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ChatGPT's app for iOS is now available in the UK and 10 more countries


Namely, these are Albania, Croatia, France, Germany, Ireland, Jamaica, Korea, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Nigeria, and the UK, and OpenAI says there are more to come "soon." OpenAI launched its ChatGPT app for iOS a week ago, initially limiting it to the U.S. market. The app syncs your history across devices, and can take voice input via OpenAI's speech-recognition system Whisper. If you're subscribed to ChatGPT Plus, you'll get the ChatGPT 4 capabilities on your iOS app, too. One thing is still missing, though: An Android ChatGPT app.

Meta's open-source speech AI recognizes over 4,000 spoken languages


Meta has created an AI language model that (in a refreshing change of pace) isn't a ChatGPT clone. The company's Massively Multilingual Speech (MMS) project can recognize over 4,000 spoken languages and produce speech (text-to-speech) in over 1,100. Like most of its other publicly announced AI projects, Meta is open-sourcing MMS today to help preserve language diversity and encourage researchers to build on its foundation. "Today, we are publicly sharing our models and code so that others in the research community can build upon our work," the company wrote. "Through this work, we hope to make a small contribution to preserve the incredible language diversity of the world."

Many AI tools are a distraction, but you'd better pay attention

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On Thursday, OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT, launched a mobile app on iOS that integrates Whisper, an open-source speech-recognition system, enabling voice input. Workers can use ChatGPT for tasks such as idea generation, note summarization and technical topic assistance. In the last couple of months, Microsoft also announced new AI features for its apps in Microsoft Office, including its email provider Outlook, word processor Word and presentation maker PowerPoint. Similarly, Google released its vision and very first features for its workplace suite of tools called Google Workspace. Other workplace software providers that have recently announced AI integrations include Salesforce and Salesforce-owned Slack, Zoom, Box, Adobe and HubSpot, to name a few.

ChatGPT dropped a free app for iPhones. Does it live up to the hype?


Since its release in late November, ChatGPT has taken the world by storm. Its advanced capabilities such as coding and writing have made it an integral part of people's everyday workflow. Now, incorporating it into your everyday life will be even easier. On Thursday, OpenAI released a ChatGPT app for iOS, which is meant to have all the same features the desktop version has, including instant answers for any prompt you ask it. In addition to the desktop features, the app incorporates OpenAI's Whisper technology, an open-source speech-recognition system, to allow for voice prompts within the app.

OpenAI just released an official ChatGPT app for the iPhone


ChatGPT users who'd been looking for an official mobile app can now grab one courtesy of OpenAI, which today launched an iOS app for its popular AI chatbot. Designed for free ChatGPT users as well as paid Plus subscribers, the app provides the same capabilities as the website, letting you enter your requests and prompts and receive AI-generated information in return. But the mobile app also offers a couple of extra benefits. Using OpenAI's open-source Whisper speech recognition system, the app allows you to speak your queries rather than enter them by tapping away at your keyboard. The app will also sync your chat history across your computer and mobile device so you can pick up from a previous conversation.

Are Alexa and Siri AI?

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Angie Wisdom and Dr. Chirag Shah discuss how artificial intelligence could play a role in online and professional relationships. It might be some time before we see the futuristic concept of artificial intelligence that is depicted in science fiction novels and films come about in real life, but AI is still all around us. Most homes have some form of voice assistant gadget, such as an Alexa smart home device or Siri assistant on an iPhone. These machines have developed the ability to learn and respond in a way similar to humans' cognitive abilities, all thanks to artificial intelligence algorithms. Alexa and Siri are applications powered by artificial intelligence.

BMW debuts a zero-emission YACHT at Cannes with voice-controls and Hans Zimmer soundtrack

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But Cannes has now been taken up a notch, with BMW debuting its luxurious new yacht at the 76th annual film festival. The new'Icon' boat took the French coast by storm today as it showcased a lavish yet emission-free form of travel. Beyond its slick glass exterior lies 360 rotating seats, a voice-controlled touchscreen and numerous other high-tech features fit for royalty. Even its sound system screams movie star glamour with an exclusive soundtrack by the Hollywood composer Hans Zimmer stowed inside. BMW debuted its zero-emission'Icon' yacht at the glamorous 76th Cannes Film Festival Amid its debut, the German car firm stressed that its prism-shaped boat'encapsulates a future-facing form of luxury', with designers across Los Angeles, Munich and Shanghai having worked on it.

Car talk: AI chat capability is racing into new vehicles

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Fox News correspondent Grady Trimble has the latest on fears the technology will spiral out of control on'Special Report.' It's not uncommon to catch drivers singing by themselves in their cars, but soon you may see more of them having conversations instead. Automakers around the world are jumping on the artificial intelligence bandwagon and aiming to offer ChatGPT and similar generative AI features in their vehicles soon. "Having an assistant and really being able to use voice that is clear enough that you can ask questions and get answers, I think that's what the artificial intelligence will enable us to do," GM CEO Mary Barra recently told FOX Business. One company that knows a lot about chit-chat on the move is SoundHound, a major supplier of voice recognition systems used by several automakers, including Hyundai and Mercedes-Benz.

Google now lets you sign in with a passkey instead of a password


Now Google has taken a major step toward a passwordless future, one that instead relies on passkeys. As of today, you can now log into any of your Google accounts using a passkey, which authenticates you via a facial or fingerprint scan or PIN instead of a password. After adding and setting up a passkey, you're then able to sign into and manage your Google account on any device. But rather than having to grapple with a password, you can more easily use one of the biometric methods or a PIN, the same way you would unlock your computer or mobile phone. And by enabling a passkey, Google will no longer ask for your password or even your two-step verification code when you sign in.

The best smart speakers for 2023


Voice assistants are everywhere now – on your phone, in your TV, possibly even in your kitchen appliances. But one of the most common ways that people interact with Siri, Alexa and the Google Assistant is through a smart speaker, and there are now a wide variety of such devices available at a wide variety of price points. There are downsides to having a smart home device that's always listening for a wake word, as giving more personal information to Amazon, Apple and Google can be a questionable decision. That said, all these companies have made it easier to manage how your data is used -- you can opt out of humans reviewing some of your voice queries, and it's also less complicated to manage and erase your history with various digital assistants, too. The good news is that there's never been a better time to get a smart speaker, particularly if you're a music fan. For all their benefits, the original Amazon Echo and Google Home devices did not sound good. Sonos, on the other hand, made great sounding WiFi-connected speakers, but they lacked any voice-controlled smarts. Sonos released its own voice assistant in 2022 and also supports Alexa on its latest speakers.