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Do Roku and Apple TV really speak film geek? We put voice search to the test for answers


After testing the powers of some of the latest in voice search on streaming media devices, I think I have a few answers. What all that adds up to is a somewhat disjointed experience for the heaviest users of these devices: film and television fans. What all that adds up to is a somewhat disjointed experience for the heaviest users of these devices: millions and millions of happily obsessed film and television fans. But until voice search can handle the widest range of tastes that cover any number of weird names and titles (that, I repeat, are actually available in these databases via text search), voice search will be more clever add-on than heavily used anchor that drives up streaming media device usage.

IBM Watson is just fine, thank you !


Over the last couple of days, I have seen a bunch of articles on my social media feed that are based on a research report from Jefferies' James Kisner criticizing IBM Watson. As much as I am a geek who wants to make my opinions known on technology topics, I am also an IBM executive, and I run a part of IBM GBS business in North America that also includes services on IBM Watson (including Watson Health) . IBM Watson does not share one client's data with another client This design principle is very key to enterprise clients. Beyond oncology, Watson is in use by nearly half of the top 25 life sciences companies.

Why isn't IBM's Watson supercomputer making money?


A scathing report from investment bank Jefferies claims that from an earnings per share perspective "it seems unlikely to us under almost any scenario that Watson will generate meaningful earnings results over the next few years". While exact figures for Watson aren't given, Jefferies pulled together a range of information, including market research data and public filings, to build financial models predicting Watson's future prospects. "Watson services are offered on either a subscription or a pay-per-use basis and everyone can get started for free," an IBM spokesperson told WIRED. "Watson is clearly part of IBM's Strategic Imperatives, whose figures are reported," an IBM spokesperson told WIRED when quizzed on whether the supercomputer is making any money.

IBM's Watson Won Jeopardy! But Can It Win the New AI Biz?


Last week, investment bank Jefferies released a report warning shareholders not to expect IBM's investments in AI to repay themselves; Watson, it said, risks being eclipsed by competing AI platforms from Google, Amazon, and Microsoft. In fact, like all the AI systems in use today, Watson needs to be carefully trained with example data to take on a new kind of problem. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has made so-called "cognitive services" a central part of his effort to build up Microsoft's cloud business. The Mountain View juggernaut has even set up a unit of engineers that work with cloud customers to build up machine learning and AI projects, a model with echoes of IBM's own services business.

Apple's Cook is tech's 'most imaginative' CEO says IBM Watson


You're looking at the very person with the most powerful imagination in Silicon Valley, Tim Cook. New findings suggest Apple's CEO, Tim Cook, may just be Silicon Valley's "most imaginative" leader, reported CNBC, citing data from job search firm Paysa. Cook emerged as the industry's "most imaginative" leader, followed by Amazon's Jeff Bezos. Solving for XX: The tech industry seeks to overcome outdated ideas about "women in tech."

Artificial Intelligence is the Stethoscope of the 21st Century - The Medical Futurist


So later, freestyle matches were organized in which supercomputers could play against human chess players assisted by AI (they were called human/AI centaurs). In 2014 in a Freestyle Battle, the AI chess players won 42 games, but centaurs won 53 games. Recently, the AI research branch of the search giant, Google, launched its Google Deepmind Health project, which is used to mine the data of medical records in order to provide better and faster health services. Google DeepMind already launched a partnership with the UK's National Health Service to improve the process of delivering care with digital solutions.

How IBM Watson AI Enhanced Wimbledon 2017 - Supply Chain 24/7


Helping Wimbledon in their pursuit of greatness For 28 years IBM has been the official supplier of Information Technology and consultant to the All England Club and The Championships, Wimbledon. How Wimbledon used IBM Watson AI to power highlights, analytics and enriched fan experiences IBM Watson analyzed what it really takes to make a great Wimbledon champion, based on new insights that are provoking social media discussion among fans. Other ways that IBM technology is powering Wimbledon 2017 This year's all new Watson-enabled bot, "Ask Fred," reinvented how guests experience Wimbledon. The mobile app enriched the fan experience by serving up information on dining options, feature a natural language interface and provides an interactive map of the venue.

How businesses are using AI: An interactive guide - Watson


Today's most advanced cognitive technology users offer a glimpse into the possibilities and tangible benefits of creating intelligent businesses. We wanted to find out exactly how businesses are applying these technologies across their organizations, and what tangible benefits they're beginning to realize. Many of these advanced users are embedding a full spectrum of AI technologies -- including machine learning, natural language processing and more -- into their processes and products. IBM Watson enables companies to solve problems and respond to opportunities in entirely new ways through Cognitive solutions that harness AI, machine learning, natural language process and intelligent APIs.

AI can speed up precision medicine, New York Genome Center-IBM Watson study shows


The results, published in the July 11 issue of Neurology Genetics, a journal of the American Academy of Neurology, showed that researchers at the New York Genome Center, Rockefeller University and other institutions – along with IBM – verified the potential of IBM Watson for Genomics to analyze complex genomic data from state-of-the-art DNA sequencing of whole genomes. "Clinical and research leaders in cancer genomics are making tremendous progress towards bringing precision medicine to cancer patients, but genomic data interpretation is a significant obstacle, and that's where Watson can help." The proof of concept study compared multiple techniques used to analyze genomic data from a glioblastoma patient's tumor cells and normal healthy cells, putting to work a beta version of Watson for Genomics technology to help interpret whole genome sequencing data for one patient. The study also showed that whole-genome sequencing, or WGS, identified more clinically actionable mutations than the current standard of examining a limited subset of genes, known as a targeted panel.

Jefferies gives IBM Watson a Wall Street reality check


IBM Watson effectively operates as a consultancy where the company engages in high-value contracts with corporates to implement Watson technology for specific business cases. Jefferies pulls from an audit of a partnership between IBM Watson and MD Anderson as a case study for IBM's broader problems scaling Watson. Jobs data collected by Jefferies using If job postings are any indication, IBM is not keeping pace with other technology companies in hiring machine learning developers. Things seem particularly lifeless in the field of deep learning, where IBM's hiring appears anemic with respect to Apple and Amazon -- and let's be real, things would look much worse if Google, Microsoft and Facebook were added to this table.