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New AI technology used by UK government to fight extremist content


The UK Home Office on Monday unveiled a £600,000 artificial intelligence (AI) tool to automatically detect terrorist content. The Home Office cited tests that show the new tool can automatically detect 94% of Daesh propaganda with 99.995% accuracy. That accuracy rate translates into only 50 out of ...

Home Office unveils AI program to tackle Isis online propaganda


Tool can detect 94% of Isis propaganda with a 99.99% success rate in tests An artificial intelligence program that can detect Islamic State propaganda online with a 94% success rate has been developed, the Home Office has announced. The technology could stop the majority of Isis videos from reachi...

Origin: How close is society to Dan Brown's super computing and synths?


Whether or not you're a fan of his novels, you can't deny Dan Brown has his finger on the pulse of the modern zeitgeist. His latest blockbuster, Origin, envisions a world where artificial intelligence (AI) has reached a level almost indiscernible from humans. Of course, Brown's vision is a work of f...

UK Combats ISIS Videos With AI Technology That Detects Propaganda

International Business Times

Britain's Home Office unveiled a tool Tuesday that algorithmically detects ISIS propaganda videos on small video hosting sites. The technology, developed by ASI data science, is designed to detect and remove videos that have been created by ISIS. Thousands of hours of ISIS video content was analyze...

Isis videos targeted by artificial intelligence that can detect propaganda before it's uploaded

The Independent

Artificial intelligence technology that can detect Isis videos and prevent them from being uploaded is being released to stop the spread of the "poisonous" material. Developers funded by the Home Office are sharing their software for free with any website or app in the world in the hope it will mak...

UK Government Digital Service to explore biometrics and AI for public services


The UK Government Digital Service (GDS) will work with government departments over the next 12 months to support the use of biometrics and artificial intelligence for services, according to a blog post by GDS head Kevin Cunnington. He suggests in the post that government services such as GOV.UK can make use of "innovative technologies like machine learning and voice control," and says GDS will work with government departments and public bodies to identify areas where digital technologies can solve challenges. GDS will also act as a "front door" for tech firms, to connect providers of such technologies with government entities that can benefit from them. "Once a finalised product is created, the public sector body can then choose to buy it from the tech company," Cunnington writes in the post. GDS is also considering developing courses in AI, geospatial data, and distributed ledgers for government workers from its GDS Academy, according to the post.

The workplaces of the future will be more human, not less


In the 18th century, those operating at the highest levels of society, from London to Moscow, needed to be able to speak French, then the language of status, the nobility, politics, intellectual life and modernisation. A hundred years later, British advances in industry, science and engineering mean...

No Quick Fix in Solving UK Crime Even Artificial Intelligence Would Struggle


Basic human error or a lack of understanding of how disclosure works will always remain potential stumbling blocks even if AI was made available to help alleviate the increased volume of data now being gathered to ensure a successful prosecution. A senior UK police chief revealed in a speech in Lon...

When AI is used in medicine patients will need new protections


For Elon Musk, the term artificial intelligence conjures apocalyptic scenarios of autonomous robots wreaking destruction in a world dominated by hyper-intelligent machines. Stephen Hawking foresees a future in which smart machines replace sluggish humans across a range of activities, driving million...