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How AI and Machine Learning are Evolving DevOps - InformationWeek


The automation wave has overtaken IT departments everywhere making DevOps a critical piece of infrastructure technology. DevOps breeds efficiency through automating software delivery and allowing companies to push software to market faster while releasing a more reliable product. What is next for DevOps? We need to look no further than artificial intelligence and machine learning. Most organizations quickly realize the promise of AI and machine learning, but often fail to understand how they can properly harness them to improve their systems.

AI systems trained on data skewed by sex are worse at diagnosing disease


The artificial intelligence model showed great promise in predicting which patients treated in U.S. Veterans Affairs hospitals would experience a sudden decline in kidney function. But it also came with a crucial caveat: Women represented only about 6% of the patients whose data were used to train the algorithm, and it performed worse when tested on women. The shortcomings of that high-profile algorithm, built by the Google sister company DeepMind, highlight a problem that machine learning researchers working in medicine are increasingly worried about. And it's an issue that may be more pervasive -- and more insidious -- than experts previously realized, new research suggests. The study, led by researchers in Argentina and published Monday in the journal PNAS, found that when female patients were excluded from or significantly underrepresented in the training data used to develop a machine learning model, the algorithm performed worse in diagnosing them when tested across across a wide range of medical conditions affecting the chest area.

How to make your data team efficient for times of crisis


Times have changed and caught most of us unprepared. It is always a part of Bolt's culture to move quickly and adapt -- and the crisis situation that is unfolding due to a pandemic definitely requires significant adaptation. This is a look from inside Bolt's data team -- data analysts, data engineers, data scientists -- as we share our experience and advice for times of crisis with all the similar teams out there. Most of the resources are thrown into surviving and, for some, even on seizing new opportunities. Data teams definitely have a role to play in this.

AI News Index: Replacing Workers Or Creating Jobs?


Recent surveys, studies, forecasts and other quantitative assessments of AI highlight the number of manufacturing jobs eliminated by robots; why robots could replace financial analysts; the very small number of organizations not evaluating or using AI today; and the debate over the usefulness of Covid-19 contact-tracing. And as data quality and diversity increase from the wearables and other internet-of-things devices, a virtuous cycle of improvements will kick in. In this world a novel coronavirus could be tracked, traced, intercepted, and cut off before it got going"--Kai-Fu Lee

(Art)ificial Intelligence. The new creative AI. – Tech Check News


It would be illogical today to think that AI completely replaces human creativity. Having two such powerful "machines" and deleting one of them would be an absolute mistake. Instead, we should take advantage of 200% of the potential offered by both, an awesome combination impossible to replace. Let's talk about art, music, dance, writing, … "Being creative means being in love with life", being able to generate new ideas or concepts spontaneously. Does AI take place in these fields?

Artificial intelligence poses a threat to American office workers - digitalhub Feed Leader


Fifty-three percent of U.S. office workers worry their current skills will be outdated in fewer than five years, according to new research. The study asked 2,000 American office workers about their skills and how they wish to improve them in an evolving technological world. And results revealed nearly nine in 10 respondents said they would feel more secure in their jobs if their employer offered them training opportunities. Conducted by OnePoll on behalf of UiPath, the survey found that 78% of respondents said they would be more productive at their jobs if they could learn new skills. Eighty-six percent of those surveyed said they wish their employer offered opportunities to acquire new skills -- while 83% would like to enhance their current skills.

Kentucky Allowing Driver's License, ID Renewals Remotely

U.S. News

Beshear reported Monday that there were at least 10,046 COVID-19 cases in Kentucky. There were 131 new positive cases on Sunday and 214 new cases on Monday, Public Health Commissioner Dr. Steven Stack said. No deaths were reported Sunday, but there were eight deaths Monday. The total number of deaths in the state from the coronavirus is 439.

Good egg? Robot chef is trained to make the 'perfect' omelette

Daily Mail - Science & tech

A robot has been trained to prepare and cook an omelette from breaking the egg to presenting it on a plate to the diner by a team of engineers. Researchers from the University of Cambridge worked with domestic appliance firm Beko to train the machine to create the best omelette for the majority of tastes. The team say cooking is an interesting problem for roboticists as'humans can never be totally objective when it comes to food' or how it should taste. They used machine learning data from a study of volunteers and their reaction to different omelettes cooked in a variety of ways in order to train the robot. The omelette, made by the robotic chef'general tasted great – much better than expected' according to the research team who tested the resulting dish.

Tesla Model 3 'on Autopilot mode' crashes into truck in Taiwan

Daily Mail - Science & tech

Security cameras watching a highway in Taiwan captured the moment a white Tesla Model 3 vehicle plowing into truck that was rolled over on its side. Reports say the driver of the Tesla did not see the overturned Truck while cruising with the Autopilot driver assistant feature activated. The footage also shows that the car's emergency automatic braking system was applied at the last second, due to smoke coming from the tires moments before the collision. An image of the aftermath shows the entire front-end of the Tesla pierced through the roof of the truck, but reports note that neither of the drivers were injured. Tesla's Autopilot features allow the vehicle to steer, accelerate and brake automatically within a lane.