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Toshiba expands Elera commerce platform with AI vision, IT microservices and data analysis


Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions this week announced a major expansion of its Elera commerce platform that first launched one year ago. The company is now adding AI vision recognition and several other key enhancements. These are the leading electronic payment systems you can use to avoid paying by cash or credit card. Since Elera's launch, Toshiba has developed 45 IT microservices and hundreds of APIs to help retailers integrate other apps and try out new ideas. "The [Elera] platform is designed to be agile and allow retailers to rapidly implement innovative solutions and either quickly fail or if successful -- then have the ability to scale things across their retail network," said Yevgeni Tsirulnik, Vice President, digital portfolio and innovation at Toshiba.

Electrical engineering jobs: Electrifying opportunities


Electrical engineers design, build, and maintain electrical equipment for many purposes. The broad discipline leads current and prospective engineering students to a vast career landscape. You can pursue electrical engineering jobs in device and system management, consumer electronics, and research and development, among many other fields. Continue reading to learn more about the electrical engineering profession and exciting postgraduate opportunities. Electrical engineering jobs tend to have similar titles and levels across the industries.

The world in your pocket: How smartphones will get smarter in 2022


In 2022, there will be even more niche phones that offer a rich experience and a narrow appeal like gaming phones and foldables. New phones for 2022 are already debuting left and right, and it's barely been two weeks. During CES 2022, Samsung announced the Galaxy S21 FE, the follow-up to its popular 2020 phone the Galaxy S20 FE. OnePlus teased us all with a slow trickle of details about the new features and CPU in the OnePlus 10 Pro. Sony finally brought the photography-focused Xperia 5 III to the US.

Samsung is working on artificial intelligence chips that use in-memory computing.


Samsung Electronics has announced the development of an in-memory computing system that combines memory and system semiconductors. For the first time, non-volatile memories, dubbed "magnetoresistive random access memory," are being used to enable the new technology, according to the world's largest memory chipmaker. Samsung has announced the development of an in-memory computing technology that combines memory and system semiconductors. For the first time in the world, non-volatile memories, dubbed "magnetoresistive random access memory," are enabling the new technology, according to the world's largest memory chipmaker. Data is stored in memory chips and computed by separate processor chips in a traditional computer architecture.

Best Accessories and External Components for AI Computers


You don't have to look far or wide to find guides on building the best gaming rigs. That is a tougher search, although there can be some overlap. There aren't many companies talking about the ins and outs of DIY AI computer build essentials. It is exactly for that reason that we have compiled a list of the most important components you will need for an artificial intelligence (AI) build and what we recommend. What else should you consider for an AI computer?

Robot piloted by a ball of algae is powered by photosynthesis

New Scientist

A robot piloted by a ball of algae can swim through water and move around obstacles, powered only by photosynthesis. Neil Phillips at the University of the West of England, UK, and his colleagues wanted to build a robot with no electronic parts, meaning it wouldn't interfere with any electromagnetically sensitive measurement instruments. The team inserted a marimo, a ball of algae that forms naturally in freshwater currents, inside a 3D-printed plastic spherical shell equipped with vents.

New Intel CFO to Help Steer Finances Through Turnaround WSJD - Technology

Mr. Zinsner had been CFO at chip maker Micron Technology Inc. for about four years. Micron said it has begun a search for a new CFO and named Chief Business Officer Sumit Sadana to the additional role of interim CFO. Mr. Zinsner will join Intel in a period of transition, including in its executive ranks. Chief Executive Pat Gelsinger took over in February 2021, succeeding former CEO Bob Swan, who was ousted from the company. Additionally, Intel said Monday that Gregory Bryant, the head of its client computing group, is leaving at the end of the month for a new opportunity.

Cover Story: How the Global Semiconductor Industry Turned Into a Free-for-All


The global semiconductor industry is getting increasingly crowded as newcomers pour in from all fronts seeking to gain a foothold in advanced chips to power new technologies. The rise of artificial intelligence (AI) has fueled demand for high-capacity chips as tech companies and device makers race to deliver smarter services and products. The global chip shortage throughout 2021 prompted many of them to rely more on themselves.

Consumer Robotics Show – TechCrunch


CES has always been a weird show for robotics. It's true the organization behind the show dropped the name "Consumer Electronics Show" some number of years ago (a fact it continues to be very insistent about in its press materials), but at its heart the show is still very much about consumer technologies. For robotics, consumer has been an exceedingly difficult nut to crack, for reasons of pricing, scalability and the general unpredictability of operating in uncontrolled environments. In much the same way that the robotic vacuum has long been the main exception to that rule, robotic vacuums have been the one consistent feature at the show over the past decade-plus. Back in 2020 (the last time TechCrunch attended the show in person), I wrote a piece titled, "Companies take baby steps toward home robots at CES." Fittingly (for reasons that will be made clear below), the first person I quoted in the piece was Labrador Systems co-founder/CEO Mike Dooley, who told me, "I think there are fewer fake robots this year."

Here's all the revolutionary, innovative, and wacky tech from CES 2022


Another year, another CES draws to a close. But this year, everything was a tad… eerier. The famously crowded Consumer Electronics Show returned to Las Vegas for 2022, hoping to reunite tech enthusiasts in shoulder-to-shoulder showrooms for in-person demos and keynotes. Alas, amidst the ongoing pandemic and the latest Omicron surge, many publications and companies chose to stay home and tune in virtually. The resulting hybrid event featured many empty showroom floors. The tech companies still had plenty to show off to audiences, both virtually and in person.