The Number Games -- How Machine Learning is Changing Sports


Data collected, such as players' vital stats and movements in training and in play on game day are being analyzed to enhance player performance and match strategy. And by studying patterns of play and player movements, coaches can reconfigure play strategy to make use of each player's strengths and offset their weaknesses to improve overall team performance. Another application is the WASP (Winning and Scoring Prediction), which has used machine learning techniques that predict the final score in the first innings and estimates the chasing team's probability of winning in the second innings. The second innings model estimates the probability of winning as a function of balls and wickets remaining, runs scored to date, and the target score.

Sears and Amazon; Alexa, Turn up My Kenmore Air Conditioner

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FILE - In this May 17, 2017 file photo, an Amazon Alexa device is switched on for a demonstration of its use in a ballpark suite before a Seattle Mariners baseball game in Seattle. Struggling retailer Sears is looking to get a hand from Amazon, announcing that it will start offering its Kenmore products on the online powerhouse's website. Sears, which runs Kmart and its namesake stores, said that Kenmore Smart appliances will also be fully integrated with Amazon's Alexa. This will allow consumers to control products, like Kenmore Smart air conditioners, by making a request to Alexa.

Startup touts neuro-stimulation as 'medicine for the brain'

The Japan Times

According to California startup Halo Neuroscience, the device can help improve the performance of athletes, pilots and surgeons, and potentially help rehabilitation for stroke victims. By stimulating the motor cortex, Chao says the Halo device can "extract latent potential" in the brain to improve performance for people who rely on making quick decisions and movements such as athletes. The San Francisco startup has also concluded deals with the San Francisco Giants baseball team and the U.S. Olympic ski team to integrate Halo in training programs. Chao, who trained as a doctor and studied neuroscience at Stanford, previously worked at a startup called Neuro Pace, which uses electrical stimulation to treat epilepsy.

IBM serves up artificial intelligence at Wimbledon


Wimbledon is a 130-year-old tennis championship, so perhaps you'd be surprised to learn artificial intelligence is integrated throughout it. CNBC's Tom Chitty takes a trip to IBM's nerve center, located below the courts.

How IBM Watson AI Enhanced Wimbledon 2017 - Supply Chain 24/7


Helping Wimbledon in their pursuit of greatness For 28 years IBM has been the official supplier of Information Technology and consultant to the All England Club and The Championships, Wimbledon. How Wimbledon used IBM Watson AI to power highlights, analytics and enriched fan experiences IBM Watson analyzed what it really takes to make a great Wimbledon champion, based on new insights that are provoking social media discussion among fans. Other ways that IBM technology is powering Wimbledon 2017 This year's all new Watson-enabled bot, "Ask Fred," reinvented how guests experience Wimbledon. The mobile app enriched the fan experience by serving up information on dining options, feature a natural language interface and provides an interactive map of the venue.

Pushing the limits of athletic performance

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The program connecting students and faculty with alumni and industry partners who work together to improve athletic performance by using engineering to enhance endurance, speed, accuracy, and agility in sports. Fay, who played squash and field hockey as an undergraduate at MIT, is working to identify the optimal weight for squash rackets by modeling the swing of a racket based on a person's height and weight. Cricket: Using a robotic arm to test the umpire's decisions In cricket, if a ball makes slight contact with a bat and is caught in the field before it touches the ground, the batsman is out. When the International Cricket Council (ICC) sought to test the accuracy of DRS, they turned to Sanjay Sarma, the Fred Fort Flowers and Daniel Fort Flowers Professor in Mechanical Engineering.

Factbox: List of Wimbledon Men's Singles Champions

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Tennis - Wimbledon - London, Britain - July 16, 2017 Switzerland's Roger Federer celebrates winning the final against Croatia's Marin Cilic REUTERS/Toby Melville Reuters From 1877 to 1921 the men's singles was decided on a challenge-round system with the previous year's winner automatically qualifying for the final (British unless stated): Winner of all-comers' final declared champion. Not all U.S. presidents are missed once they leave the White House. The Tesla and SpaceX CEO urged governors to regulate artificial intelligence before it's too late. The former Russian intelligence officer present at the meeting last year said that documents were provided to the Trump campaign team, contradicting earlier statements by the president's eldest son.

The Revenge: Timo Boll vs. KUKA Robot


Last year, Timo Boll challenged the KUKA KR AGILUS in his area of expertise: table tennis. Are you "Team AGILUS", supporting one of the fastest robots on earth? The KUKA KR AGILUS is unrivaled in his payload class and offers a lot of other talents, too, e.g. Or are you "Team Timo", backing Timo Boll, the terrific German table tennis star and brand ambassador for KUKA Robotics?

Roborace showed off its electric, self-driving race car in the middle of Times Square


While the Roborace cars aren't ready for that just yet, the company will be showing off its autonomous systems in two on track demos this weekend using the company's prototype DevBot cars. "The race format pushes the boundaries of [various] technologies, which allows Roborace to be the [development] and marketing platform for real things that will eventually be adopted in road cars," Roborace CEO Denis Sverdlov told Mashable. Instead of focusing on a self-driving system that will work on public roads, Roborace has created a fine-tuned racing machine specifically for the track. "The race format pushes the boundaries of [various] technologies, which allows Roborace to be the [development] and marketing platform for real things that will eventually be adopted in road cars," he told Mashable.

The world's fastest drone hits record 179mph

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The first prototypes of the drone burst into flames when hitting its highest point of acceleration, but the latest model, flown in Cunningham Park in Queens, New York, hit the record speed. The handbuilt drone completed the record attempt in Cunningham Park in Queens, New York. The Drone Racing League (DRL), set the record using the specially designed battery-powered remote-controlled quadcopter. The Drone Racing League (DRL), set the record using the specially designed battery-powered remote-controlled quadcopter.