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Neural Networks: Is Your Brain Like A Computer? – Towards Data Science – Medium


Neurobiologically, a human brain functions through a network of neurons -- or nerve cells -- that interact with each other to communicate and process information based on which we see, hear, move, think, make decisions and generally function. The central nervous system and its network of neurons are at the heart of all the activity that happens in the body. During the early years of brain development (typically from conception to 4–5 years of age), there is a very rapid creation of synapses that connect neurons. For me, it all comes down to one single question: Are all brain functions computational, i.e.

Deep learning and AI can create different ethical issues


So if we don't represent that mechanism correctly, then we are not forecasting correctly, but forecasting something else," explains Oliver Schabenberger, chief technology officer and executive vice president of SAS Institute Inc. to Canadian media at the Analytics Experience 2017. For instance, deep learning algorithms only learn from the data that is provided. "AI is just making a program that you trained with models to make these decisions," he told Canadian media. Schabenberger explains how ethical use of analytics applies to all forms of analytics, but deep learning and AI shines a different spotlight on it.

Intel unveils an AI chip that mimics the human brain


However, Intel is taking another tack as well with an experimental chip called "Loihi." Intel's Loihi chip has 1,024 artificial neurons, or 130,000 simulated neurons with 130 million possible synaptic connections. IBM has also developed a neuromorphic chip called "TrueNorth," for instance, with 4096 processors that simulate around 256 million synapses. Via its acquisition of Movidius and MobilEye, however, it's already got a line of machine vision and learning chips that do work with current AI algorithms.

Ready or Not, Facial Recognition is Here to Stay Very Thoughtful Deep_In_Depth : Data Science and Deep Learning


This is a PyTorch version of fairseq, a sequence-to-sequence learning toolkit from Facebook AI Research. The original authors of this reimplementation are (in no particular order) Sergey Edunov, Myle Ott, and Sam Gross. The toolkit implements the fully convolutional model described in Convolutional Sequence to Sequence Learning and features multi-GPU training on a single machine as well as fast beam search generation on both CPU and GPU. We provide pre-trained models for English to French and English to German translation.

How I started with learning AI in the last 2 months


On top of it, lo and behold, something like artificial intelligence starts to gather steam and you learn that your skillset is getting terribly outdated over next two years. So I searched for a simple neural net module called nn and used it to implement an AND gate with a dummy input. Once I was brimming with confidence after I had made my first artificial intelligence program, I wanted to know what more I can do with machine learning as a developer. This is a big, big journey.

KNIME Analytics: a Review


This video shows a general review of the analytics capabilities of the KNIME Analytics Platform. Here we only mention: Random Forest, Deep Learning, Gradient Boosted Trees, Bagging and Boosting for ensemble methods, Decision Trees, Neural Networks, Logistic Regression, how to build your own ensemble model, and external integrations as Weka, H2O, R, and Python. This is what we show here, which for time reasons, is of course incomplete. Download and install KNIME Analytics Platform ( to explore the constantly growing set of machine learning and statistics algorithms available to analyze your data.

Predicting Aggressive Prostate Cancer with AI – NVIDIA Developer News Center


University of Alberta scientists developed a deep learning-based prostate cancer diagnostic platform that only uses a single drop of blood which will allow men to bypass the current painful biopsy methods. Using a GTX 1060 GPU, CUDA and the MathWorks Neural Network Toolbox, the scientists' trained their model on information from millions of cancer cell nanoparticles in the blood to recognize the unique fingerprint of aggressive prostate cancer. To test their method, they evaluated a group of 377 men who were referred to their urologist with suspected prostate cancer and found that their system called Extracellular Vesicle Fingerprint Predictive Score (EV-FPS) correctly identified men with aggressive prostate cancer 40 percent more accurately than the most common test in wide use today. "Higher sensitivity means that our test will miss fewer aggressive cancers," said John Lewis, the Alberta Cancer Foundation's Frank and Carla Sojonky Chair of Prostate Cancer Research at the University of Alberta.

AI Series: Part 2 – Machine Learning and Deep Learning in Enterprise


Machine learning and deep learning can be powerful toolkits for enterprise CIOs – but how can you tell which framework is best for your business? Not to mention, the highly specialized team required to handle the compute architecture, input data, deep learning framework, and iterations. While deep learning will eventually make its mark on businesses, it will not be by improving existing applications, but rather by spawning entirely new products and models (think: virtual reality, self-driving cars, drones, etc.). The diagram below helps illustrate our belief around how machine learning and deep learning will benefit common physical and virtual applications.

What is Azure Machine Learning?


It enables data scientists to prepare data, develop experiments, and deploy models at cloud scale. It also includes Microsoft's own open source technologies, such as Microsoft Machine Learning Library for Apache Spark and Cognitive Toolkit. The MMLSpark(Microsoft Machine Learning Library for Apache Spark) is an open-source Spark package that provides deep learning and data science tools for Apache Spark. Models created through Spark MLLib can be deployed, managed, and monitored through Azure Machine Learning Model Management.