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Oracle Open-Sources Tribuo, A Machine Learning Library in Java


Oracle open-sources Tribuo to fill the gap for enterprise applications focused on machine learning in Java. Committed to deploying machine learning models to large-scale production systems, Oracle has released Tribuo under an Apache 2.0 license. What does Tribuo provide under machine learning? Tools for building and deploying classificationTools for clustering and regression models Unified interface for many popular third-party machine learning librariesA full suite of evaluations for each of the supported prediction tasksData loading pipelines, text processing pipelines, and feature level transformations for operating on dataIn addition to its implementations of Machine Learning algorithms, Tribuo also provides a common interface to popular ML tools on the JVM. Apart from the features mentioned above, Tribuo Model knows when you've given it features it has never seen before, which is particularly useful when working with natural language processing.

Top 20 Dataset in Machine Learning


To build a machine learning model dataset is one of the main parts. Before we start with any algorithm we need to have a proper understanding of the data. These machine learning datasets are basically used for research purposes. Most of the datasets are homogeneous in nature. We use a dataset to train and evaluate our model and it plays a very vital role in the whole process. If our dataset is structured, less noisy, and properly cleaned then our model will give good accuracy on the evaluation time. Imagenet dataset is made by the group of researchers and the images in the dataset organized according to the WordNet hierarchy. This dataset can be used for machine learning purposes and computer vision research fields as well.

Ask the Oxford Professors: The interplay between Machine Learning and Semantic Reasoning

Oxford Comp Sci

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a widely used term that conjures notions of fantasy, the future, or even threat. This is not surprising considering the multitude of movies which dramatise the role of artificial intelligence and what it may become. In reality, artificial intelligence is a branch of computer science which aims to "understand and build intelligent entities by automating human intellectual tasks". These processes have contributed to numerous technological advances across various industries, for example. It is now quite common to see articles about the latest AI development -- check out these robots which flip burgers!

Swiss Re leveraging machine learning to predict motor frequency developments - Reinsurance News


By utilising machine learning and numerical text processing techniques, Swiss Re has been able to generate a "predictive view" of motor frequency developments in several markets. In a recent conversation with Nikita Kuksin, Hhead of modelling within Casualty R&D, Miriam Hook, vice president Global clients and Surbhi Gupta, assistant vice president, casualty R&D at Swiss Re, it was explained to us how these alternative approaches were able to provide added granularity to existing data. "We intended to develop an alternative to traditional actuarial calculation methods that would give us an "external perspective" on claims frequency within our motor portfolio and allow us to predict motor frequency developments in several motor markets," said Kuksin, who leads the modelling team within the casualty research and development department at the Swiss Re Institute. Gupta, who prior to her current role served at Swiss Re for three years' as a data scientist, explained how these methods were brought into fruition by first checking the status quo of frequency developments against external data, before then explaining motor frequency using external data to generate factors that could be projected into the future. "These are complex objectives, requiring solid data sets and robust analytics," Gupta explained.

NLP in the Cloud Is Growing, But Obstacles Remain


More than three-quarters of natural language processing (NLP) users utilize a cloud NLP service, according to the 2020 NLP Industry Survey. While cloud NLP workloads are on the rise, there are barriers to using the technology in the cloud, says Ben Lorica, one of the authors of the study. Overall, this is a great time to be using NLP technology to process and analyze text, Lorica and Paco Nathan write in the 2020 NLP Industry Survey, which was sponsored by John Snow Labs, developer of the open source Spark NLP library that's used in the healthcare field. For starters, the budgets for NLP use cases are expanding quite a bit. The capabilities, accuracy, and scalability of NLP models and services, most of which at this point are based on neural networks, have also gone up, says Lorica, who is the principal of Gradient Flow Research (which conducted the survey) and also the chair of the upcoming NLP Summit.

Demystifying the Language of Text Processing in Organizations


Text Processing can transform the unstructured data into insightful information with the help of machine learning models. Organizations are now clamouring data to improve their businesses. An increase in Demand for customer-services has prompted the organizations to generate and utilize data on an everyday basis. But the humongous amount of data retrieved by organizations is unstructured and unsegregated. This creates a significant challenge for organizations to get an insight into the functionality of their businesses.

LanguageTool: Grammar and Spell Checker in Python – Predictive Hacks


However, LanguageTool also offers a Public HTTP Proofreading API that is supported as well but there is a restriction in the number of calls. We will provide a practical example of how you can detect your grammar mistakes and also correct them.

Top 10 R Packages For Natural Language Processing (NLP)


R is one of the popular languages for statistical computing among developers and statisticians. According to our latest report, R is the second most-preferred programming language among data scientists and practitioners after Python. The language ruled the preference scale, with a combined figure of 81.9 percent utilisation for statistical modelling among those surveyed. Below is the list of top ten packages for NLP in R language one must know. It includes a diverse collection of functions for automatic language detection.

Behavioral Testing of NLP models with CheckList


When developing an NLP model, it's a standard practice to test how well a model generalizes to unseen examples by evaluating it on a held-out dataset. Suppose we reach our target performance metric of 95% on a held-out dataset and thus deploy the model to production based on this single metric. But, when real users start using it, the story could be completely different than what our 95% performance metric was saying. Our model might perform poorly even on simple variations of the training text. In contrast, the field of software engineering uses a suite of unit tests, integration tests, and end-to-end tests to evaluate all aspects of the product for failures.

NLP Programming Cosine Similarity for Beginners


Link: Get Udemy Coupon ED NLP Programming Cosine Similarity for Beginners Using cosine similarity technique to perform document similarity in Java Programming Language.New What you'll learn Students will learn concepts about Natural Language Processing using Vector Space Model. One of the techniques to calculate Cosine Similarity and how to program Cosine This course shows how to perform document similarity using an information-based retrieval method such as vector space model by using cosine similarity technique. In the first part of the course, students will learn key concepts related to natural language and semantic information processing such as Binary Text Representation, Bag of Words, Lemmatization, TF, IDF, TF-IDF, Cosine Similarity, CamelCase and Identifiers. In the second part of the course, students will learn how to develop and implement a natural language software to perform document similarity. The course provides the basics to help students understand the theory and practical in Java Programming.