Will AI Force Humans to Become More Human?


Will Artificial Intelligence (AI) create an environment where design thinking skills are more valuable than data science skills? Will AI alter how we define human intelligence? Will AI actually force humans to become more human? Okay, sounds questions one might expect from an episode of Rod Serling's TV series "Twilight Zone" (which I preferred over the meaningless college football bowl games on New Year's Day). Instead of AI replacing humans, will AI actually make humans more human, and the very human characteristics such as empathy, compassion and collaboration actually become the future high-value skills that are cherished by leading organizations.

Google DeepMind's 'Sideways' takes a page from computer architecture ZDNet


Increasingly, machine learning forms of artificial intelligence are contending with the limits of computing hardware, and it's causing scientists to rethink how they design neural networks. That was clear in last week's research offering from Google, called Reformer, which aimed to stuff a natural language program into a single graphics processing chip instead of eight. And this week brought another offering from Google focused on efficiency, something called Sideways. With this invention, scientists have borrowed a page from computer architecture, creating a pipeline that gets more work done at every moment. Most machine learning neural nets during their training phase use a forward pass, a transmission of a signal through layers of the network, followed by backpropagation, a backward pass through the same layers, only in reverse, to gradually modify the weights of a neural network till they're just right.

PGA Merchandise Show 2020: Callaway's investment in A.I. technology is creating club designs never before seen


When someone thinks of artificial intelligence technology, often the mind goes to some of the world's biggest tech companies like Google, Amazon or even Tesla. But one company that creates products for a game that's existed since the mid-18th century is also getting involved in that realm. Senior Director of Brand and Product Management for Callaway Golf Dave Neville sat down with Kyle Porter of CBS Sports HQ at the PGA Merchandise Show to discuss the new MAVRIK driver. The club's name comes from a common compliment given to founder Ely Callaway Jr. for his knowledge of product, marketing and sales. Though the name is old-fashioned, the development of the driver is anything but, according to Neville.

German football league Bundesliga teams with AWS to improve fan experience – TechCrunch


Germany's top soccer (football) league, Bundesliga, announced today it is partnering with AWS to use artificial intelligence to enhance the fan experience during games. Andreas Heyden, executive vice president for digital sports at the Deutsche Fußball Liga, the entity that runs Bundesliga, says that this could take many forms, depending on whether the fan is watching a broadcast of the game or interacting online. "We try to use technology in a way to excite a fan more, to engage a fan more, to really take the fan experience to the next level, to show relevant stats at the relevant time through broadcasting, in apps and on the web to personalize the customer experience," Heyden said. This could involve delivering personalized content. "In times like this when attention spans are shrinking, when a user opens up the app the first message should be the most relevant message in that context in that time for the specific user," he said.

Why We Need Ethical AI: 5 Initiatives to Ensure Ethics in AI


Artificial intelligence (AI) has already had a profound impact on business and society. Applied AI and machine learning (ML) are creating safer workplaces, more accurate health diagnoses and better access to information for global citizens. The Fourth Industrial Revolution will represent a new era of partnership between humans and AI, with potentially positive global impact. AI advancements can help society solve problems of income inequality and food insecurity to create a more "inclusive, human-centred future" according to the World Economic Forum (WEF). There is nearly limitless potential to AI innovation, which is both positive and frightening.

As Esports Take Off, High School Leagues Get In The Game

NPR Technology

Assistant Principal Miles Carey oversees a Rocket League practice at Washington-Liberty High School in Arlington, Va. Assistant Principal Miles Carey oversees a Rocket League practice at Washington-Liberty High School in Arlington, Va. Nowadays, if you're a teenager who's good at video games there's a lot more to be had than just a pot of virtual gold. Today, more than 170 colleges and universities participate. Naturally, high schools have followed suit.

Artificial Intelligence can Step Inside Legal Sports Betting now Seekers Time


Sports betting is now legal in various parts of the world. Sports lovers are now placing bets without hiding from the legal authorities. They are now betting on their favorites games and earning a huge amount of money. People involved in sports betting need to have good technical data; and artificial intelligence in sports betting can provide it with better accuracy. There is a lot of information and data involved in the legal sports betting, and people need to go through it before placing bets.

Artificial Swarm Intelligence In The Context Of Singularity


Technical singularity is defined as a hypothetical future of superhuman machines with a cognitive capability far beyond the capacity of human minds. In the journey toward this potential technology revolution is something that I have been focused on called artificial swarm intelligence. A starling murmuration, something that people have told me is awe-inspiring, is a marvel of nature similar to an army of ants or a swarm of bees. How do all these individual entities organize around a common mission that includes a form of collaboration and unified orchestration as a team? When thinking about swarms of AI bots or even nanobots, the foundational concept we want to define is what exactly AI bot are.

Basketball Goal Detection and RNN


Now that my machine learning model can detect the different basketball artefacts, we can finally work on some basketball game logic. We can probably detect a goal by adding "region detection boxes" above and below the rim. The "top box" turns red when it detects a ball in its region above the rim. And the "bottom box" shows green when a ball is detected below the rim (where the basketball hoop is). Via the ML model we know with 92% - 94% accuracy where the basketball hoop is located so we can place the red/green boxes automatically on top of the video canvas.

10. Introduction to Learning, Nearest Neighbors


Sign in to report inappropriate content. Instructor: Patrick Winston This lecture begins with a high-level view of learning, then covers nearest neighbors using several graphical examples. We then discuss how to learn motor skills such as bouncing a tennis ball, and consider the effects of sleep deprivation.