Daily Pilot Male High School Athlete of the Week: Cooper helped CdM build a successful season

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Mitchell Cooper likes to build things, and not just chemistry in the water as a senior captain for the Corona del Mar High boys' water polo team. Cooper is the president of the CdM Robotics club. Now that the boys' water polo season is over, he will turn his attention to that after the holidays. Members of the club compete in the For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology (FIRST) robotics competition. "We build 120-pound robots to compete in a game that's announced to us in January of each year," Cooper said.

Australia just landed its first high performance centre for esports


Oceania's esports industry just took a huge step forward. Australia has opened its very first Esports High Performance Centre in Sydney, a new home base for Oceania's leading League of Legends team, the LG Dire Wolves. Established in Sydney's city sporting precinct, sitting in the side of Allianz Stadium looking towards the Sydney Cricket Ground, the facility aims to drive growth and development in Australia's esports industry. The facility will be stocked with new technology in eye-tracking and performance analysis, as part of a partnership with the University of Technology Sydney. The Dire Wolves, alongside Australia's leading mixed-gender Counter-Strike team, Supa-Stellar, will train and develop surrounded by some of Sydney's traditional sports teams, also residents of the precinct, including the Sydney Swans, Sydney Sixers, Sydney Roosters, Sydney FC, Cricket NSW, and the NSW Waratahs.

Can Soccer-Playing Robots Kick It? Yes They Can!


The world may not agree 100 percent on what to call it, but we can all agree that soccer/football is indeed the Beautiful Game. Not just from an individual athleticism standpoint, but also the teamwork: Soccer is a lovely ballet, only with more kicking and tripping and hooliganism. Which makes the robots of the RoboCup all the more impressive. They look a bit like mini Daleks, but they're way more chill and way better at soccer. Individually, they sense their world and scoot around and snag the ball and kick it, which is grand.

Model Training with Yufeng Guo


Play in new window Download Multiagent systems involve the interaction of autonomous agents that may be acting independently or in collaboration with each other. Examples of these systems include financial markets, robot soccer matches, and automated warehouses. Today's guest Peter Stone is a professor of computer science who specializies in multiagent systems and robotics.

How Verizon is Building a Big Data and AI Culture


The downtown home of the NBA's Wizards and NHL's Capitals is now called Capital One Arena. Owner Ted Leonsis announced the change from Verizon Center along with an investment of $40 million in the arena. Leonsis' Monumental Sports & Entertainment is not disclosing the financial terms or length of the new naming-rights agreement. It goes into effect immediately, with new signage expected by the fall. Telecommunications has long been one of the most data-intensive industries, and some of the earliest analytical marketing initiatives originated at established firms like AT&T.

Heading a soccer ball might hurt women's brains more than men's

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Repeatedly putting your head in the path of a fast-moving projectile isn't everyone's idea of a good time, but it's par for the course for soccer players. They might hurl their foreheads toward the soccer ball dozens of times during a single practice or game. But playing with your head can hurt your brain. The technique known as "heading" causes damage to the brain's white matter, and it does more damage to women than it does to men, according to research on amateur soccer players presented this week at the annual meeting of the Society for Neuroscience. Similar amounts of heading appeared to cause changes in more areas of the female brain, and a greater overall volume of their brains were damaged.

Your gaming skills could earn you a Drone Racing League contract


So you want to be a professional drone racer? To coincide with the game's official launch, watchmaker Swatch has announced it's sponsoring tryouts for the 2018 season, where top prize is a spot in the 2018 DRL Allianz World Championship Season and a $75,000 contract. We've seen this type of thing with Gran Turismo before but it'll never not feel kind of Last Starfighter-y. The simulator is pretty much a 1:1 translation of official courses, and because of that, the skills apparently directly translate from the game to real-world racing. The DRL found its first racer via the game earlier this year, Jacob "Jawz" Schneider.

Drone simulator is as close to the real thing as you can get without spending hundreds of dollars


A state-of-the-art drone flying simulator called DRL Simulator is out on Steam today and it's as close to the real thing as you're going to get without spending hundreds of dollars on a high-end drone. DRL Simulator was created by the Drone Racing League (DRL), the premiere competitive league for professional drone racing. The simulator goes through all the basics of drone piloting, allowing people to get a feel for what it's like to fly a real drone, and works all the way up to the most difficult professional levels of drone racing. The simulator is so true-to-life that DRL is actually using it to host tryouts to its 2018 competitive drone racing season, with the top simulator pilots getting a chance to earn thousands of dollars. Drone racing is actually one of the few things that you can practice virtually and have it translate pretty much 1:1 to real-world application.

'Untrained Eyes' puts an AI spin on looking at yourself in the mirror


What if you stood in front of a mirror and saw someone who barely looked like you? That's exactly what happens in Untrained Eyes, an interactive sculpture debuting today at the Engadget Experience, a one-day event that showcases exhibitions which mix art with technology. Untrained Eyes, created by conceptual artist Glenn Kaino and actor Jesse Williams (Grey's Anatomy), doesn't require a headset to be experienced. Instead, the project uses your face, a mirror, a Kinect and machine learning to show you pictures of people who you may look like -- or not. Sometimes you won't get a person who resembles you in any way, but that's the entire point of Untrained Eyes.

Introduction to Machine Learning and Decision Trees - DATAVERSITY


Click to learn more about author Alejandro Correa Bahnsen. Almost everyone has heard the words "Machine Learning", but most people don't fully understand what they mean. Machine Learning isn't a single formula that is simply applied to a problem. There are many algorithms to choose from, each of which can be used to achieve different goals. This is the first in a series of articles that will introduce Machine Learning algorithms to help you understand how they work, and when to use each one.