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Artificial Intelligence Poised to Ride a New Wave

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Propelled by massively parallel computer systems, huge datasets, and better algorithms, AI has brought a number of important applications, such as image- and speech-recognition and autonomous vehicle navigation, to near-human levels of performance. In reinforcement learning, systems are not trained in advance with huge amounts of labeled data--which is called "supervised learning"--but are simply rewarded when they get the right answer. According to Yann LeCun, director of AI research at Facebook, supervised learning is the dominant AI method today, while reinforcement learning occupies a niche mostly in games. Another promising new approach to unsupervised predictive learning lies in something called generative adversarial networks (GAN), in which two neural nets train themselves by competing in a zero-sum game to produce photorealistic images.

Year in Review: Deep Learning Breakthoughts 2016


When AlphaGo made this move (at 1:18:22 in the video above), it baffled the human experts and is unprecedented by a human, but its genius was only revealed later. This time DeepMind has partnered with Blizzard to allow AI researchers to deploy bots in the StarCraft II game environment. Previous deep learning successes with IBM Deep Blue in chess and DeepMind's AlphaGo have been impressive, but a game like StarCraft presents even greater challenges -- imperfect & dynamic information, how to be able to plan over a longer time horizon and adapt. Google's Multilingual Neural Machine Translation is now able to translate between language pairs that the system has never encountered before.

Miley Cyrus lets Google Translate feed her very wrong lyrics to pop songs


If you've ever taken a language course over the last 10 years or so, you know that Google Translate isn't exactly the most reliable source. The meaning is often lost when translations become a little too literal. Jimmy Fallon and Miley Cyrus explored the possibilities of these wacky renditions by singing Google Translate's versions of popular songs during Wednesday's The Tonight Show. Honestly, Miley's twisted take on Shape of You by Ed Sheeran is kinda catchy.

PostDoc Position in the area of Neural Machine Translation


The Institute of Formal and Applied Linguistics (UFAL) is seeking a candidate for a one-year post-doc position in the area of neural machine translation (NMT). The exact topic will be determined based on the candidate's interests, e.g. A PhD degree in computational linguistic, artificial intelligence or a related field is required. Experience with neural MT, Linux and cluster environment (SGE), and/or general deep learning and GPU computation is a bonus.

Australian Start-up Taps IBM Watson to Launch Language Translation Earpiece


"By eliminating the friction of the traditional translation process, devices like Translate One2One will not only remove one of the biggest challenges for professionals when meeting and collaborating between cultures, but also offers enormous potential for communities around the world," said Danny May, Lingmo's Founder and Director. "As the first device on the market for language translation using AI that does not rely on connectivity to operate, it offers significant potential for its unique application across airlines, foreign government relations and even not-for-profits working in remote areas."

Artificial Intelligence Processing Moving from Cloud to Edge


Hyperscalar internet companies, including Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Microsoft, have built massive cloud server farms that can perform industrial-scale training and inference operations for AI, fueled by the troves of consumer data they collect, further improving their AI algorithms. Most activity trends are centered around the use of pre-trained models, the application of compressed frameworks, and techniques like pruning, weight sharing, and low-precision computation to run inference on the end device. The emergence of GAN-based artificial data sets for training AI algorithms is an area to watch and something that could be a game changer not just in terms of solving privacy issues, but in terms of how it could enable a mass-market for AI, and disrupt the hold of hyperscalars on AI, as anyone can now gain access to quality datasets for training AI. Tractica has a large database of use cases and we are specifically researching embedded applications for AI and deep learning and how that maps to hardware chipsets.

Betting big on neural machine learning Access AI


Those leading the way in sportsbook and e-gaming are now beginning to understand the importance of harnessing machine learning and predictive data analytics to stay competitive. The best way to do this is through integrating predictive data analytics and machine learning into the sportsbook technology framework. Once more data scientists are employed within the industry, there will be huge potential to integrate neural machine learning into gaming. We have bet big on machine learning and predictive data analytics over the past few years and the results generated from putting data at the heart of our business have been impressive.

How Google translations are getting more natural


However, despite the fact that billions of words are being translated daily by multilingual machine translation services like Google Translate, Microsoft Translator, Systran's Pure Neural Machine Translator, WordLingo, SDL FreeTranslation, China's Baidu, Russia's Yandex or Babel Fish, machines have a long way to go before they can function as fluently as humans do when speaking in, and translating, different tongues. He describes Google Translate as the "largest artificial intelligence (AI) project in the world that uses cutting-edge machine learning models and custom Google hardware--Tensor Processing Units (TPUs) and cloud TPUs--to serve one billion Translate users by doing more than 140 billion translations a day". Machine translation systems are applications or online services that typically use machine learning--an artificial intelligence (AI) technology--to translate text from one language to another. Till even a couple of years back, major translation service providers including Google Translate and Microsoft Translation were using the statistical machine translation (SMT) system.



The UK election this Thursday will be shaped by artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence is being used to fake vocal political support on social media in the run up to the UK election. Then there's social media targeting. Huge swathes of marginalised people could be empowered by automated translation tools.

Try and Compare - Microsoft Translator


The detected language does not support neural net-based translation. Please enter some text to translate. The language of the text and translation is the same. Please choose a different language to translate to.