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The Future of AI and Education


After no end of false starts, the technology needed for artificial intelligence is finally here. Over the past ten or so years, the amount of progress made in the field has been stunning, and already the technology is finding its way into a number of different industries. It's already clear what benefits AI can bring to a range of different applications. The ability of computers to analyse data and draw conclusions means that it takes them fractions of a second to accurately understand any inputs. As a result, they can tailor the experience they provide, depending entirely on the user.

Stephen King uses a George Orwell quote to destroy Trump and Putin


When it comes to taking down Trump on Twitter, Stephen King regularly employs his full bag of writer's tricks to make sure the task is carried out as efficiently as possible. Sometimes, though, all he needs is a well-placed quote. SEE ALSO: J.K. Rowling and Stephen King join forces to troll Donald Trump Following Trump and Putin's summit in Helsinki earlier this week, the horror master took to Twitter to quote George Orwell. George Orwell on Trump and Putin, in 1945: "The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which." That quote is from the end of Orwell's Animal Farm.

How To Learn About The Future Of Artificial Intelligence And Work Without Leaving Your Office


Attendees gather on the exhibition floor during a technology conference in May, 2018 in Seattle, WA on cloud technologies and the artificial intelligence features within those services. Many business leaders stress over how to keep up in a competitive business world where things now change even before you finish reading this post. The pace of emerging technology only increases the pressure to stay well-informed. Budgets are not what they used to be when it comes to flying all over the world to attend the latest conference to absorb information, particularly those on Artificial Intelligence. But here's a secret weapon that just might help you stay ahead of the curve.

AI and the future of medical treatment


Can I get a diagnosis? AI [artificial intelligence] is handling it now? You mean I just go online and see the results of my tests and read the diagnosis and pick up my drugs outside my front door? As AI creeps and crawls into the realm of medical diagnosis and treatment, and as it spreads under the banner of "more precise care for the patient," remember that AI embeds false data more firmly than any human doctor can. Once it's in there, how do you get rid of it?

Why Is Facebook Keen on Robots? It's Just the Future of AI

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Today, most successful AI systems require millions of points of human-labeled data, like photos of cats, to train themselves to recognize faces and objects like people do. Or they have to play games tens of thousands of times, like Google's AlphaGo Zero did.

Report: The U.S. is unprepared for the AI future


The biggest coming danger is so-called "deepfakes," or AI-doctored videos falsely showing people saying or doing something, according to a co-author of the report, published today by the Center for a New American Security and shared first with Axios The details: The report is an abridged encyclopedia of the good and ill that AI could bring to national security. Some scenarios show the potential upside of AI tools, but others would result in chaos if not challenged by smart AI countermeasures. The impact: If this wave is left unchecked, the report warns, the world could face "the end of truth" -- a grisly fate the public has already had a taste of, thanks to misinformation released on social media sites and by the White House. The report's examples vary from the current to the far-off, like mind-reading AI. But they're not prophecies that humanity is doomed to suffer.

Sales and Artificial Intelligence Future of Work


This break-down of a role into tasks then allows roles to be created again, and it can significantly change the definition of the role. In the same way that Lyft and Uber completely changed the ride industry by breaking down the components of the taxi service and rebuilding them in a new way, job roles can be broken down and re-built into completely new forms.

AI and the Future of Education


MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA – Across every industry, whether it is manufacturing, healthcare, financial services, and more, companies and organizations of all sizes are realizing that AI has the ability to generate amazing value, transform processes, and uncover insights for smarter decisionmaking. But behind the algorithms that are empowering the use cases are the data scientists who drive the models and analyze the insights. According to a report from IBM, Burning Glass and Business Higher Education Forum, the number of job openings for data and analytics talent will increase by 364,000 to 2,720,000 in 2020. Millions of staff will be needed to fuel the ever-growing demand for AI and machine learning. As a result, there's a growing gap between the supply and demand of AI talent, a gap which has resulted in increasingly higher salaries for those in the field.

Mapping the Future of Artificial Intelligence


From ride shares to smart power grids and from healthcare to our online lives, AI is driving a powerful shift in the human experience. As the business value of AI becomes more readily apparent, how is the industry ecosystem changing? What's fueling the explosive growth seen over the past year and what factors are shaping future development? Quid recently teamed up with CA Technologies to release the new report, "The Era of AI," at Transform.AI, an annual gathering of senior leaders and AI experts held this year from June 14-15 in Paris. The findings of the publication, which explores current and future trends in the industry, were also presented by Debra Danielson, Senior Vice President at CA Technologies, at the event.

The rise of the robot real estate agent


And the money being poured into alternative technologies and business models in efforts to upend traditional real estate transactions is now too much of a deluge to ignore. For example, many see Opendoor's recent $300 million funding round as its official arrival, with the right amount of a financial boost to ensure no one can sleep on growth of the ibuyer platform. And when Zillow Offers was announced, few were surprised. Still, it wasn't greeted by the industry with what anyone would define as glee. Thankfully, there's also plenty of money directed at technologies that don't bypass brokers and agents.