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How Voice Commerce is Dominating the E-Commerce Market Through AI?


Artificial intelligence has the power of transforming anything remotely stupid into an intelligent object! Yes, AI has been doing this for quite some time now and with the rise of voice assistants, things have become more exciting. Businesses around the world, have now understood the importance of "Voice Commerce". It all began with speech-to-text technology developed by Google. 'Google Voice Search' has been launched for iPhones, this advance app utilized data centers so that it can easily compute data and can analyze data, this is actually a good example of human speech.

Data privacy: Why Venmo sent my personal info – and yours – to Braze

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You might be wondering what exactly Braze.com is and why it grabs their geographic, associations and more. I found out Friday that after I composed a message on the PayPal-owned digital payments app Venmo to pay my personal trainer Jarek, Venmo passed on my geographic locations and associations (including Jarek) to Braze, which calls itself a "customer engagement" company. Just last month, the Norwegian Consumer Council issued a blistering report showing what happened to users of the dating sites OKCupid and Grindr in the background, after people revealed all about their interests. OkCupid "shared highly personal data about sexuality, drug use, political views, and more," with Braze, according to the report. Grindr, a popular dating and social app used by gay and bisexual men, sent data to Braze about the "relationship type" men were seeking on the app, per the report.

How AI in Ecommerce Enables True Personalization: Q&A With Elizabeth Gallagher of Lineate


"It's machine learning's job to find patterns based on the data you give it to help you focus on the data points most likely to lead to conversion." Elizabeth Gallagher, chief revenue officer at Lineate talks about how machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) are changing the game for ecommerce brands. With the use of predictive analytics, marketers can create personalized marketing campaigns. In this edition of MarTalk Connect, Gallagher shares the key data points marketers should use to provide personalized recommendations. She stresses how data-driven automation and machine learning are strategic assets to enhance the customer journey.

Microsoft Injects New AI Features Into Dynamics 365


Microsoft on Wednesday unveiled several new artificial intelligence capabilities across Dynamics 365 applications and a new solution to help project-centric services organizations transform their operations. The AI enhancements include first- and third-party data connections in Dynamics 365 Customer Insights, Microsoft's customer data platform (CDP). "The work in AI and CDP is new and a key part of Microsoft taking their products to an AI-driven approach," noted Ray Wang, principal analyst at Constellation Research. The company also unveiled new manual and predictive forecasting capabilities for Dynamics 365 Sales and Dynamic 365 Sales Insights. "Integration with the CDP is important, but more important will be the ability to automate transactions and apply AI to drive the next best action," Wang told CRM Buyer.

Increase Productivity, Reduce Cost & Enhance Business with AI


AI Chatbots are intelligent and quick-to-respond representatives on a website chat that ensure better customer experience, supporting businesses in numerous ways. Chatbots can perform with commendable precision, so companies are increasingly engaging them to assist customers and navigate them effortlessly through websites, be it directing them to the relevant departments or answering simple questions. Most Chatbots attempt to mirror "chat app patterns." And so, like humans, the bots engage in open-ended conversation, assessing the most important bits of the discussion to figure out what a customer is looking for and then delivering a logical response promptly. Depending on the industry, Chatbots are programmed to respond to the primary keywords and customer queries.

Artificial Intelligence: Healthcare Discussion at AI Conclave 2020 DRG Blog DRG


On January 24th, DRG's Garima Kaul, Sr. Director Biopharma Insights, was one of four invited panelists who spoke on the application of artificial intelligence at AI Conclave 2020. The conference was organized by BML Munjal University at the India Habitat Centre, New Delhi, India and included representatives from industries such as banking, finance, and consulting. Below, Garima recaps the discussion that took place on the application of AI in the healthcare industry. A person may order an item through an e-commerce website and be guided to other frequently bought items and then subsequently log-on to a social media account and see similar recommendations in their feed. What may seem like an invisible hand in the background moving items into view, is AI running pattern-based algorithms, curating data and information based on consumer preferences.

How Artificial Intelligence (AI) is Revolutionizing the eCommerce Industry in 2020? - GeeksforGeeks


The human brain is one of the most mystic creations, something that helped us leap into the era of existing science and technology. But with the advent of the 21st century, we all have realized that even after having such power in terms of intelligence, we still lack in many aspects which are consciously not in our control. This is where Artificial Intelligence steps in. In simple terms, we define Artificial Intelligence as'Intelligence possessed by machines'. But in a broader aspect, we define this as a simulation of human intelligence so that we can automate tasks that usually require some IQ to be performed.

AI and Machine Learning In Our Every Day Life - KDnuggets


Do you find Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) too overwhelming? Think AI and ML applications are limited to the technological domain? If yes, then let us enlighten you with the fact that both these technologies have more ordinary use cases than you can imagine. In fact, we all are already using AI and ML in our day-to-day lives – right from using real-time navigation to surfing the web. AI and ML are simplifying our routine operations in more ways than one.

AI and voice search among the top eCommerce trends for 2020, says Kooomo - Global Banking & Finance Review


Innovation and changing consumer behaviour will determine the most important online trends for the year As we move into a new decade, technology is continuing to make big changes in the way eCommerce businesses engage with their customers. Creating a satisfying customer experience (CX) is vital for any eCommerce business to be successful. AI powered chatbots are becoming increasingly popular for the way they can quickly interact with customers by providing fast, real-time support regardless of time or location. A well-designed AI powered chatbot can learn from customer engagements to improve the accuracy of its responses. These smart interactions can significantly reduce response time and help to maintain customer satisfaction.

How Machine Learning and AI are Transforming the E-commerce industry - Techolac


Over the last few years, Artificial intelligence in e-commerce has much improved by both growing and established businesses. Recent studies show us that machine learning and artificial intelligence plays a vital role in any company's strategy towards achieving global success. This article denudes several ways to which machine language and AI can be used effectively to revolutionize the e-commerce industry. Due to the rise of technology today, the thirst for innovations by consumers has led technology experts to apply the use of AI in the e-commerce industry since it has significantly thrived in other sectors. Machine learning services in e-commerce means the application of artificial intelligence through the development of computer programs that can make a specific prognosis on recurrences found in data to improve the experience of the consumer.