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Voice Search Website Optimisation The Marketing Know-How


Google voice search is an omnipresent choice for users on the move via their mobile devices. Voice search has made its way into our everyday life and the trends suggest that it's here to stay. Voice search is a function that makes it possible for users to make a query via a search engine using their voice. They can either do this using a smartphone or home assistant. This article analyses the uniqueness of voice search and why it should be part of your marketing strategy.

Pandora's new voice search feature knows what you want to hear


It's been almost two years since Pandora launched its on-demand music streaming service. In that time, the company has done a solid job of fixing some of the issues that cropped up at launch and even adding some features the competition hasn't got to yet (like downloading songs to an Apple Watch for offline playback). Today, Pandora's adding another feature that some of its competitors have: Voice Mode. But, as usual, Pandora believes that the amount of information it has on both the music in its catalog as well as its users will set its voice features apart. For starters, Pandora built Voice Mode internally, from the ground up, something Chief Product Officer Chris Phillips says was key in Voice Mode being a more personal music assistant.

Workday HCM AI powered up by IBM Watson -


Workday held its European Rising conference last year. One of the key themes from the event was how it is embedding AI into its solutions. Having spoken to Chano Fernandez, Co-President Workday early in the week, we also spoke to Barbry McGann, SVP Product Management at Workday later in the conference. The conversation centred around the main message that Workday delivered at its latest conference, AI. One of its recent product innovations was Skills Cloud.

Decision Optimization is now available in Watson Studio.


Decision Optimization is now available in the Watson Studio ecosystem with a seamless integration of the CPLEX solvers in the Python runtime environment. Watson Studio now provides everything you need to describe your data, gain insight, and make an optimal decision in the very same ecosystem. Get started right away and learn how to make more intelligent marketing and targeting decisions. Decision Optimization is a subset of data science techniques frequently used for prescriptive analytics. Most documented data science use cases are dedicated to revealing or predicting unknown or future data that is not under your control.

Medtronic, IBM Watson diabetes app gains hypoglycemia prediction feature


Called IQcast, the feature tells users whether they have a low, medium or high chance of dropping below the target blood glucose range within the next one to four hours. These individual-specific predictions are generated by analyzing data collected through Sugar.IQ app and the Guardian Connect device. The Sugar.IQ app is currently available in the App Store for free download. The FDA-cleared app uses IBM Watson Health's AI and analytics tools to help users see how their glucose levels change during the day, and includes a smart food logging system, motivational insights, a glycemic assistant, a data tracker and a glycemic insights feature. Hypoglycemia -- defined by the American Diabetes Association as a blood glucose level lower than 70 mg/dL -- can lead to symptoms ranging from lightheadedness and lethargy to vision impairment and seizures.

Cognitive Bias in Machine Learning – The Data Lab – Medium


Companies from a wide range of industries use machine learning data to do everyday business. From consumer marketing and workforce management to healthcare treatment decision solutions and public safety and policing solutions, whether you realize it or not your life is increasingly more affected by the outcomes of machine learning algorithms. Machine learning algorithms make decisions like who gets a bonus, a job interview, whether or not your credit card limit (or interest) is raised, and who gets into a clinical trial. Machine learning algorithms even help make decisions about who gets parole and who languishes in prison. The result is that people's lives and livelihood are affected by the decisions made by machines.

Why Voice Search Will Dominate SEO In 2019 -- And How You Can Capitalize On It


By 2020, 30% of all website sessions will be conducted without a screen. Now, you may be asking yourself, how is that possible? It turns out that voice-only search allows users to browse the web the Internet and consumer information without actually having to scroll through sites on desktops and mobile devices. And this new technology may be the key to successful brands in the future. Voice search essentially allows users to speak into a device as opposed to typing keywords into a search query to generate results.

5 IBM Watson sessions to add to your Think 2019 schedule - Watson


Do you want to learn how you can accelerate your AI strategy or get ahead of the latest AI trends? Or are you more curious to learn what results businesses are achieving by adopting AI? Either way, make sure you attend Think 2019 and experience Watson AI technology first-hand. Here's a sneak peek at five sessions you can't miss: Being able to explain the decisions your AI makes and have trust in them is crucial to accelerating adoption of AI in your business. In these sessions, you'll learn how AI OpenScale provides businesses with confidence in AI decisions and infuses AI throughout its full lifecycle with trust and transparency, explains outcomes, and automatically mitigates bias. However, there are still a variety of hurdles businesses need to overcome to scale and automate their AI.

TED Talks: World's youngest IBM programmer Tanmay talks about artificial intelligence at Sharda University


Exploring the future of artificial intelligence (AI) in our day to day lives, computer whiz kid Tanmay Bakshi said at an event in Greater Noida that instances of fake news, hate speech and harassment on social media can be dealt with the use of AI. Fifteen-year-old Bakshi, the world's youngest IBM Watson programmer, was at Sharda University in Greater Noida on Friday for a TED Talk with students on computer programming and the future of artificial intelligence. He said AI can be monumental in curbing fake news and hate speech. "Fake news is huge and I myself have been a victim of it where one of my TED Talk videos was uploaded on Facebook with the caption that I work for Google and I make billions of dollars a year. I believe social media giants have started using AI to clamp down on fake news and hate speech. For example, Facebook is using machine learning (alternatively known as AI) to understand the content being put up, match it with trusted sources, understand the different point of views which people can have, and when they are absolutely sure that it is fake news then it will be automatically flagged for deletion," Bakshi said.