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2020 No-Code AI & Machine Learning Using IBM Watson AutoAI


In this course I am going to introduce you to Watson Studio AutoAI by IBM. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are two very hot topics nowadays. Experts claim that AI & ML are going to revolutionize the world. This course is designed for those who want to take a short cut to these technologies. Auto AI and Auto ML are new tools that provide methods and processes to make Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning available for non-experts.

All You Need to Know to get started with NumPy


Everything you need to know to get started with NumPy. The world runs on data and everyone should know how to work with it. It's hard to imagine a modern, tech-literate business that doesn't use data analysis, data science, machine learning, or artificial intelligence in some form. NumPy is at the core of all of those fields. While it's impossible to know exactly how many people are learning to analyze and work with data, it's a pretty safe assumption that tens of thousands (if not millions) of people need to understand NumPy and how to use it. Because of that, I've spent the last three months putting together what I hope is the best introductory guide to NumPy yet! If there's anything you want to see included in this tutorial, please leave a note in the comments or reach out any time! NumPy (Numerical Python) is an open-source Python library that's used in almost every field of science and engineering. NumPy users include everyone from beginning coders to experienced researchers doing state-of-the-art scientific and industrial research and development. The NumPy API is used extensively in Pandas, SciPy, Matplotlib, scikit-learn, scikit-image and most other data science and scientific Python packages.

Deep Learning for Business Managers: Neural Networks in R


You're looking for a complete Artificial Neural Network (ANN) course that teaches you everything you need to create a Neural Network model in R, right? You've found the right Neural Networks course! Identify the business problem which can be solved using Neural network Models. Have a clear understanding of Advanced Neural network concepts such as Gradient Descent, forward and Backward Propagation etc. Create Neural network models in R using Keras and Tensorflow libraries and analyze their results. How this course will help you?

How to Grid Search Data Preparation Techniques


Machine learning predictive modeling performance is only as good as your data, and your data is only as good as the way you prepare it for modeling. The most common approach to data preparation is to study a dataset and review the expectations of a machine learning algorithms, then carefully choose the most appropriate data preparation techniques to transform the raw data to best meet the expectations of the algorithm. This is slow, expensive, and requires a vast amount of expertise. An alternative approach to data preparation is to grid search a suite of common and commonly useful data preparation techniques to the raw data. This is an alternative philosophy for data preparation that treats data transforms as another hyperparameter of the modeling pipeline to be searched and tuned.

Keras and TensorFlow Archives - PyImageSearch


Learn how to successfully apply Deep Learning to Computer Vision with Keras and TensorFlow using my free Keras tutorials and guides.

Python for Machine Learning - Classes and Objects


This Python for Machine Learning Tutorial will help you learn the Python programming language from scratch. You'll learn about Classes and Objects in Python. Everything in this course is explained with the relevant example thus you will actually know how to implement the topics that you will learn in this course.

Eighth grader builds IBM Watson-powered AI chatbot for students making college plans


While her peers reveled in an unprecedented virtual school year, the self-described "technology enthusiast," Harita Suresh, 13, was bored. She decided on an online course and settled on IBM Skills Network's "AI chatbots without programming." She lacked experience with artificial intelligence, but was eager to learn through the self-paced course. Harita is more than a little familiar with tech, "I have been interested in technology since I was 5," she said. "My first coding challenge was the Lightbot Hour of Code. I was fascinated that the code I wrote could control the actions of the characters on screen. Since then, I pursued coding on multiple platforms like, The more I learned about tech, the more I wanted to know. In fifth grade, I took a Python programming course offered by Georgia Tech."

5 reasons AI isn't being adopted at your organization (and how to fix it)


Like most nebulous technologies marketed as the cure-all for the enterprise in the 21st century, artificial intelligence--and more specifically anyone tasked with selling it--promises a lot. But there are some major obstacles to adoption for both the public and private sector, and understanding them is key to understanding the limits and potential of AI technologies as well as the risks inherent in the Wild West of enterprise solutions. Consulting firm Booz Allen Hamilton has helped the US Army use AI for predictive maintenance and the FDA to better understand and combat the opioid crisis, so it knows a thing or two about getting large, risk-averse organizations behind meaningful AI deployments. For insights on where AI still stumbles, as well the hurdles it will have to clear, I reached out to Booz Allen's Kathleen Featheringham, Director of AI Strategy & Training. She identified the five greatest barriers to AI adoption, which apply equally to public and private sector organizations.

Artificial Intelligence 2018: Build the Most Powerful AI


Online Courses Udemy | Artificial Intelligence 2018: Build the Most Powerful AI, Learn, build and implement the most powerful AI model at home. Compete with multi-billion dollars companies using ARS. Created by Hadelin de Ponteves, Kirill Eremenko, SuperDataScience Team  English [Auto-generated], Indonesian [Auto-generated], 3 more Students also bought PyTorch for Deep Learning and Computer Vision Deep Learning and NLP A-Z™: How to create a ChatBot Deep Learning and Computer Vision A-Z™: OpenCV, SSD & GANs Machine Learning Practical: 6 Real-World Applications The Complete Neural Networks Bootcamp: Theory, Applications Preview this course  - GET COUPON CODE 100% Off Udemy Coupon . Free Udemy Courses . Online Classes

The Complete Neural Networks Bootcamp: Theory, Applications


In this section, we will introduce the deep learning framework we'll be using through this course, which is PyTorch. We will show you how to install it, how it works and why it's special, and then we will code some PyTorch tensors and show you some operations on tensors, as well as show you Autograd in code!