How performance analytics takes sport to the next level


Sign up for our newsletter to not miss out on tomorrow's game-changers for your industry. Sport clubs like Paris Saint-Germain and Chelsea are going digital as they envisage a new level of sport performance analytics. And we can support this next generation sport analytics with platforms collecting any type of sensory data and with analytics suites enabling real-time correlation and presentation of data in human readable format to experts of sport domain. This will make it possible to eliminate today's limitations of vertical sensor analytics and offline correlations. There are a range of possibilities for providing these kinds of solutions to large sport arenas, like soccer, with capabilities of low latency, low energy consumption and large coverage range.

Microsoft adds more AI smarts to Office 365


Microsoft has been adding cloud-based artificial intelligence to its popular Office suite for years now. In addition to new AI-focused upgrades to Cortana and Bing, the company also announced several new tools for Word, Excel and Outlook to help you make the most of your data, organizational content and more. At Microsoft's AI event on Wednesday in San Francisco, the company announced Office Insights, machine learning that will analyze data from Excel spreadsheets to create pivot tables and trend charts. "Data is incredibly valuable, but it's only valuable when you're actually able to extract insights from it," Microsoft's Rob Howard said in a statement. It also revealed Acronyms in Word, which looks through your organization's documents and emails to help find acronyms specific to your business.

Botnet hackers that caused huge Internet blackout did it for money, revenge


A USA TODAY motion graphic explaining the steps hackers use to take down servers. A graphic representation of the dangers posed by botnets, stealth robotic computer networks that place malicious hardware on the computers of unsuspecting users. SAN FRANCISCO -- A New Jersey man has pleaded guilty to computer crimes charges for an online attack that caused a massive Internet outage last year, according to federal court documents unsealed Tuesday. The Justice Department says Paras Jha built the Mirai botnet, which operated hundreds of thousands of infected household devices to flood websites with traffic, knocking out services such as Netflix and PayPal. The plea agreement was filed Dec. 5 in federal court in Alaska.

AI and augmented reality could make fixing your router a little more bearable


When something goes wrong with the appliances in your home, what do you do to fix them? Then you dig out a manual or look one up online. If none of that helps, you might call the company who made the thing, and then spend an age on the phone trying to explain what's gone wrong. But what if you didn't have to explain -- what if you could just show someone the problem, and have it explained to you? That's the proposition from Israeli company TechSee, which is building a customer support platform using two of 2017's most overused buzzwords: augmented reality and artificial intelligence.

So, what is edge computing?


Another shift in the technology landscape appears to be underway which has the potential to dramatically alter the way data is created and processed. Edge computing is, in essence, tied to the evolution of the internet of things (IoT). As various industries push to connect previously dumb objects to the internet, the way in which these objects talk to one another will change. For some uses, low latency is really crucial – think of a connected car needing to decided to avoid an object in the road – and so computing will need to take place at the outer reaches, or the'edge' of the network, nearer the objects themselves. An edge device could be anything that provides an entry point to a network, for example, routers, WANs and switches.

Securing the enterprise network with artificial intelligence


Artificial intelligence (AI) often throws up visions of a futuristic Earth, where self-aware robots are programmed to be ethical in their behaviour and protect human lives at all costs. It's clear that an AI future is already here, with chatbots and home assistants making the present almost as advanced as was envisaged years ago, says Pieter Engelbrecht, Business Unit Manager for HPE Aruba. With the increased threat of cyber attacks across the world, what role can AI have within data protection? The idea of using AI in combating cyber security breaches is not a new one; however, cyber security relies on the technical ability of those implementing and designing the technology, which means experts need to work practically error-free. This undertaking is massive, and requires thousands of lines of code to be written and audited to ensure no vulnerabilities creep into the software used by businesses to protect their networks.

NASA explores artificial intelligence for space communications Latest News & Updates at Daily News & Analysis


NASA scientists are planning to use artificial intelligence to better manage the increasing communications between its spacecraft and the Earth. NASA spacecraft typically rely on human-controlled radio systems to communicate with Earth. Cognitive radio, the infusion of artificial intelligence into space communications networks, could meet demand and increase efficiency, researchers said. "Modern space communications systems use complex software to support science and exploration missions," said Janette C Briones, from the NASA's Glenn Research Center in the US. "By applying artificial intelligence and machine learning, satellites control these systems seamlessly, making real-time decisions without awaiting instruction," said Briones.

Internet of Things Archives - Noggle


Technology moves fast, and when predicting the future, it can be hard to keep up. Here at Noggle, we believe in analyzing what's happening right now in order to gain a more accurate gauge of what's realistically going to come into being over the next few months and years ahead. To do this, where better to look for the ideas of the future than in the worldwide Patents database? Examining the concepts that have been submitted and protected now, gives a strong indication of where technology is heading and what innovations are taking place. Of course, not all inventions are created equal, and many patents won't last the course and make it into our collective future conscious and culture – this is why we have produced a broad overview of recent patents, and picked up on recurring and common aspects and topics.

NASA looks at Artificial Intelligence to communicate with space


As collection of space data increases, NASA is exploring the infusion of Artificial Intelligence (AI) into space communications networks to meet demand and increase efficiency. Software-defined radios like cognitive radio use AI to employ underutilised portions of the electromagnetic spectrum without human intervention. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) permits a cognitive radio to use the frequency while unused by its primary user until the user becomes active again. "Modern space communications systems use complex software to support science and exploration missions. By applying AI and machine learning, satellites control these systems seamlessly, making real-time decisions without awaiting instruction," Janette C. Briones, Principal Investigator at NASA's Glenn Research Centre in Cleveland, Ohio, said in a statement on Saturday.