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Implementing kd-tree for fast range-search, nearest-neighbor search and k-nearest-neighbor search algorithms in 2D in Java and python


The following figure shows the result of the range search algorithm on the same dataset after the 2d-tree is grown. The next animations show the nearest neighbor search algorithm for a given query point(the fixed white point with black border: the point (0.3, 0.9)) and how the the branches are traversed and the points (nodes) are visited in the 2-d-tree until the nearest neighbor is found. As can be seen from the next figure, the time complexity of 2-d tree building (insertion), nearest neighbor search and k-nearest neighbor query depend not only on the size of the datasets but also on the geometry of the datasets. The flocking boids simulator is implemented with 2-d-trees and the following 2 animations (java and python respectively) shows how the flock of birds fly together, the black / white ones are the boids and the red one is the predator hawk.

Brussels Steps up Legal Case Against Poland Over Courts Overhaul

U.S. News

BRUSSELS (Reuters) - The European Union's executive gave Poland on Tuesday one month to address concerns over a judiciary overhaul or face a court challenge, stepping up pressure over Warsaw's reforms which critics say undermine the independence of the courts.

The Legal Case for DACA

Mother Jones

It only took a few hours for the first lawsuit to be filed against the Trump Administration for its decision on Tuesday morning to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, known as DACA. At a press conference in Washington D.C., Attorney General Jeff Sessions called Obama's implementation of the policy in 2012 "an unconstitutional exercise of authority," and rescinded it in order to retain what he calls the country's "unsurpassed legal heritage." MJ: Both President Trump and AG Jeff Sessions in their statements claimed that the DACA program contributed to the child migrant crisis, which hit a peak in 2014. SYL: The attorneys general of ten states threatened to file suit today, claiming that the DACA program was illegal.

Google Manifesto Author James Damore Just Might Have a Legal Case


However, Damore says that before he was fired, he filed a complaint, formally known as a charge, with the National Labor Relations Board, which administers some aspects of federal labor law. Under the National Labor Relations Act, it's against federal law to fire someone in retaliation for filing a complaint to the board, lawyers say. Damore says he also plans to invoke a California law that bars employers from retaliating against workers who complain about illegal working conditions. Wagner says that under California law, the burden of proof may fall on Google to show that it didn't retaliate against Damore for posting the memo complaining about discrimination, rather than on Damore to prove that he was retaliated against.

K - Nearest Neighbors - KNN Fun and Easy Machine Learning


In pattern recognition, the KNN algorithm is a method for classifying objects based on closest training examples in the feature space. KNN is a type of instance-based learning, or lazy learning where the function is only approximated locally and all computation is delayed until classification. The KNN is the fundamental and simplest classification technique when there is little or no prior knowledge about the distribution of the data. The K in KNN refers to number of nearest neighbors that the classifier will use to make its predication.

Maryland Wrong-Way Driving Crash: Hundreds Die Every Year In Similar Cases

International Business Times

In an early morning fatal crash Wednesday, which resulted from wrong-way driving (WWD), two people died in Annapolis, Maryland. "Traffic safety and highway design literature has historically defined a wrong-way driving (WWD) crash as one in which a vehicle traveling in a direction opposing the legal flow of traffic on a high-speed divided highway or access ramp collides with a vehicle traveling on the same roadway in the proper direction," according to the website of Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration. This figure represents approximately 1 percent of the total number of traffic related fatalities which takes place annually, the Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration reported. In 2016, the Arizona Department of Public Safety had received more than 1,600 reports of a wrong-way driver, a report said citing Raul Garcia, public information officer for the Arizona Department of Public Safety.

EU Steps up Legal Cases Against East European States Over Migration

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In so-called "reasoned opinions", the Commission has now sent a formal request to these countries to apply EU rules, to which they have one month to respond. Should the Commission not find the answers satisfactory, it can take the countries to court.

Reps push to give Charlie Gard family US residency, as judge allows new hearing - Charlie Gard's disease and legal case: An explainer - What causes infant's rare condition?

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His parents want him to be sent to the United States for experimental therapy -- Wenstrup and Rep. Trent Franks, R-Ariz., say they'll introduce a bill to grant the family legal permanent residence, presumably easing their path to seeking life-saving treatment in the U.S. The London court put a little more time on the clock Monday, giving Gard's parents until Wednesday afternoon to submit new evidence their son should receive experimental treatment that could save his life. We offer Connie Yates and Chris Gard our heartfelt support as they seek to care for their son." The hospitals have also offered to take the medication to London and provide doctors at Great Ormond Street Hospital as well.

Charlie Gard's disease and legal case: An explainer - What causes infant's rare condition?

FOX News

A British court is allowing the parents of a terminally ill baby the opportunity to present fresh evidence to prove their son should receive experimental treatment and not be taken off life support. The hospital applied for the new court hearing last week because of "new evidence relating to the potential treatment for his condition" presented by researchers at the Vatican's children's hospital and another medical facility outside of Britain. Francis gave Chris Gard and Connie Yates, Charlie's parents, until Wednesday to present new evidence and set a new hearing for Thursday. Chris Gard and Connie Yates hold their baby son, Charlie Gard, at Great Ormond Street Hospital in London.

It's more bad news for Uber this month


That ruling, if it comes to be, would subject Uber to more rules related to safety and employment. Uber today works only with professional licensed drivers in France." France has been pushing back against Uber's growth with authorities declaring that the service should not simply be viewed as a technology company but rather be subjected to the same licensing fees and insurance requirements as taxis. Uber suspended UberPop, its low-cost service similar to UberX in the United States, back in 2015 and has said it has no plans to relaunch the service.