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Computing pervades all aspects of society in ways once imagined by only a few. Within science and engineering, computing has often been called the third paradigm, complementing theory and experiment, with big data and artificial intelligence (AI) often called the fourth paradigm.14 Spanning both data analysis and disciplinary and multidisciplinary modeling, scientific computing systems have grown ever larger and more complex, and today's exascale scientific computing systems rival global scientific facilities in cost and complexity. However, all is not well in the land of scientific computing. In the initial decades of digital computing, government investments and the insights from designing and deploying supercomputers often shaped the next generation of mainstream and consumer computing products. Today, that economic and technological influence has increasingly shifted to smartphone and cloud service companies. Moreover, the end of Dennard scaling,3 slowdowns in Moore's Law, and the rising costs for continuing semiconductor advances have made building ever-faster supercomputers more economically challenging and intellectually difficult. As Figure 1 suggests, we believe current approaches to designing and constructing leading-edge high-performance computing (HPC) systems must change in deep and fundamental ways, embracing end-to-end co-design; custom hardware configurations and packaging; large-scale prototyping; and collaboration between the dominant computing companies, smartphone and cloud computing vendors, and traditional computing vendors.

Amazon's Fire tablets are up to 43 percent off, plus the rest of the week's best tech deals


This week, Apple announced and set the release date for the new MacBook Pros and both Amazon and Best Buy rushed to offer a slight discount on pre orders. Amazon also knocked a hefty 40 percent off many of their Fire Tablets, including the new Fire HD 8. Bose's QC II earbuds are back down to $250, and a couple robot vacuums are on sale, including the best budget vac we've tried, iRobot's Roomba 694. We also found a few deals on SSD cards from both Samsung and Crucial, plus a tidy 32 percent discount on one of our favorite tiny Bluetooth speakers. Here are the best tech deals from this week that you can still get today. As part of a larger Fire tablet sale at Amazon, the brand's latest 8-inch slab is 40 percent off.

Hytera Enhances New Generation H-Series DMR Two-way Radio with HP5 Models


Hytera Communications a leading global provider of professional communications technologies and solutions,released HP56X and HP50X portable two-way radios to further expand and strengthen its new generation of Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) portfolio. The HP5 models are developed to provide reliable voice communications for security, operations, technician, and maintenance teams at office buildings, stadiums, industrial parks, school campuses, hospitals, etc. "However, their requirements for versatility, ergonomics, and reliability are similar. With this in mind, we designed HP5 portable radios. We believe HP5 will be a great productivity and safety tool for a lot of professional scenarios." H-Series, including portable radios, mobile radios, and repeaters, is designed and developed on new hardware and software platforms.

Bird Buddy smart feeder uses AI to identify over 1,000 feathered friends in your backyard


CEO and co-founder Franci Zidar says the bird feeder's module design will allow for continuous hardware and software upgrades. Bird Buddy, the creator of a smart bird feeder that takes pictures of feathered friends visiting your yard, has announced a new gadget that can accurately identify hundreds of different species of hummingbirds, even while they are in flight. Franci Zidar, the CEO and co-founder of Bird Buddy, told FOX Business at the Consumer Electronics Show 2023 (CES) that he and his friend came up with the idea for the smart feeder in a way familiar to many young, eager entrepreneurs – over several late-night conversations and a couple of beers. Bird Buddy boasts a modular design, with a detachable white center that can be removed and inserted into other housings to activate additional features. "We're launching a hummingbird feeder that you can swap out, take your existing module, put it in there, and unlock a new species of birds," Zidar said. The new AI-integrated Smart Hummingbird Feeder can take high-quality photos and videos and accurately identify 350 different species of hummingbirds, even those with wing speeds reaching 60 mph.

Interview with Hae-Won Park, Seungwoo Hong and Yong Um about MARVEL, a robot that can climb on various inclined steel surfaces


If you are curious about what happened at the 2023 Consumer Electronics Show, here we bring you a behind-the-scenes look with Brian Tong at some innovations showcased, plus this year's interviews and keynotes.

CES 2023: The most weird and wonderful gadgets unveiled at the Las Vegas tech event

Daily Mail - Science & tech

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is known for showcasing some of the most peculiar technology in the world – and this year's event was no exception. CES 2023, which ran last week and wrapped on Sunday, became the first in-person, full capacity CES since 2020, due to the Covid pandemic. Here's a look at the most weird and wonderful devices revealed at the event, including BMW's colour changing car and a'smartwatch' that deliberately doesn't tell the time. Here's a look at the weird and wonderful devices showcased at CES 2023, including BMW's colour changing car and a'smartwatch' that deliberately doesn't tell the time CES is a technology trade show held annually in Las Vegas, Nevada. The show is often used by some of the biggest names in the industry to announce new products, such as Samsung and Amazon.

Intel and AMD are building AI into PCs. It doesn't matter yet--but it will


The rise of consumer-focused artificial intelligence applications (like AI art and ChatGPT) was the most dynamic trend of 2022. But don't get too excited quite yet -- buying new laptops from AMD and Intel with AI functions built in aren't worth you opening your wallet. Given the breakneck pace of AI development, though, they may very well be come next year's CES. Deep within the confusing mishmash of processor architectures that make up AMD's latest mobile Ryzen chips lies XDNA, the new AI hardware architecture that AMD is launching within the Ryzen Mobile 7040 Series as "Ryzen AI." (Think of XDNA as the AI version of RDNA, the foundation of AMD's Radeon graphics cores.) Intel has similar plans, though right now it's using a discrete Movidius AI card as a placeholder until its Meteor Lake chips integrate a "real" AI core. Qualcomm has offered AI technology as part of its Arm-based Snapdragon chips for years, which power most smartphones but are a niche player in Windows PCs.

The Key CES Trends That Are Shaping the Future of Tech - CNET


CES is where you need to be if you want to know where the future of technology lies. The show floor in Las Vegas was filled with buzzy, headline-grabbing products of the week, like a toilet sensor that can read your pee and a color-changing car with AI sass. But these are products you likely aren't buying soon. The real value of the world's largest consumer electronics trade show is how it lays out a vision for where tech may go not just in the coming months, but in the coming years too. This show marked the first "real" year that CES was back in full swing.

5 Strange new inventions arriving in 2023

FOX News

CyberGuy lists some wireless earbuds to help you choose the best one for you. This year's Consumer Electronics Show debuted tons of state-of-the-art technology, and people are already going nuts over it. CLICK TO GET KURT'S CYBERGUY NEWSLETTER WITH QUICK TIPS, TECH REVIEWS, SECURITY ALERTS AND EASY HOW-TO'S TO MAKE YOU SMARTER There's a lot to be excited about, and a bit weirded out about - too, from bird feeders with cameras to pillows that breathe and even a self-driving stroller. Not sure that is mom approved. The AI-powered hummingbird feeder comes with a camera that can capture photos and videos of over 350 different hummingbird species. This just might be the coolest bird feeder around.

CES 2023: AI evolution's in a 'really important moment,' says Sony's AI ethics expert


The viral success of OpenAI's ChatGPT has triggered discussions everywhere these days from the classroom to the boardroom. This amounts to a crucial moment for AI, Alice Xiang, Head of Sony Group's (SONY) AI Ethics Office and AI Lead Research Scientist, told Yahoo Finance Live (video above). "We're really seeing an inflection point with AI ethics, where it's going from being just something that companies are doing on their own… [and now] we're seeing policymakers really dive into this space." Xiang added: "This raises a lot of really interesting questions around how we ensure that we have governance processes in place to make sure AI that's built is compliant with relevant laws." As consumers encounter AI more frequently, and with excitement and fear, regulators are taking notice.