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Elon Musk urges the UN to limit AI weapons


They believe that smart, self-guided kill bots would become the tool of choice for despots and tyrants. The group believes that smart weapons, that don't need a human to control them, are a step too far in how we wage wars with each other. This is not the first time that the South African billionaire has come out swinging against artificially intelligent weapons. Similarly, Musk has had a very public fight with Mark Zuckerberg over the potential for artificial intelligence to wipe us all out.

Elon Musk joins more than 100 tech bosses calling for ban on killer robots


A UN group had been scheduled to meet on Monday to discuss autonomous weapons, including drones, automated machine guns and tanks. However, the meeting has been postponed until November, according to the group's website. AI experts from 26 countries emphasized the pressing need for the UN to take action while they warned lethal autonomous weapons threatened to become the "third revolution in warfare." In 2015, over 1,000 tech experts, researchers and scientists signed a letter warning about the dangers of autonomous weaponry.

Elon Musk and 115 robotics experts write to the UN "raising the alarm" on killer robots


Back in 2015, more than 1,000 academics sent an open letter calling for a ban on "offensive autonomous weapons beyond meaningful human control." While the 2015 original letter calls for an outright ban on autonomous weapons, the new letter stops short, leaving a lot to the imagination. Though it's hard to think of a way of protecting us from the dangers of autonomous weapons that doesn't involve an outright ban, it's slightly odd the letter doesn't explicitly call for one. The 123 nations that make up the international convention on conventional weapons voted to formally discuss the issue of autonomous weapons last December, although the British government has previously been resistant to the idea of a complete ban, stating as recently as 2015 that "we do not see the need for a prohibition on the use of Laws, as international humanitarian law already provides sufficient regulation for this area."

Elon Musk and AI Experts Call for Total Ban on Killer Robots


Other signatories of the letter include executives and founders from Denmark's Universal Robotics, Canada's Element AI, and France's Aldebaran Robotics. It is aimed at a group of UN officials considering adding robotic weapons to the UN's Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons. Autonomous weapons systems or precursor technologies are available or under development from firms including Raytheon, Dassault, MiG, and BAE Systems. Element AI founder Yoshua Bengio had another intriguing warning – that weaponizing AI could actually "hurt the further development of AI's good applications."

Elon Musk joins other experts in call for global ban on killer robots

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Tesla's CEO Elon Musk and other leading artificial intelligence experts have called on the United Nations for a global ban on the use of killer robots, which includes drones, tanks and machine guns, The Guardian reported on Sunday. The experts call autonomous weapons "morally wrong." The report said that the experts hope to add killer robots to the U.N.'s list of banned weapons that include chemical and intentionally blinding laser weapons. In a July 15 speech at the National Governors Association Summer Meeting in Rhode Island, Musk said the government needs to proactively regulate artificial intelligence before there is no turning back, describing it as the "biggest risk we face as a civilization."

Elon Musk is right: we should all be worried about killer robots


Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk, along with 115 other artificial intelligence and robotics specialists, has signed an open letter to urge the United Nations to recognize the dangers of lethal autonomous weapons and to ban their use internationally. There are already numerous weapons, like automatic anti-aircraft guns and drones, that can operate with minimal human oversight; advanced tech will eventually help them to carry out military functions entirely autonomously. To illustrate why this is a problem, consider the UK government's argument in which it opposed a ban on lethal autonomous weapons in 2015: it said that "international humanitarian law already provides sufficient regulation for this area," and that all weapons employed by UK armed forces would be "under human oversight and control." I signed the open letter because the use of AI in autonomous weapons hurts my sense of ethics, would be likely to lead to a very dangerous escalation, because it would hurt the further development of AI's good applications, and because it is a matter that needs to be handled by the international community, similarly to what has been done in the past for some other morally wrong weapons (biological, chemical, nuclear).

Elon Musk and 115 other experts ask the UN to ban killer robots in open letter


Elon Musk, Google DeepMind co-founder Mustafa Suleyman, and 114 other leading AI and robotics experts have joined together to ask the UN to ban the use of so-called killer robots in an open letter published today. The group is concerned about the potential use of lethal autonomous weapons and how they might be applied in the future, and they penned a short note released by the Future of Life Institute. Co-signer Yoshua Bengio, a deep learning expert who founded Element AI, is concerned about more than just the immediate damage lethal autonomous weapons might cause. The Future of Life Institute published a similar letter in 2015, which was signed by Musk, Stephen Hawking, and others with a message warning against the broader dangers of AI, not just those created for warfare.

United Nations Should Ban AI-Powered Military Weapons, Elon Musk, AI Experts Urge

International Business Times

Autonomous weapons refer to military devices that utilize artificial intelligence in applications like determining targets to attack or avoid. "We should not lose sight of the fact that, unlike other potential manifestations of AI which still remain in the realm of science fiction, autonomous weapons systems are on the cusp of development right now and have a very real potential to cause significant harm to innocent people along with global instability." For observers like the letter's signees, much of their concern over artificial intelligence isn't about science fiction hypotheticals like Gariepy alludes to. On Musk's part, the Tesla CEO has been a longtime supporter of increased regulation for artificial intelligence research and has regularly argued that, if left unchecked, it could pose a risk to the future of mankind.

Elon Musk on artificial intelligence: If you're not concerned you should be


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Why Elon Musk is Wrong about AI – Hacker Noon


Now at least our Deep Learning systems can recognized sounds and pick cats out of a picture by figuring out those rules for itself. Hide a little snow crash-y distortion in images and convolutional neural nets go from smart to real stupid, real quick. Machine Learning and Deep Learning systems have zero higher reasoning or moral compass. People can and will learn to hack fraud detection classification systems, sentencing software, and more.