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Roomba maker iRobot plans to sell digital maps of your home


While iRobot may have originated as a bomb-disposal robot maker at MIT in 1990, the company is probably better known as a robot vacuum company. The CEO of iRobot, Colin Angle, tells Reuters that the "smart" home lighting, thermostats and security cameras currently on the market are all still pretty dumb when it comes to knowing what your home layout is. He also said that his company is working to sell the data in the next few years. In addition, it's believable that some consumers won't like the idea of iRobot selling their data to other companies who don't have the same commitment to user data security.

Roomba vacuum maker iRobot betting big on the 'smart' home

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All robovacs use short-range infrared or laser sensors to detect and avoid obstacles, but iRobot added a camera, new sensors and software to Roombas in 2015 to give them the ability to map while they clean. So far investors have cheered Angle's plans, sending iRobot stock soaring to $102 in mid-June from $35 a year ago, giving it a market value of nearly $2.5 billion on 2016 revenue of $660 million. So far investors have cheered Angle's plans, sending iRobot stock soaring to $102 in mid-June from $35 a year ago, giving it a market value of nearly $2.5 billion on 2016 revenue of $660 million But there are headwinds for iRobot's approach, ranging from privacy concerns to a rising group of mostly cheaper competitors - such as the $300 Bissell SmartClean and the $270 Hoover Quest 600 - which are threatening to turn a once-futuristic product into a commoditized home appliance. All robovacs use short-range infrared or laser sensors to detect and avoid obstacles, but iRobot in 2015 added a camera, new sensors and software to its flagship 900-series Roomba that gave it the ability to build a map while keeping track of their own location within it.

Machine learning and robotics to take 30% of bank jobs - Computer Business Review


Technologies including machine learning and robotic process automation are set to eliminate up to 30 percent of human bank jobs, according to a new report. This statistic has come from a new McKinsey & Company report, says Bloomberg, who were told by Jared Moon, a co-writer of the report, that the change will "require people to use new skill sets, taking away manual work but allowing more around analytics, transformation and change." The report says that the automation of low value, manual roles will be positive for the scaling up of employees to work in other areas that benefit greatly from human intelligence, including client management. While the report is positive about employees being moved into other roles, the BlackRock plan included the dismissal of seven portfolio managers from its funds, as well as automating the role of stock-pickers.

Roomba Vacuum Maker IRobot Betting Big on the 'Smart' Home

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That data is of the spatial variety: the dimensions of a room as well as distances between sofas, tables, lamps and other home furnishings. To a tech industry eager to push "smart" homes controlled by a variety of Internet-enabled devices, that space is the next frontier.

Beginners Guide to Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things (IoT), NLP, Deep Learning, Big Data Analytics and Blockchain


The new technologies like Machine Learning, Internet of Things, Deep Learning, NLP, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud, Big data and Predictive analytics are having a massive impact in India. This post is a Beginners Guide to Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things (IoT), Natural Language Processing (NLP), Deep Learning, Big Data Analytics and Blockchain. Additionally, I have also listed some of the Best Online Courses for Machine Learning, Statistics, Data Science, IoT, and Big Data Analytics. The Internet of things (IoT) is the inter-networking of physical devices (also termed as connected devices or smart devices), vehicles, buildings and other objects (which could be smart wearable, diagnostic device, kitchen appliances etc.)

Companies use AI and the Internet of Things to go Green and Save Money


Since IoT can be used at the circuit level to collect data about a system performance in more detail than traditional monitoring systems, much more data about its operation is produced and therefore AI is also necessary to analyze and interpret said data in a timely manner. IoT can provide real time data and historical information of conditions across a network, tracking things like uptime, temperature, pressure and energy usage. At the same time, machine-learning AI is needed to sort through the data provided to help decision makers contextualize the information provided by IoT. "For every device connected to the system, the machine learning algorithms start watching it for a couple weeks and learn that behavior," Oranski said.

Why the explosion of AI can no longer be ignored by businesses


And this using a simple process automation approach to AI; future systems will do much more comprehensive tasks. The technology uses deep learning technology to analyse and process the volume of radar images collected with underground radar probe equipment. For example, improvement in imagification (the process of converting business data into images) will be vital in turning data into digestible problems that machine learning can process. The implementation of smarter, AI supported business processes is an enabler for the business, and will free up workers to focus on more complex and intelligent tasks.

Top IoT use cases


Fitness wearables: IoT is the key concept powering wearables from fitness trackers to smartwatches, but keeping weekend warriors fit is only the beginning. Supply chain: Inexpensive, low-power IoT devices track location information for all kinds of items, in warehouses, shipping depots and in transit, not to mention monitoring temperature, vibration and container openings for quality control and insurance purposes--especially of valuable or dangerous items, such as drugs or jewelry (but not firearms, at least in the United States). Cities: IoT is a key factor in smart lighting grids and more efficient transportation and parking systems, including smart traffic lights that adapt to traffic conditions in real time. On the one hand, IoT sensors let AI systems experience their environment directly.

The Wirecutter's best deals: Google Home and Philips Hue bundles drop by $70


This bundle offers two of our picks, the Google Home Speaker and the Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance Starter kit, for $230, an excellent deal. The Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance Starter Kit is our pick for the best smart LED light bulbs. Grant Clauser writes, "Philips Hue is not just a smart bulb; it's a whole smart system. This is an excellent deal on these refurbished noise cancelling headphones, which typically cost $350 new.

Bixby Release Date Features: Here's What You Can Do With Samsung's Voice Assistant

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As with most of the major virtual assistants, Bixby Home will also host a general hub page. While reminder apps are a standard option on most virtual assistants and smartphones, Bixby's reminders app adds some additional features to the function. This diversity in assistant voices has also started to become popularized -- in its upcoming iOS 11 update, Apple plans to add a male Siri option. The company has reportedly explored adding the assistant onto some home appliances, depending on if the market for smart home assistant-powered appliances grows accordingly.