timeline illustrates, the answer is clearly not one thing -- it's an accelerating diversification of interaction technologies, each contributing to the ongoing convergence of digital and physical. The opportunity this represents is ultimately to create profoundly natural human interaction with technology as a whole -- even as everything in our world, including ourselves, is increasingly augmented with this technology.

5 picks for upgrading your car without buying a new one


The ubiquitous, transparent glass heads-up displays used in numerous sci-fi movies have yet to catch on in the real world, but perhaps that's about to change thanks to HUDWAY Glass. Buy now: $22.95, formerly $29.95 In the event of an auto emergency, panic can make it hard to think clearly, let alone remember where you stashed your window breaker or seat belt cutter. The Ztylus Stinger Car Charger and Emergency Tool makes those life-saving items instantly accessible by merging them with an accessory that's always close by when you're behind the wheel. In addition to dual-port USB charging, it features a spring-loaded window punch and a seat belt cutter that is tested to cut through a 5,000 lb.

ARM's new chips could help bring more powerful AI to your home and phone


UK chip designer ARM has revealed its latest line of CPUs and GPUs specifically designed for these AI devices. DynamIQ technology is claimed to create "energy-efficient CPUs" and increases what the processors are capable of. In a statement, Nayampally says the tech will "deliver 50x AI performance increases over the next three to five years". The launch of its new chipset follows Google's latest machine learning processors, unveiled earlier this month at its developer conference.

Google announces a powerful new AI chip and supercomputer


At the company's annual developer conference today, CEO Sundar Pichai announced a new computer processor designed to perform the kind of machine learning that has taken the industry by storm in recent years (see "10 Breakthrough Technologies: Deep Learning"). And he said Google was creating the TensorFlow Research Cloud, consisting of thousands of TPUs accessible over the Internet. Nvidia, a company that makes the graphics processing chips that have traditionally been used for deep learning, is becoming particularly prominent with its various products (see "Nvidia CEO: Software Is Eating the World, but AI is Going to Eat Software"). "These TPUs deliver a staggering 128 teraflops, and are built for just the kind of number crunching that drives machine learning today," Fei-Fei Li, chief scientist at Google Cloud and the director of Stanford's AI Lab, said prior to Pichai's announcement.

Duolingo introduces chatbots to help iPhone users learn a foreign language


There are many ways to try to learn a new language, ranging from audio books and text books, to software and web-based options. It is said that one of the best ways to learn a language is to visit the country that speaks it and surround yourself with native speakers. As this is not always possible, Duolingo's new chatbot feature could be the next best thing. Well, a chatbot that speaks the language at least.

iPhone 8 Release Date Could Include Google Assistant, Says Rumor

International Business Times

A new rumor, which several tech pundits already have a hard time believing, suggests that Apple may replace its Siri AI assistant feature with the Google Assistant feature. Tech blog Androidguys reported the claim Thursday, suggesting that Google Assistant could replace Siri at some point, but that for the upcoming iPhone may have both Siri and Google Assistant as options users can choose. The rumor comes at an interesting time, nearly one month to the day since Google announced Google Assistant support for the iPhone during its I/O Keynote presentation. While Apple has made steps to make its features more customization friendly, including opening its Siri API to third-party developers, Google app have the benefit of already being on an open source platform.

Apple just offered a 'dead giveaway' that it's building an AI chip for iPhones, expert says


The capabilities of Core ML are a "dead giveaway" that Apple is preparing to introduce a new kind of processor, presumably just for iPhones at first, that could make trendy machine learning workloads run more efficiently. That's according to one person inhabiting the world of machine learning, Reza Zadeh, CEO of image recognition startup Matroid. Core ML provides machine learning models that developers can drop right into iOS, macOS and tvOS apps, while also providing ways to use their own models. It could do that sending machine learning workloads to a dedicated AI chip, instead of devices' central processing units (CPUs) and graphics processing units (GPUs), which are not always optimized for those computing duties, Zadeh said.