We provide two APIs, an immediate execution model (think NumPy) and a deferred execution model mirroring the TensorFlow API. See the TypeScript starter project and the ES6 starter project to get you quickly started. To use a specific version, add @version to the unpkg URL above (e.g. After importing the library, the API will be available as dl in the global namespace. We recommend using Visual Studio Code for development.

Deep Learning for Disaster Recovery – Insight Data


With global climate change, devastating hurricanes are occurring with higher frequency. After a hurricane, roads are often flooded or washed out, making them treacherous for motorists. According to The Weather Channel, almost two of every three U.S. flash flood deaths from 1995–2010, excluding fatalities from Hurricane Katrina, occurred in vehicles. During my Insight A.I. Fellowship, I designed a system that detects flooded roads and created an interactive map app. Using state of the art computer vision deep learning methods, the system automatically annotates flooded, washed out, or otherwise severely damaged roads from satellite imagery.

Improve WordPress Design & Dev through WireDelta's AI


Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article are WireDelta's own and do not reflect the official policy of Cloudways. AI has become a mainstream business tool in many industries. From commercial banking to R&D, AI has simplified and streamlined processes on all levels. In fact, AI is also a key player in sectors where it is hard to imagine the use cases of AI based tools and platforms. Web development and design is one such area where AI is doing wonders.

Accenture Launches Interactive Learning Platform to Help Clients Transform Their Technology Talent


We crafted a scalable, cost-effective approach for a new era of learning that puts the spotlight on --learning anytime, anywhere-- through digital technologies.-- With the Accenture Future Talent Platform, the client can now launch new services on its ecommerce site 75--percent faster than previously possible. The program will identify new roles and skills and build a training plan for a pilot, followed by a 40,000-person rollout. Accenture will also develop a curated, interactive curriculum for bank employees. Combining unmatched experience and specialized skills across more than 40 industries and all business functions -- underpinned by the world--s largest delivery network -- Accenture works at the intersection of business and technology to help clients improve their performance and create sustainable value for their stakeholders.



TensorFlow requires at least Java 8. This will already be the default on most machines, but if it isn't for you, it's possible to force lein to use it by adding the:java-cmd "/path/to/java" key to your project.clj. Distributed under the Eclipse Public License either version 1.0 or (at your option) any later version.

Boosting the Internet of Things with the Power of Artificial Intelligence


With its long-term accumulation in the areas of software-defined processors and heterogeneous computing, multi-core heterogeneous processor platform launched by Wuxi DSP Technologies has advanced performance power ratio with ease to the software development. The experience of multiple company partners shows that in a short period of time, a small-scale R & D team can quickly develop industry-leading innovations, dramatically shorten the product development cycle, reduce project investment risks and improve market response ability.

How Now Healthcare plans to introduce AI to the NHS


But one telehealth company – Now Healthcare Group – believes it can apply AI to its existing apps to relieve some of that strain. Former founder of an advertising company Lee Dentith founded AI healthcare startup Now Healthcare in 2014. He came up with the idea when he wanted to get one of his children to see a GP but struggled to get through, something that many people will be familiar with. Now Healthcare provides Europe's largest remote digital GP consultation platform, NowGP, and a subscription service with the NHS, Now Patient. Founder Dentith also had a background in technology, something that COO of the company Tim Ng regards as vital for its success.

We May Have Just Uncovered a Serious Problem With How AI "See"


People with certain visual impairments aren't allowed to drive, for fairly obvious reasons. Now, a study from the University of Washington (UW) has shown that artificial intelligences (AI) aren't immune to vision problems when operating motor vehicles either. The researchers have determined that machine learning models can be prone to a kind of physical-world attack that impedes their ability to process images. Concretely, AI can have problems reading defaced street signs. For their study, the researchers focused on two potential types of physical attacks.

The Next Revolution in Supply Chain Management


I've been researching and writing about supply chain management for 20 years. I've seen a goodly number of "revolutions" in SCM. In the first revolution, the concept of supply chain, as opposed to logistics, was put forth. Constraint based optimization tools for the extended supply chain were developed to support the new philosophy. As this was going on, Lean and Six Sigma approaches to improving capabilities, not just at the factory level, but in other internal departments, as well as across the supplier and 3PL base, were gaining in strength.

Data science: The next evolution for accountants?


Some of the hottest fields in business call for exactly the skills that the accounting profession offers, according to IBM's Leon Katsnelson. In a keynote address on artificial intelligence at's 2017 Digital CPA conference, held in San Francisco in early December, Katsnelson, who is director and chief technology officer for strategic partnership for data science at IBM, introduced the accountants in attendance to two of the newest professionals on the block: data scientists and data engineers. Both of those jobs are only about five years old, he said, but are already in the top ranks in terms of compensation. "To be a data scientist, you need three things," explained Katsnelson. First are programming skills – not necessarily full coding capabilities, but a familiarity with the field.