How to build a search engine: Part 4


This is the last part on building an end-end search engine. In this part we will take a look at how to go about building the front end. This will be an AngularJS application and will consist of some HTML and Javascript. All codes are readily available on Github along with the data itself. Here we will just do a walkthrough of what we are doing to make it all happen.

Intel mixes drones with AI to transform Ferrari's racing experience


You're sitting in the bleachers and the roar of powerful engines starts rising in the distance; seconds later the pack of Ferrari race cars speed past and you crane your neck around trying to see what position your favourite driver is in. That's the typical experience of car racing fans today, but if a partnership between Intel Corp. and Ferrari Motor Sports is a success, it might be much different tomorrow. A new system that involves artificial intelligence and a fleet of drones shooting video was showcased by Intel at CES 2018 booth this year. Not only could it change the fan experience for auto racing, it's also providing Ferrari drivers more insight into their performance. Intel CEO announced the three-year partnership on stage during his keynote.

Throne AI is the Kaggle of Sports Predictions


My big obsession of 2018 so far is sports prediction platform Throne AI. There's no better way to describe than Kaggle for sports. The platform provides users with data with which they use to build models to predict the outcome of sports matches. Each league on Throne AI counts as its own competition with its own ranking of users. It currently has the following league available: NFL, NBA, NHL, English Premier League, Serie A, La Liga, and the English Championship, with more to come.

Human beings, what's your USP? - Digital Leadership Associates


Getting around the Berlin marathon last weekend was at times a painful experience. Especially at an age where I ought to know better. As the song goes, things ain't what they used to be. Take a look at the bigger picture, however, and I'm doing well. Long distance running is one of the few physical activities where humans outperform the rest of the animal kingdom.

Anthony Chang's 7 Cs of AI in Healthcare


Anthony Chang, MD, decided to go back to school around the time that IBM's Watson was winning Jeopardy!. Already an accomplished pediatric cardiologist, he recognized how computing was beginning to revolutionize healthcare, and he went back to get an MS in data science and artificial intelligence (AI). He compared sitting in a classroom with aspiring data scientists a third his age to being an average ice skater who has to practice with the Russian national hockey team every day. But Chang got his degree, and the chief intelligence and innovation officer of the Children's Hospital of Orange County has emerged as a leading voice on AI in healthcare. Today, he gave the keynote speech at the AI in Healthcare Summit in Boston, Massachusetts, from the unique perspective of a man who is both data scientist and clinician.

The 9 Absolute Weirdest Gadgets We Saw at CES This Year


From smart pet toys to extravagant robots that can fold your laundry, CES 2018 was certainly home to some of the wildest gadgets you can imagine. Here are the most unusual products we came across on the showroom floor at this year's conference. Kolibree's Magik toothbrush uses augmented reality to turn brushing your teeth into a game. To play, a child would either hold a smartphone out in front of his or her face or mount it on the bathroom mirror while brushing his or her teeth. The toothbrush essentially acts as the game controller: children defeat monsters within the game by brushing them away in real life.

Who's the best drone pilot in the world? Las Vegas championship challenge will award $50,000 prize

Los Angeles Times

The world's top 32 drone pilots will compete Saturday in Las Vegas for the world champion title in the International Drone Racing Assn.'s top challenge. Semi-professionals wearing virtual reality headgear compete for a $50,000 cash prize in the Challengers Cup Final on Friday and Saturday at the South Point hotel-casino at 9777 S. Las Vegas Blvd. Competitors qualified during 2017 races that began in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and concluded in Manila, the Philippines. Visitors can buy tickets to watch for $20. You'll be admitted to Friday's practice runs and the competition on Saturday afternoon. The elimination round will get underway at 12:30 p.m. with the finals set for 3:20 p.m. Saturday.

Powering the US Open with artificial intelligence


When Juan Martin del Potro faced Dominic Thiem on Day 8 of the US Open, die-hard tennis lovers might have been excited, but it didn't have the hallmarks of a "must see" event for casual fans. Few expected del Potro, ranked 24th, to advance. But when he staged one of the best comebacks in US Open history, everyone wanted to see how it was done. And within minutes, they were able to, thanks to IBM Watson powering US Open 2017 highlights. Watson assembled a clip reel within five minutes of the end of every match at this year's Open, making highlights and key moments available to fans two to 10 hours more quickly than during previous years.

Toyota insists its e-Palette is more than a concept car


There's one thing that keeps Toyota CEO Akio Toyoda up at night. It's not a traditional car company like Honda, Ford or Nissan. Or what he's going to have for breakfast the next day. It's technology juggernauts like Facebook, Google and Apple and what might happen when they decide to enter the automotive industry proper. Will the company be ready?

10 Charts That Will Change Your Perspective On Artificial Intelligence's Growth


Attendees play a virtual hockey game at the Internet of Things booth on the expo floor during the Microsoft Developers Build Conference in Seattle, Washington, U.S., on Thursday, May 11, 2017. Microsoft said it will focus investments on Azure cloud services meant for the Internet of Things, in which multiple sensors and smaller computing devices track data that can be analyzed by the company's cloud and artificial intelligence tools. These and many other fascinating insights are from Stanford University's inaugural AI Index (PDF, no opt-in, 101 pp.). Stanford has undertaken a One Hundred Year Study on Artificial Intelligence (AI100) looking at the effects of AI on people's lives, basing the inaugural report and index on the initial findings. The study finds "that we're essentially "flying blind" in our conversations and decision-making related to Artificial Intelligence."