Machine Learning

The neural network has weird ideas about what humans like to eat


So I've been training this neural network to generate cookbook recipes by letting it look at tens of thousands of existing recipes.

LIDAR (lasers) and cameras together: Which is more important?


Recently we've seen a series of startups arise hoping to make robocars with just computer vision, along with radar. That includes recently unstealthed AutoX, the off-again, on again efforts of

Natural Language Processing vs. Machine Learning vs. Deep Learning – Syntax and Semantics


Natural Language Processing (or NLP) is an area that is a confluence of Artificial Intelligence and linguistics. It involves intelligent analysis of written language. If you have a lot of data written in plain text and you want to automatically get some insights from it, you need to use NLP techniques. These insights could be -- sentiment analysis, information extraction, information retrieval, search etc. to name a few.

Analyzing customer feedback using machine learning Google Cloud Big Data and Machine Learning Blog Google Cloud Platform


This guest post explains how Wootric's platform uses Google Cloud Natural Language API to complement its own machine learning for saving infrastructure and engineering costs.

What does machine learning mean for the future of work?


Once heavily invested in the AI and machine learning systems that helped run the NASA Space Shuttle, Splice Machine CEO Monte Zweben is trying to overhaul the structure that lies at its very core.

This fintech startup uses machine learning to give international students credit cards


America has some of the best universities in the world. Internationally respected institutions like MIT, Harvard and Stanford attract countless young people from every corner of the globe.