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MIT research scientist Richard Fletcher directs the Mobile Technology Group at MIT D-Lab, which develops a variety of mobile sensors, analytic tools, and diagnostic algorithms to study problems in global health and behavior medicine. Utilizing mobile technologies -- which include smartphones, wearable sensors, and the so-called internet of things -- his group applies these technologies to real-world social problems with global implications. These issues involve a variety of areas, such as environmental monitoring and air pollution, agriculture, farming, and global health.

Google Home is upping your cooking game with 5 million new recipes


Forget your stack of dusty old cookbooks and your worries about gunking up your phone with messy hands while you struggle to follow directions in the kitchen. Google Home will help streamline your cooking experience with a major expansion of its ability to guide you through recipes.

The inventor of Siri says one day AI will be used to upload and access our memories


Artificial intelligence may one day surpass human intelligence. But, if designed right, it may also be used to enhance human cognition.

How can machine learning create features in human-understandable ways?


Without loads of data, we have problems that not even the most intelligent machine learning systems can solve. Simple directions become extremely difficult without a destination. Navigating and processing a healthcare claim is impossible without a payer identified. Finding the best vet for a pet is difficult without knowing the species.

Artificial intelligence and the healthcare sector - Information Age


Last Friday, the government revealed how the budget for more investment in cutting-edge technology and innovation would be split, with business secretary Greg Clark announcing that robotics and AI will be receiving £93 million as part of the government's £1 billion Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund – impacting a range of sectors, including healthcare.

Google cooks up a tasty update to Home with step-by-step recipe instructions


Google Assistant is already a great help in the kitchen when we need to convert something from pints to cups or remember to buy eggs on our next shopping trip. But with a new update to Google Home, it's graduating to full-on sous chef.

Babylon Health raises further $60M to continue building out AI doctor app


Babylon Health, the U.K. startup that offers a digital healthcare app using a mixture of artificial intelligence (AI) and video and text consultations with doctors and specialists, has raised $60 million in new funding.

Google Home Now Offers Access To Over 5 Million Recipes


Devices like Google Home are great for use in the kitchen. They're powered by artificial intelligence-backed smart assistants that can help with simple queries like how many teaspoons are in a tablespoon or even provide full recipes for delicious meals. Google Home is now much better at helping out in the kitchen. Google today announced that it has increased the number of recipes available on Google Assistant, which powers Google Home, to more than 5 million.

Artificial Intelligence Could Help Diagnose Tuberculosis


Artificial intelligence models may be the new tool to help screen and evaluate efforts in tuberculosis-prevalent areas that often are plagued by limited access to radiologists.