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Reps push to give Charlie Gard family US residency, as judge allows new hearing - Charlie Gard's disease and legal case: An explainer - What causes infant's rare condition?

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His parents want him to be sent to the United States for experimental therapy -- Wenstrup and Rep. Trent Franks, R-Ariz., say they'll introduce a bill to grant the family legal permanent residence, presumably easing their path to seeking life-saving treatment in the U.S. The London court put a little more time on the clock Monday, giving Gard's parents until Wednesday afternoon to submit new evidence their son should receive experimental treatment that could save his life. We offer Connie Yates and Chris Gard our heartfelt support as they seek to care for their son." The hospitals have also offered to take the medication to London and provide doctors at Great Ormond Street Hospital as well.

Charlie Gard's disease and legal case: An explainer - What causes infant's rare condition?

FOX News

A British court is allowing the parents of a terminally ill baby the opportunity to present fresh evidence to prove their son should receive experimental treatment and not be taken off life support. The hospital applied for the new court hearing last week because of "new evidence relating to the potential treatment for his condition" presented by researchers at the Vatican's children's hospital and another medical facility outside of Britain. Francis gave Chris Gard and Connie Yates, Charlie's parents, until Wednesday to present new evidence and set a new hearing for Thursday. Chris Gard and Connie Yates hold their baby son, Charlie Gard, at Great Ormond Street Hospital in London.

It's more bad news for Uber this month


That ruling, if it comes to be, would subject Uber to more rules related to safety and employment. Uber today works only with professional licensed drivers in France." France has been pushing back against Uber's growth with authorities declaring that the service should not simply be viewed as a technology company but rather be subjected to the same licensing fees and insurance requirements as taxis. Uber suspended UberPop, its low-cost service similar to UberX in the United States, back in 2015 and has said it has no plans to relaunch the service.

Artificial Intelligence for Attorneys: No, Not a New Robot Overlord


Ravel Law is a startup that offers a case analytics tool that analyzes the language contained in case law and allows attorneys to quickly find not only cases similar to theirs, but also other cases that cite those similar cases. Lex Machina uses technology similar to Ravel's to analyze the language in case law to enhance legal research. Ross Intelligence also uses natural language processing to assist with legal research. And CaseIQ, a product of Indian startup CaseMine, speeds legal research in ways similar to Ravel and Lex Machina.

How is Artificial Intelligence changing the legal industry?


It can collaborate data (public and private), and develop case strategy (after analyzing piles of case law data and discover material). In one of the articles published on Future of Everything – Ask The Thought Leaders: What's The Future Of Artificial Intelligence And Law?, our CEO Rishi Khanna said, "The legal industry has been untouched till now. He added that the fact that Artificial Intelligence addresses the challenges of the legal industry (which have been there for years), which is what will make it irresistible. Additionally, data mining and predictive analysis techniques will enable predicting the most probable outcome of a legal case.

Using Artificial Intelligence to Run your Best Marathon


So, imagine a runner, let's call her Ann, who has previously run the London marathon in a time of 4 hours 13 minutes (253 minutes), with a given pacing profile; that is, a given set of split-paces. This is a common machine learning technique, based on the intuition that, to solve some new problem (predicting a PB time for Ann) we should look to similar problems in the past (those runners who ran similar non-PB times to Ann) and use their solutions (subsequent PB times) as the basis of a prediction for Ann. In the case of our marathon PB prediction task, if we have lots and lots of cases, covering male and female runners, of all ages and experience levels, and representing a wide range of finish-times, then we have a good chance of being able to find similar runners to act as a basis of a prediction for any given runner whose PB we wish to predict. A key idea in case-based reasoning concerns how we determine the similarity between a new situation (Ann's recent marathon race) and a past problem in some case (Sarah's non-PB race).

The Pitfalls of Hunting Cyber Threats with AI - CBR


In threat trapping, passive technologies identify malware using models of bad behavior like signatures. Unfortunately, developing accurate malware detection products based on good behavior modeling is not easy. But no company has enough human resources to manually evaluate a large number of alerts about possible security threats. When AI applies both bad and good behavior models, it reduces the number of false positives to a manageable amount.

Government finds 27 cases of suspected illegal job placement

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The government said Thursday it has confirmed 27 cases of suspected illegal job placement for retired or retiring bureaucrats, but none were conducted systematically as in a previous case at the education ministry. The government announced the results of the probe covering all ministries and agencies, which began in late January after the education ministry scandal came to light. "We did not find any systematic kind of (law) violations," Kozo Yamamoto, minister in charge of civil service reform, said He did not say which ministries and agencies were involved in the misconduct, but according to the secretariat, at least 12 ministries and agencies were involved. Of the 27 cases, 25 involved help to ministry or agency employees in jobs after retirement, while two involved employees themselves seeking future jobs at entities they supervised, according to the Cabinet Secretariat.

Trump foreign payments: Democrats in Congress file lawsuit

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Nearly 200 Democrats in the US Congress have joined forces to file a legal case against President Donald Trump over receipt of payments from foreign governments via his businesses. The plaintiffs accuse Mr Trump of violating the Constitution's emoluments clause, prohibiting receipt of gifts without congressional approval. State officials and private businesses are suing Mr Trump in similar cases. Mr Trump's worldwide organisation includes more than 500 business entities, including hotels, golf courses and apartment buildings, many of which have done business with foreign governments.