8 Gardening and Plant-Based Video Games for Spring


A fantastic game to play for a little escape from reality after a rough day, The Sims 4 has splendid gardening mechanics in the base game. If you've ever fantasized about owning a nice house with the perfect backyard for gardening, try The Sims 4. In her roundup of the best game additions available for purchase, product writer and reviewer Louryn Strampe recommends Seasons ($40). She writes, "If you're only getting one expansion, this is the one you want." In addition to dynamic weather, the Season pack unlocks a gardener career path, which lets you role-play as a botanist or floral designer. Devoted players searching for even more plant experiences may appreciate crafting homestead fantasies with the Cottage Living Expansion Pack ($40) or designing the ideal outdoor space for making out with the Romantic Garden Stuff ($10).

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