Sears and Amazon; Alexa, Turn up My Kenmore Air Conditioner

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FILE - In this May 17, 2017 file photo, an Amazon Alexa device is switched on for a demonstration of its use in a ballpark suite before a Seattle Mariners baseball game in Seattle. Struggling retailer Sears is looking to get a hand from Amazon, announcing that it will start offering its Kenmore products on the online powerhouse's website. Sears, which runs Kmart and its namesake stores, said that Kenmore Smart appliances will also be fully integrated with Amazon's Alexa. This will allow consumers to control products, like Kenmore Smart air conditioners, by making a request to Alexa.

Startup touts neuro-stimulation as 'medicine for the brain'

The Japan Times

According to California startup Halo Neuroscience, the device can help improve the performance of athletes, pilots and surgeons, and potentially help rehabilitation for stroke victims. By stimulating the motor cortex, Chao says the Halo device can "extract latent potential" in the brain to improve performance for people who rely on making quick decisions and movements such as athletes. The San Francisco startup has also concluded deals with the San Francisco Giants baseball team and the U.S. Olympic ski team to integrate Halo in training programs. Chao, who trained as a doctor and studied neuroscience at Stanford, previously worked at a startup called Neuro Pace, which uses electrical stimulation to treat epilepsy.

Pitcher Prognosis: Using Machine Learning to Predict Baseball Injuries


It seemed intuitive to me that older players would be more susceptible to injury; although in many careers, the early forties are a highly productive time, the extreme physical demands of baseball mean that few players can continue to perform at the professional level that long. One possible explanation for this counterintuitive finding is that nagging undetected conditions that might eventually result in injuries impede performance in the games preceding an injury; poor performance in turn leads to the coach benching the player. To hone the predictive power of my features, first I generated new features by applying different aggregation windows: for each player, I created separate features for each performance metric for one game preceding the intervention point, for the average of seven games preceding the intervention point, and for the player's entire career. "Fraction of groundball outs" contains more information about a pitcher's style than the total number of groundball outs, which could be high either because the pitcher was in the game for a long time or because they frequently throw groundball outs.

What is data?


CSV is a common format for storing and exchanging data, and can be read by most data analysis and visualization software. There's an important difference between gender and eye color, called "categorical" variables, and height and weight, termed "continuous." Creating frequency counts from categorical data creates a new continuous variable -- what has changed is the level of analysis. In this example, the original data would consist of a huge table with a record for each person, noting their racial/ethnic identity as categorical variables; in creating the frequency table shown here, the level of analysis has shifted from the individual to the racial/ethnic group.

5-day forecasts now as accurate as 3-day forecasts in 2005

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Both government and private weather forecasting companies are approaching the point where they get tomorrow's high temperature right nearly 80 percent of the time. Both government and private weather forecasting companies are approaching the point where they get tomorrow's high temperature right nearly 80 percent of the time. It was 66 percent 11 years ago, according to ForecastWatch, a private firm that rates accuracy of weather forecasts. It was 66 percent 11 years ago, according to ForecastWatch, a private firm that rates accuracy of weather forecasts.

The state of AI adoption in media - Digiday


The duopoly has gobbled up artificial intelligence startups, and it's hungry for more. The big picture • Google's parent, Alphabet, has acquired 11 AI startups over the past five years, the most of any public company. Sports Illustrated uses a tool created by Arkadium to create infographics; The Associated Press has used Automated Insights for the past three years to generate stories about everything from public companies' earnings reports to the outcomes of minor league baseball games. AP's business desk said using Automated Insights for earnings stories freed up 20 percent more time to report longer, more in-depth stories.

World Series of Poker Tournament Opens in Las Vegas

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Participants in this year's edition of the poker extravaganza will see two changes: no firm "shot clock" and the return of the tradition of crowning the tournament's main event champion in July. Buy-ins for the 74-event tournament, which runs through July 22 at the Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino, range from $333 to $111,111.

Introduction to Machine Learning for Quantitative Finance


Everyone is talking about Machine learning these days. This exciting webinar on Machine Learning will take you through the basics of machine learning, it will cover the cool features of the Quantiacs toolkit, and illustrate how to create and test machine learning strategies using Quantiacs. Eric's experience includes Machine Learning, Cloud Computing, and Python programming. Before joining Quantiacs, Eric was the founding CTO at NetInformer, a mobile media company whose customers included Major League Baseball, the NCAA, and Verizon Wireless.

Alexa at the ballpark: Testing Amazon Echo inside a Seattle Mariners suite at Safeco Field


Earlier this month, the Seattle Mariners became the first professional sports franchise to place Amazon Echo devices inside stadium suites. At Safeco Field, fans at each of the 59 suites can now use their voice to order food, change TV channels, play music, and even have Alexa -- the AI powered voice assistant built into the Echo -- sing "Take Me Out To The Ballgame." Zach Parker, head of business development for Amazon's Alexa Smart Home unit, noted how the technology removes the need for fans to use a separate smartphone app to accomplish certain tasks. Alexa Voice Service lets manufacturers integrate Alexa into their products.

Majority of consumers fear engaging with AI


In a survey of 6,000 customers in six countries, Pegasystems found that consumers appear hesitant to fully embrace AI devices and services. "But when asked about the technologies in their lives, the survey found 84 percent actually use at least one AI-powered service or device – such as virtual home assistants, intelligent chatbots, or predictive product suggestions. When asked separately to identify AI-powered devices, only 41 percent knew Amazon's Alexa and Google Home run on AI." Only one quarter (25 percent) of the people who report no AI experience feel at ease with businesses using AI to engage with them.