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See who's knocking with these killer Ring Doorbell and Amazon Echo bundles


With the annual event right around the corner, Amazon has a couple of sales on its own devices. In order to take advantage of these deals, you have to be a prime member. First up is the 2020 version of the Ring Video Doorbell in bronze or silver for $75. When we reviewed this version of the Ring, we gave it four out of five stars. It features 1080p video capture, motion detection, two-way audio, and Alexa integration.

A bundle with the Echo Show 5 and a Ring Doorbell is only $85 for Prime members


Amazon has pulled another solid deal out of its hat ahead of Prime Day. You'd essentially be getting the smart doorbell for free, as Echo Show 5 typically costs the same price. The Ring Doorbell normally costs $100 by itself. The standard price of the bundle is $150, which is already $35 less than the products cost separately. The current version of the Alexa-enabled Echo Show 5 arrived a year ago. We gave it a score of 85 in our review, finding the decent sound quality and bedside-table size to be plus points.

How Computer Vision-Powered Pose Estimation Can Optimize Smart City Mobility


Pose estimation is an application of computer vision in smart cities. It can be utilized for mobility management-related functions such as traffic control, elderly care in old age homes and several others. Smart cities--or any cities, or towns, for that matter--are unrelenting cauldrons full of people and continual movement. Whether you talk about vehicular or pedestrian movement, one thing that everybody will unanimously agree on is the importance of mobility management. Poor traffic and vehicular management are directly responsible for approximately 1.3 million deaths every year.

Save on the Google Nest video doorbell -- a great gift for Dad


Save $50: Keep an eye out for package deliveries with the Google Nest Doorbell (Battery) for only $129.99(opens in a new tab). As of June 8, this 28% discount marks the best price we've seen so far. If you're still on the hunt for a proper Father's Day gift, one of the best gifts is a little peace of mind. Add an extra layer of security the easy way with the Google Nest Doorbell (Battery) video doorbell(opens in a new tab), which is on sale for $129.99 at Amazon. The latest edition of the popular Nest series of doorbell cameras is at its best price ever after a $50 discount.

Nebraska teen and entire home saved from shocking wildfire by video doorbell system

FOX News

A family in the Midwest is expressing enormous gratitude for their video doorbell system -- which alerted them to a wildfire that began burning right outside their home. Misty Schlake of Gothenberg, Nebraska, downloaded the stunning recording from her Ring Video Doorbell and sent it to the home security company. "Ring did so much more than [let] us know someone was at our door! It saved my son's life and our home!" The doorbell notified Schlake's 18-year-old son, who was home alone at the time, that there was movement outside their family home on Thursday, April 21, at around 9:15 p.m. "When he went to the door, he saw our land was on fire," Schlake wrote in comments to Ring.

A one-up on motion capture


From "Star Wars" to "Happy Feet," many beloved films contain scenes that were made possible by motion capture technology, which records movement of objects or people through video. Further, applications for this tracking, which involve complicated interactions between physics, geometry, and perception, extend beyond Hollywood to the military, sports training, medical fields, and computer vision and robotics, allowing engineers to understand and simulate action happening within real-world environments. As this can be a complex and costly process -- often requiring markers placed on objects or people and recording the action sequence -- researchers are working to shift the burden to neural networks, which could acquire this data from a simple video and reproduce it in a model. Work in physics simulations and rendering shows promise to make this more widely used, since it can characterize realistic, continuous, dynamic motion from images and transform back and forth between a 2D render and 3D scene in the world. However, to do so, current techniques require precise knowledge of the environmental conditions where the action is taking place, and the choice of renderer, both of which are often unavailable.

This Echo Dot and Ring Video Doorbell bundle is 55% off

Daily Mail - Science & tech

Products featured in this Mail Best article are independently selected by our shopping writers. If you make a purchase using links on this page, MailOnline may earn an affiliate commission. If you like a bargain, you'll love this Amazon Easter weekend deal. Today you can buy a Ring Video Doorbell Wired and an Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Gen) for under £40. Whether you're looking to score a discounted vacuum cleaner or top up your makeup bag, Amazon has a ton of deals worthy of your attention.

Best video doorbell (2022)


The home security industry has been revolutionized with new technology, ranging from smart home sensors to smart locks to security video cameras. But one of the most subtle and effective security measures you can add to your home is a video camera doorbell. These doorbells serve two purposes: they record footage of people who approach your front door, and they alert you with a pleasant chime or jingle when they're pressed -- just like a regular doorbell -- and have a video recording of everything just in case. Although these devices can be very useful and increase your home's security, it can be tough to determine which video doorbell you should pick. Luckily for you, we've put together a selection of the top video doorbells in 2022.

Eufy's Video Doorbell Dual Keeps One Eye on Your Packages


A video doorbell can be a great help, and we've reviewed a bunch of them. They can let you know when a delivery has arrived, but they can't always ensure that your package will still be there when you get home. Eufy's dual video doorbell solves this problem by adding a second camera, so you can get a clear look at visitors and monitor anything sitting on the doorstep. The split-screen view ensures comprehensive porch coverage and will relieve anyone who has package anxiety. It's also refreshing to find a camera with on-device AI and local storage, so you never have to upload videos to the cloud.

The Best Video Doorbell Cameras


This doorbell has performed reliably over months of testing. It offers an expansive 180-degree square view of your front porch, swift alerts with clear notifications, and detailed video during the day and night. False positives are rare, and it never misses the action. The companion app is very straightforward and relatively quick to load a live view or recorded videos compared to other smart doorbell apps. I also appreciate that someone pressing the doorbell triggers a call on my phone.