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HUNT FOR TABERNACLE Experts search for site that held Ark of the Covenant

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"We have just begun the process of accumulating evidence but we're confident that the tabernacle rested at Shiloh," he said, adding that that the tabernacle was located at Shiloh for about 350 years. A host of other items were also found during the recent excavation including objects used to create seals and scarabs - ancient beetle-shaped carvings that were used for inscriptions and amulets. ABR's research is focused firmly on locating the tabernacle site at Shiloh, and Stripling is confident that future digs will deliver results. "We're revealing the material culture of the ancient cultures, they often do shed light on the biblical texts," Stripling added.

Artificial intelligence is fact, not fantasy! » Banking Technology


This is where the AI techniques of Natural Language Processing and Deep Machine Learning really come into their own. It provides the ability to understand the interactions and intelligently develop insights from previous behaviours based on past experiences, events and behavioural data. Powered by the three key disciplines of AI – deep machine learning, natural language processing and knowledge based systems – IPM ensures machines can precisely process every payment and fully understand its purpose by applying human-like reasoning to every transaction. However, based on our existing customer experiences, we know different and truly believe that IPM has the potential to radically reduce costs, accelerate product innovation and significantly reduce time to market.

Google's research chief questions value of 'Explainable AI'


Despite being used to make life-altering decisions from medical diagnoses to loan limits, the inner workings of various machine learning architectures – including deep learning, neural networks and probabilistic graphical models – are incredibly complex and increasingly opaque. Just as humans worked to make sense and explain their actions after the fact, a similar method could be adopted in AI, Norvig explained. "So we might end up being in the same place with machine learning where we train one system to get an answer and then we train another system to say – given the input of this first system, now it's your job to generate an explanation." Besides, Norvig added yesterday: "Explanations alone aren't enough, we need other ways of monitoring the decision making process."

Web Application Security: Threats, Countermeasures, and Pitfalls

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Penetration testing is a crucial defense against common web application security threats such as SQL injection and cross-site scripting attacks. A proposed web vulnerability scanner automatically generates test data with combinative evasion techniques, significantly expanding test coverage and revealing more vulnerabilities.

5 Things You Didn't Know about Artificial Intelligence


The idea or theory of intelligent robots and artificial beings date back to Antiquity, but the first time the world actually encountered automation was way back in 1914, when Leonardo Torres y Quevedo built a chess automaton considered the world's first computer game, El Ajedrecista (The Chess Player), which could play chess without any human intervention. Another noted contributor was British mathematician Alan Turing, who is known as one of the founding fathers on the theory and development of Ai; Turing invented the famous Turing Test which used a set of questions and evaluations to prove a machine can exhibit Artificial Intelligence and behavior similar or equivalent to that of a human. While nowadays we hear mainly about Machine Learning, Automation and Neural Networks, AI is used in dozens of other approaches and applications – like Expert System, which mean gathering facts and data into a knowledge base to mimic human experience; Natural Language Processing, which is concerned with the interactions between computers and human languages and spans across everything from speech recognition, through machine translation, to automatic summarization; and Artificial Creativity, which tries to model, simulate or replicate creativity using a computer, in language, arts and music. We will see AI work its wonders in our social networks, smart homes, cloud services and hundreds of everyday applications – with a big focus on natural language processing which will truly change human/computer interaction and put voice and voice-control center stage.

How Machine Learning Facilitates Fraud Detection? - Maruti Techlabs


Machine learning has been instrumental in solving some of the important business problems such as detecting email spam, focused product recommendation, accurate medical diagnosis etc. Automated fraud screening systems powered by machine learning can help businesses in reducing fraud. These methods all aim to compromise customers' personal and financial details, including card data, in order to enable the criminals to commit fraud. Moreover, unsupervised ML models can continuously analyze and process new data and then autonomously update its models to reflect the latest trends.



Goodstein (1981) has discussed process displays which are compatible with different types of operator skill, using a classification of three levels of behaviour suggested by Rasmussen (1979), i.e. skill based, rule based and knowledge based. Rouse (1981) has therefore suggested that the computer might identify which type of skill the operator is using, and change the displays (he does not say how this might be done). We do not know how confused operators would be by display changes which were not under their own control.

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Do you love natural language and believe that getting machines to use it the same way humans do is the most interesting thing one can do? Are you experienced at applying machine learning (ML) to sophisticated natural language processing (NLP) tasks? Are you excited to solve difficult problems in human-computer communication, machine translation, question-answering, knowledge base construction and querying, natural language understanding, natural language generation, search, and multi-modal modeling while applying the latest algorithms and techniques? Are you comfortable operating with large data sets?

Artificial Intelligence Is About Machine Reasoning @CloudExpo #AI #ML #Cloud


Artificial Intelligence in a Nutshell: About Smart Machines and Teaching Children Following Prof. McCarthy's AI definition above, we are talking about a vigorous system. Machine Learning in a Nutshell: Jump into Your Data Lake - Again and Again Machine learning (ML) is a discipline where a program or system can dynamically alter its behavior based on the ever-changing data. Everyone who wants to get a scientific perspective on Machine Reasoning I recommend to read the Le on Bottou's paper "From Machine Learning to Machine Reasoning". Kaplan describes reasoning systems as a concept that deconstructs "[...] tasks requiring expertise into two components: "knowledge base" - a collection of facts, rules and relationships about a specific domain of interest represented in symbolic form - and a general-purpose "inference engine" that described how to manipulate and combine these symbols."

Association Rules and the Apriori Algorithm: A Tutorial


Besides increasing sales profits, association rules can also be used in other fields. In Table 1, the lift of {apple - beer} is 1,which implies no association between items. This is confirmed by the lift value of {beer - soda}, which is 1, implying no association between beer and soda. On the other hand, the {beer - male cosmetics} rule has a low confidence, due to few purchases of male cosmetics in general.