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Hundreds handed over their Tinder to a chatbot to get young people to vote


But, scores of young people did something many of us would deem unthinkable -- they handed over their Tinder profiles to a chatbot during the UK general election in order to encourage young people to vote tactically for Labour in swing constituencies. The bot targeted 18-25 year olds in marginal constituencies where the youth vote could swing it, and encouraged young people to vote tactically. The bot sent out around 1,000 messages to Tinder users in Dudley North, one of the key swing constituencies identified by the team. Dudley North was held by Labour, and Rodrigues Fowler says the team is particularly excited to have played a part in campaigning there.

Facebook's new general election feature sparks data privacy fears

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Amazon's Alexa will keep you up to date with the UK election


It's general election week, and politicians have only four days left to curry favour before we fill those ballot boxes on June 8th. You can now bark various commands at your Echo devices (or any other Alexa prison) to catch up on latest news, including "what's the latest with the election/the Conservatives/Theresa May?" Facebook has a dedicated general election section you'll find in your explore tab, containing links to party pages and a policy comparison tool. Twitter power user software Tweetdeck has added a special general election column type for keeping up with relevant news and/or chatter about specific parties and politicians.

17 More Must-Know Data Science Interview Questions and Answers


The post 21 Must-Know Data Science Interview Questions and Answers was the most viewed post of 2016, with over 250,000 page views. If we toss a fair coin 100 million times, we have the expected number of heads (mean) as 50 million, the standard deviation 10,000 (using formula 0.5 * SQRT(N)), and we can predict that 99.7% of the time the expected number of heads will be within 3 standard deviations of the mean.

General election 2017: Workers' rights v robo jobs - a quandary for all campaigns

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What are the parties vying for power in the general election saying on the subject? Advances in artificial intelligence (AI) - a field of computer science in which machines are taught to carry out tasks that require human traits of thought or intelligence - have led some to predict a knock-on catastrophe for jobs. Up to 46% of jobs in Scotland could be at risk within the next decade, the Institute for Public Policy Research Scotland recently claimed. This time around machines are coming for our cognitive jobs," said Mr Chace.

Artificial intelligence is coming for law firms


French presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron's campaign said Friday it has been hacked -- 9GB of authentic and fake emails were posted Friday to Pastebin, a document-sharing site, from a user named EMLEAKS, according to Reuters. Why it matters: It's less than two days before the French presidential election comes to a close, and the way that works in France includes a ban on campaigning over the weekend. This sounds similar to the hacked DNC emails that have been linked to Hillary Clinton's tanked campaign. However, Macron's campaign said the emails leaked Friday aren't concerning because they show "normal" presidential campaign activity.

Text Analytics Reveals Potential French Election Upset


Text Analytics Poll Shows Le Pen Positioned to "Trump" Macron To Americans following the French Presidential Election taking place in less than a week, it might appear as though recent history is repeating itself. And in many ways, it is. The post Text Analytics Reveals Potential French Election Upset appeared first on OdinText.

AI accurately predicted Donald Trump's 100 day approval rating


An artificial intelligence accurately predicted Donald Trump's less-than-stellar first 100-day approval rating down to the percentage point. Users log in to Unanimous AI's UNU system and contribute their ideas to the swarm intelligence by answering a series of questions. Imagine 10 people were asked who they thought would win the 2018 World Cup: USA or Germany. It also accurately predicted the presidential primaries, World Series, Kentucky Derby, Oscars, Grammys, and Super Bowl XLV.

Big data, robotics and AI fuelling VC investment in London


"Since the referendum, London's tech companies have attracted over £1 billion in venture capital investment, offering more proof that London remains open to investment, talent and innovation from all over the world." Over the past five years, London's AI and machine learning companies have attracted over £207 million in venture capital investment, boosted by deals for London based companies such as Google's DeepMind and Magic Pony1. See also: Software innovation hub boosting London's tech sector Other sectors seeing high levels of venture capital funding in the past five years include e-commerce and AdTech with major deals for London based companies such as Deliveroo, Just Eat and Unruly. In Q1 of this year, London tech firms received £395 million in venture capital investment – significantly more than total amount raised in Q4 of 2016 (£245 million).

10 Surprising Uses of Artificial Intelligence Abe


Following the recent election cycle, voter turnout issues are at the forefront of the American consciousness. Several chatbots have recently been developed to help citizens quickly and easily register to vote. The bots GoVoteBot, VotePlz, and HelloVote all let users complete their voter registration via SMS and Facebook Messenger. By simplifying the registration process and making it accessible from anywhere, they're helping boost voter registration and turnout.