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AI-Driven Predictive Analytics: New Opportunities for Financial Institutions -


One can argue that even the most innovative banking institutions are bureaucratic enough, and their slow decision-making causing banks to lose their premium over fintech applications, peer to peer lending marketplaces, and payment processors. At the same time, many expanded into the business of micro-lending. Banking services are no longer a monopoly of banks, and traditional financial institutions have to innovate in order to survive. The era of non-traditional financial services providers such as Amazon Payments, PayPal Payments and PayU, has risen. The launch of the Payment Services Directive II in Europe unlocks new dynamics for FinTech and Payment Services.

Implementing AI into Your eCommerce Website


It's pretty obvious that many e-commerce websites are incorporating some kind of artificial intelligence and/or machine learning to help with ROI and improve customers experiences. The entire buying and selling process has drastically changed for the better. Companies are increasing their profits while customers are receiving better customer service and a much easier time finding the products they really want. How does this all come about though? How do you as a new or older e-commerce company integrate this into your business?

Google and Walmart team up to let users shop for groceries using voice commands

Daily Mail

Walmart shoppers can now do some online shopping using just their voice. The retail giant is partnering with Google to launch grocery shopping on any devices equipped with Google Assistant. Walmart Voice Order is rolling out to consumers beginning this month, the company said today. Walmart shoppers can now shop using just their voice. It'll become available for users with Google Home devices, as well as Assistant-equipped smart displays, Android phones and iPhones.

Walmart to offer online grocery shopping with Google Assistant


Walmart customers once again will be able to voice-order their groceries with Google Assistant, another bid by the brick-and-mortar store to compete with Amazon. The retailer announced the partnership on Tuesday, and said it would gradually roll out the feature in the next few weeks. The development comes after Walmart unceremoniously left Google Express, Google's online shopping tool, back in January, reportedly to develop its own Google Assistant shopping feature. Walmart shoppers will soon be able to add items to their shopping carts by saying "Hey Google, talk to Walmart." The feature will be cross-platform, meaning customers can shop from any device that has the Google Assistant feature, ranging from smart speakers and displays to their Android watch or iPhone.

Your Online-Shopping Experience Was Grown in a Lab

The Atlantic

As you scroll through a website--say, TheAtlantic.com--you're Your eyes dart from headline to headline, bypassing a few before choosing which to read. Your brow furrows at one article. Your face flushes in anger when you watch a charged video on an issue important to you. Usually, all these physical cues go nowhere other than the reflection of your computer screen.

3 Simple Ways to Make Your eCommerce Store More Personalized


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A.I. innovation finds a home on mobile devices


Innovative mobile apps married to increasingly powerful artificial intelligence (A.I.) are rapidly getting smarter -- making them even more helpful for users. These kinds of apps, showcased at VentureBeat's two-day MobileBeat conference here this week, are designed to anticipate user needs. Who knew, for example, that you can use your smartphone to simplify the process of getting a green card to enter the United States or to streamline corporate travel? The program is based on a bot that walks users through a series of simple questions that, when answered, generates a package of documents you can file with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services to complete the application process. "When I came to this country, I needed a visa urgently, but it took a month," said Visibot's co-founder and chief operating officer, Andrey Ziniviev.

Machine Learning Plays A Crucial Role For Frictionless Digital Payments Transactions


According to a leading online portal, online transaction fraud is a huge and growing concern that is "expected to reach $25bn by 2020, which means that $4 in every $1,000 will be fraudulent. A payment transaction cycle would take place within three seconds. The transaction process passes through variety of platforms like e-commerce stores, wireless terminals or mobile devices. In fraudulent card transactions, usually, the liability is borne by the issuer of that particular card if the merchant is compliant in terms of payment acceptance procedure. However, most of the fraud liability lies with the merchant for CNP (card not present)transactions.

Global Big Data Conference


I love shopping at a Nordstrom store, but hate shopping on the Nordstrom website. Unless I know exactly what I want, like my favorite shade of lipstick, I have a time trying to find what I might want. Take a search for a blue dress. Nordstrom served up nearly 3,000 options and after narrowing it down to casual styles, I had a mere 1,000 to go through. Included in that search were jumpsuits (sorry, not a dress), plus sizes and maternity dresses.

eBay Wants You to Know It Uses Artificial Intelligence


In a post this week, its Chief Architect and Vice President of eBay AI and Platforms Sanjeev Katariya said AI is woven into all aspects of its platform and touches every experience within eBay. "We have over two decades of data and customer insights that we use to train our algorithms and make our AI smarter," Katariya said. "Every time a user interacts with the marketplace, the AI learns and provides feedback so we can create a better experience.The advances have been accelerated by developments in deep learning that allows us -- and others -- to make longer strides in how we process data." Of particular interest to sellers: eBay is using artificial intelligence in search, personalization, recommendation systems, and insights and discovery – as well as computer vision, machine translation, and natural language processing. "AI has become the key to understanding buyer behavior and removing friction to ensure we're serving up the best experiences," Katariya said.