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Already home to some of the world's most innovative artificial intelligence companies, the UK has a rich ecosystem of investors, employers, developers and clients. These data sets can then be processed to create algorithms to drive machine learning – enabling computers to interpret data, predict outcomes and deliver solutions autonomously. Businesses must gather the right data, format it and then interpret it intelligently before creating algorithms to drive service or product lines and deliver solutions. This shouldn't be a hindrance, however, as it's the utilisation of smart algorithms and big data that's key to advancing machine learning.

Program for a Better Bridge Game; A College Partnership Aids Industry Research - The Washington Post

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Tom Throop knows a lot about computers and the game of bridge. Back in 1958, while working at a U.S. Navy lab in the District, he programmed a Univac computer to play the game. Later, he designed bridge software for Radio Shack, Apple and Commodore computers. Eventually, he founded a company in Bethesda called Great Game Products Inc. that focused on selling his Bridge Baron software. But when Throop, 64, wanted to make the Bridge Baron a better player -- it lacked the ability to develop a strategy at the beginning of a game -- he knew he'd have to get some outside help in the world of artificial intelligence.

The million pound bridge program


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