British company DeepMind's AI beats pro gamers to achieve 'Grandmaster' status in StarCraft II

Daily Mail - Science & tech 

An artificial intelligence developed by British firm DeepMind has achieved'Grandmaster' status in the real-time, sci-fi strategy game'StarCraft II'. StarCraft II is one of the world's most lucrative and popular esports, in which players control different alien races to build up forces and defeat their opponents. With each battle coming with thousands of possible moves at any given moment, the video game presents a challenge that surpasses traditional tests like chess or Go. The AI -- dubbed'AlphaStar' -- proved its mettle in a series of online battles against human opponents, coming out above 99.8 per cent of players in the rankings. This makes AlphaStar the first ever AI to reach the top tier of human performance in a professionally-played esport, without needing simplifying the game first.