How US Retail Giant Kroger Is Using AI And Robots To Prepare For The 4th Industrial Revolution

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Kroger, one of America's largest grocery chains, has decided to embrace technology to help it survive and thrive in the 4th industrial revolution. With 2,782 grocery stores under nearly two dozen names in 35 states, Kroger plans to leverage its data, shopper insights and scale to help it remain a leader in the marketplace of the future. According to a study by the Food Marketing Institute, online grocery is expected to account for 20% of all grocery retail by 2022 and reach $100 billion in consumer sales, so Kroger and its competitors are smart to figure out ways to use technology to their advantage. In the fall of 2017, Kroger unveiled an audacious three-year $9 billion plan called Restock Kroger with the goal to build out its e-commerce, digital and omnichannel businesses and redefine the customer experience. The grocer already delivers 3 billion personalized recommendations each year, but they will enhance the personalization efforts to "create different experiences for customers."

British Army testing autonomous vehicles to supply frontline troops Internet of Business


Drones and other unmanned systems are to be tested on Salisbury Plain by the British military, to tackle the costly and often dangerous task of delivering essential supplies to frontline troops. One such company is Animal Dynamics, a spinout from Oxford University. The startup has turned to recent advances in computational analysis to help it learn from nature and challenge engineering conventions. By tapping into design lessons from millions of years of evolution, Animal Dynamics is producing machines that mirror the mechanics of animals to help them perform better and move more efficiently. The Financial Times reports that Stork, the firm's autonomous paraglider, is one of five unmanned transport concepts chosen by the British government's Defence, Science and Technology Laboratory for assessment during a four-week military exercise on Salisbury Plain this November.

The Rap of China Uses AI to Select First Female Judge


A new series of last year's TV hit The Rap of China has kicked off and with it comes the show's first female judge joining the likes of Kris Wu and MC Hotdog. The selection of Hong Kong singer G.E.M., real name Gloria Tang Tsz-Kei, has raised some eyebrows among critics due to the use of artificial intelligence in her selection, as well as her hip-hop credentials. "G.E.M joining The Rap of China is a bit of an embarrassment as her previous image falls short in terms of rap elements," one music critic after learning of the singer's inclusion on the talent show's judging panel. Although the news has drawn widespread criticism from a host of music critics, the move was not unexpected. With G.E.M's involvement, this show hit a new peak in terms of viewing figures in its first week.

AI-first approach across industries will transform us: Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella


Recent advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI) have been "pretty stunning" but what the humanity is going to see soon will be even more profound across the spectrum, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has stressed. Addressing thousands of partners at the'Microsoft Inspire' event here on Wednesday, Nadella said that the potential is for us to be able to turn every industry into an AI-first industry, be it retail, healthcare or agriculture. "It's happening because of the ability to provision lots of computing capability, to have lots of data, and these new techniques of algorithm promise around the deep neural net in particular," Nadella said. "For us to be able to turn every industry into an AI-first industry, whether it's retail or healthcare or agriculture, we want to be able to make sure that they can take their data, in a security-privacy preserving way, convert that into AI capability that they get the return on. Wherever there is data, the computer will migrate to data.

Indonesia leads ASEAN region in AI adoption


Indonesia is leading the ASEAN region in adopting artificial intelligence (AI), with 24.6% of organisations in the sprawling archipelago adopting the technology, a new survey has found. With advancements in image recognition, data mining & machine learning, organisations are now able to analyse massive amounts of data like never before. Discover why Asia is a leading adopter in this field and take a look at the key AI initiatives being rolled out across the region. You forgot to provide an Email Address. This email address doesn't appear to be valid.

Three Breakthroughs That Will Disrupt The Tech World In 2019


We may have never before been in an era of such rapid technological change. Of course, much more is coming. Last fall, Gartner research predicted some of the big tech trends of 2018 and beyond, and it was quite a bounty: The continued rise of artificial intelligence and cloud-based computing, new developments in the internet of things, conversational platforms and other areas made the list. All of that and more is underway, but I see a few advances coming in 2019 that can be truly transformative of the marketplace and consumer tech reality. With the growing prevalence of data breaches and the massively interconnected world we live in, new ways to verify identity and protect privacy will be game changers.

How Machine Learning Makes You A Better PPC Marketer


As mentioned, advertisers need to successfully bid for their keywords in order to have an effective digital marketing strategy. With the vast number of keywords available, it can be incredibly difficult to choose the most strategic ones for your campaign. With AI's Smart Bidding, its machine learning processes can optimize your strategy and use performance goals like target cost per acquisition (CPA), enhanced cost per click (CPC) and maximize conversions to dwindle down the number of keywords into the most efficient and cost-effective ones. Artificial intelligence would be able to use industry performance data, historical data, and user behavior patterns to make good use of the results of their keyword searches. Not everyone who uses your keywords are ready for conversion.

Beginner's prospective to Artificial Intelligence – Evince Development – Medium


The world of technology and how it is being used by companies have undergone a drastic transformation in recent years. One such terminology which is ruling the charts is'Artificial Intelligence (AI)'. So what does AI means? It is a branch of computer science that is being deployed for creation of intelligent machines. Over the years AI has managed to become an integral part of the technology industry.

Artificial Intelligence: can it be used to make you money?


Something I am really passionate about is technology. And how we can use technology to make our everyday lives much easier. Something I (and I think a lot of people) struggle with is knowing how much to save and where to put your money. In this article, I am going to give an overview of a few companies who are exploiting technology to help with all things savings. I am going to separate this post into two categories – saving money and earning interest.

News Daily: Trump invites Putin to US and HIV 'complacency' warning

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Donald Trump wants Russian President Vladimir Putin to visit the US this autumn. The two men met at the beginning of this week in Finland, and despite some significant fall-out, planning is under way for a second get-together. Moscow hasn't reacted publicly yet to the invitation. "OK... that's going to be special," laughed US Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats when told about it. Well, the US intelligence services were at the centre of the aforementioned fall-out, after the president seemed to reject their view on Russian meddling in the 2016 US election and side with Moscow instead.