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How to use machine learning to identify "good" customers vs "bad" customers - BDO Canada - IT Solutions


Good profitable customers rarely become unprofitable. This method has become simplistic, as customers rarely consume overhead costs equally. ABC bases customer profitability analysis on the principle customers consume activities. A model can be built which calculates loss ratio based on Activity Based Costing.

Carbon Black warns that artificial intelligence is not a silver bullet


Attackers can bypass machine learning-driven security technologies according to 70 percent of security researchers and nearly one-third said ML-driven security solutions are easy to bypass. Most security researchers consider artificial intelligence (AI) to be in its development stages and not yet able to replace human decision making in cyber-security to protect businesses from attack. It will be longer than three years before 87 percent of researchers trust AI to lead cyber-security decisions. Some of the most common types of non-malware attacks researchers reported seeing were remote logins (55 percent), WMI-based attacks (41 percent), in-memory attacks (39 percent), PowerShell-based attacks (34 percent) and attacks leveraging Office macros (31 percent).

Artificial Intelligence: BASF partner with Nuritas on 'next gen' functional peptides


"Cooperating with an innovative and agile start-up like Nuritas enables us to further expand our already broad portfolio of health solutions," commented Saori Dubourg, head of BASF's Nutrition & Health Business. Nuritas' unique platform combines DNA analysis and artificial intelligence (AI) to predict, unlock, and validate peptides from natural sources. François Scheffler, head of BASF's Global Human Nutrition and Pharma Solutions Businesses said Nuritas bring a'truly unique and innovative approach' – in addition to bringing new ingredients to the table. "As a young, disruptive company this agreement further accelerates our vision of improving the lives of billions of people worldwide through the predicted discovery of bioactive peptides," said Browne.

The Care and Feeding of Machine Learning - Carbon Black


Ingest incoming binaries: extract and compute features, statistics, and abstractions from incoming binaries. Binaries come from customers, partners, and trawls of the web for the diverse goodware and malware samples. The output of this task is a series of predictions about binaries' potential maliciousness and relationships to known malware families. Intelligence comes from our partners, our customers, and Carbon Black malware analysts.

These futuristic driverless pods will run on Singapore's roads by end of the year


The pods run on electricity, and are able to travel autonomously on smaller roads, such as those within a gated community or school campus. The pods look like they're going to be larger versions of the ones that already run in Abu Dhabi's cleantech business park, Masdar City -- also produced by 2getthere and SMRT back in 2010. The futuristic petrol car-free park has 10 electric pods, which seat between four and six passengers each, and the system marked its millionth passenger carried in 2014. In this video, you can see Masdar City's pods in operation, exiting their charging blocks and moving seamlessly to the next station.