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Lawmakers Say Briton Killed in Drone Strike Was Threat to UK

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British lawmakers say a U.K. man killed by a Royal Air Force drone strike in Syria was an Islamic State group attack planner who posed a "very serious threat" to Britain.

Government must extend machine learning support across education and industry


Machine learning algorithms lack common sense, have limited understanding of human intentions and seem incapable of transferring knowledge from one domain to an entirely different problem area.

In Coded Warning, Scientists Say Brexit May End U.K.'s Lead in AI


A group of prominent academics and tech executives fear that the U.K.'s exit from the European Union could jeopardize the U.K.'s lead in the development of machine learning technologies.

People are scared of artificial intelligence for all the wrong reasons


People in Britain are more scared of the artificial intelligence embedded in household devices and self-driving cars than in systems used for predictive policing or diagnosing diseases. That's according to a survey commissioned by the Royal Society, which is billed as the first in-depth look at how the public perceives the risks and benefits associated with machine learning, a key AI technique.

UK government to invest a further £38m in driverless cars


The UK government has revealed that it will invest a further £38m in driverless cars, as part of a £1bn investment in'cutting-edge' technologies - all announced in the same week that the government declared a general election for June.

A fleet of driverless cars will travel from London to Oxford in 2019


Britain is at the forefront of driverless vehicles technology with autonomous shuttles and self-driving cars being tested in the streets of London.

Driverless cars could hit UK roads by 2019

Daily Mail

Uber drivers could soon be out of a job, as new technology is being developed that will allow members of the public to summon driverless cars with a click of a button.

UK government looking for data scientists with expertise in AI, machine learning


The government is looking for data scientists with expertise in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to help the Ministry of Defence (MoD) and other departments to extract and analyse critical information in a bid to stay "one step ahead" of terrorists and other potential adversaries.

Google forced to open up Android to rival search engines in Russia

The Guardian

Google has been forced to open up Android to rival search engines and applications in Russia, after settling a two-year battle with competition authorities for 439m roubles (£6.2m).