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Python, argparse, and command line arguments - PyImageSearch


Today we are going to discuss a fundamental developer, engineer, and computer scientist skill -- command line arguments. Command line arguments are an elementary skill that you must learn how to use, especially if you are trying to apply more advanced computer vision, image processing, or deep learning concepts. If you are new to command line arguments or do not know how to use them that's okay! But you still need to take the time to educate yourself on how to use them -- this post will help you do exactly that. By the end of today's post you will have a strong understanding of command line arguments, how they work, and how to use them. Each day I receive 3-5 emails or comments from PyImageSearch readers who are struggling with command line arguments.

Andi Mann Joins @CloudEXPO NY Faculty @Splunk @AndiMann #DevOps #Monitoring #MachineLearning


DXWorldEXPO LLC, the producer of the world's most influential technology conferences and trade shows has announced the conference tracks for CloudEXPO DXWorldEXPO 2018 New York.

Microsoft makes more AI programming interfaces available to developers


Microsoft is continuing to roll out more application programming interfaces (APIs), which enable developers to add customizable AI features to their applications.

With $10M in funding, Mabl brings machine learning to software testing


Mabl, a startup that's coming out of stealth today, uses machine learning to make functional testing for developers as easy as possible. Mabl users don't have to write extensive (and often brittle) tests by hand. Instead, they show the application the workflow they want to test and the service performs those tests -- and even automatically adapts to small user interface changes.

How developers can use SageMaker for DevOps machine learning


While SageMaker gives full-stack developers a chance to benefit from ML/AI, there are limitations. Developers still need to dive into the DevOps machine learning mindset and spend time and resources to experiment with ML/AI. They need to nurture the ability to identify ML/AI use cases.

With $10 million in funding, 2 ex-Googlers launch Mabl to bring machine learning to software testing


What do you do when your first startup is acquired by Google shortly after launch? Hang around at Google for a few years and then launch your next venture, of course.

OBIZCOIN Creates Smart Process Automation BOT Based on Artificial Intelligence & Blockchain Technology to Automate Business Operations - Crypto Reader


Inefficiency in management of a business is one of the top reason for business failures. Efficient management in the business organization is one of the key reasons for success of the organization. While it is easier for large scale organizations to have multiple teams overlooking various departments, multiple levels of audit committees, the situation is quite different for Small and Medium Scale Organizations. Having a dedicated team for every department, allotting tasks through software, monitoring tasks automatically and keeping the employees motivated and automated incentivising based on performances is just a dream for startups and small-scale organizations. "OBIZCOIN Creates Smart Process Automation BOT Based on Artificial Intelligence & Blockchain Technology to automate business operations" OBIZCOIN Bot will help organizations in designing the procedures and policies framework based on which the entire organization will function.