Representation & Reasoning

Deep Learning, Knowledge Representation and Reasoning

Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research

The recent success of deep neural networks at tasks such as language modelling, computer vision, and speech recognition has attracted considerable interest from industry and academia. Achieving a better understanding and widespread use of such models involves the use of Knowledge Representation and Reasoning together with sound Machine Learning methodologies and systems. The goal of this special track, which closed in 2017, was to serve as a home for the publication of leading research in deep learning towards cognitive tasks, focusing on applications of neural computation to advanced AI tasks requiring knowledge representation and reasoning.

Intelligent Heuristics for the Game Isolation using AI and Minimax


How do you create an intelligent player for a game? Artificial intelligence offers a variety of ways to program intelligence into computer opponents. In this article, we'll show how it works, using intelligent heuristics and a web-based game that you can try yourself. Artificial intelligence is becoming an increasingly important topic in the field of computer science. While advancements in machine learning continue to break records in areas including image recognition, voice recognition, translation, and natural language processing, many additional branches of AI continue to advance as well. One of the earliest applications of AI is in the area of game development. Specifically, artificial intelligence is often used to create opponent players in games. Early forms of AI players in games often consisted of traditional board games, such as chess, checkers, backgammon, and tic-tac-toe. Games of this type provide a fully observable and deterministic view at any point in the state of the game. This allows an AI player the ability to analyze all possible moves from both the human player and the AI player itself, thus determining the best likely move to take at any given time. AI players in video games have since expanded to a much broader range of gaming categories, where the best move or course of action is not always crystal clear. These include games that often utilize random events or actions, in addition to hidden views of the game or of the opponent's actions.

Genius triumphs: Japanese mathematician's solution to number theory riddle validated

The Japan Times

KYOTO – A proof by mathematician Shinichi Mochizuki of a major conundrum in number theory that went unresolved for over 30 years has finally been validated, Kyoto University said Friday following a controversy over his method, which was often labeled too novel or complicated to understand. Accepted for publication by the university's Research Institute for Mathematical Sciences was Mochizuki's 600-page proof of the abc conjecture, which provides immediate proofs for many other famous mathematical problems, including Fermat's last theorem, which took almost 350 years to be demonstrated. The abc conjecture, proposed by European mathematicians in 1985, is an equation of three integers a, b, and c composed of different prime numbers, where a b c, and describing the relationship between the product of the prime numbers and c. "There are a number of new notions and it was hard to understand them," Masaki Kashiwara, head of the team that examined the professor's theory, said at a news conference. He proved the abc conjecture with a "totally new, innovative theory," said fellow professor Akio Tamagawa. "His achievement creates a huge impact in the field of number theory."

Apple Acquires AI Startup to Better Understand Natural Language


Apple Inc. acquired Voysis, an artificial intelligence startup that developed a platform for digital voice assistants to better understand people's natural language. Dublin, Ireland-based Voysis focused on improving digital assistants inside online shopping apps, so the software could respond more accurately to voice commands from users. A now-removed company webpage said the technology could narrow product search results by processing shopping phrases such as "I need a new LED TV" and "My budget is $1,000." Voysis provided this AI to other companies to incorporate it into their own apps and voice assistants. An Apple spokesman said the company "buys smaller technology companies from time to time, and we generally do not discuss our purpose or plans."

Where you should drop Deep Learning in favor of Constraint Solvers


Machine Learning and Deep Learning are ongoing buzzwords in the industry. Branding ahead of functionalities led to Deep Learning being overused in many artificial intelligence applications. This post will provide a quick grasp at constraint satisfaction, a powerful yet underused approach which can tackle a large number of problems in AI and other areas of computer science, from logistics and scheduling to temporal reasoning and graph problems. Let's consider a factual and highly topical problem. Hospitals must organize quickly to treat ill people.

Graph Databases: The Story-tellers of the Database World


The big rub on the first generation of graph databases was that although RDF triple stores were great at storing the simple sentence, they had a hard time with the adverbs, adjectives and clarifying phrases of your data story. If I wanted to store'John is a carpenter since 2001' or'John from Alberta Canada is a carpenter liked by 702 people', the syntax of old-school triple stores had a more tedious, but not impossible way of handling it. It involved creating extra nodes that were confusing to some and a process called reification. Until about a year ago, labeled property graphs (LPG) were better at color and detail than RDF, having a more intuitive syntax for clarifying adverbs, adjectives, and phrases. That was, of course, until recently.

You can get these top-rated Sonos products at Cyber Monday prices

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You can get the Sonos One SL and so much more on sale right now for a major discount. Purchases you make through our links may earn us a commission. Sonos has an impressive reputation in the audio equipment business. The company's speakers are some of the most widely respected in the world, known for their modern, ultra-slim appearance and ability to deliver incredibly crisp, immaculate sound quality. All of that flawless audio comes at a price, though: Sonos speakers aren't exactly cheap.

6 SEO Tasks to Automate with Python


We live in a world where technology is truly changing almost every aspect of our lives. In SEO, that includes making it easier to automate tasks that would otherwise take days, weeks, or months. And that's why more SEO professionals are using automation to speed up boring and repetitive tasks with Python. Python is an open-source, object-oriented programming language. According to, its simple, easy-to-learn syntax emphasizes readability and therefore reduces the cost of program maintenance.

How AI could help in the fight against COVID-19


From developing drug treatments to predicting the next hotspot, artificial intelligence may help researchers, healthcare workers, and everyday people offset the impact of the coronavirus. As the worldwide fight against coronavirus COVID-19 continues, companies and governments around the world are pulling out all the stops in an effort to stave off the pandemic's worst impacts. One tool in that toolbox that might prove particularly useful is artificial intelligence (AI). Even though AI has been around since the 1960s, it's only been in the past few years that its adoption outside of science labs and research institutions has really taken off. Perhaps the most common application of AI people have come into contact with today are virtual assistants like Apple's Siri and Amazon's Alexa, which rely on natural language processing (NLP) algorithms to understand human speech.

Concertio taps AI to optimize apps and servers in real time


AI-powered optimization software provider Concertio today announced that it has raised $4.2 million, which it says it will use to scale its platform that boosts app performance by tailoring x86 server settings. Customers won't only benefit from faster, more stable apps and hardware as a result, says Concertio, but from lower infrastructure costs as well. Concertio's Optimizer Runtime tool, which runs on most CentOS and Debian Linux distributions running in the cloud or on-premises, monitors and learns from the interactions between apps and systems to tune parameters at each stage of development and deployment. An agent runs in the background and learns system metrics to detect different phases of execution, ingesting only a small sampling of data while dealing with system variability to optimize each phase separately. The Optimizer Runtime discovers hidden systems configurations that deliver optimal settings, and it optionally lets developers define optimization targets, including processor instructions, network bandwidth, database queries, and minimum server energy.