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#CNILux Day 1: Sophie Hackford: Luxury and Artificial Intelligence


Futurist Sophie Hackford returned to the Condé Nast International Luxury Conference for the fourth consecutive year this morning to share the key technology developments that will help shape tomorrow's luxury landscape. In her previous talks, Hackford encouraged delegates - many of whom are the world's top luxury CEOs and designers - to get on board with the internet's new future and not repeat what she saw as the collective mistake of the early Noughties, when the industry did not get online and on-board with e-commerce quickly enough. Today, she expanded her theory that the world is becoming a computer, and delved into the world of Artificial Intelligence (AI). The language of the future, Hackford explained, is the language of machines. But after 60 years of disappointments, in which a lot was promised by AI but not much of it seen, how will it actually transform our lives?

Will the U.S. and Russia fight the next Cold War using AI? This expert thinks so


Artificial intelligence has increasingly been integrated into the weapons systems of the world's leading militaries, and at least one expert has said the futuristic technology may soon be the subject of a new Cold War. In a piece published Tuesday by The Conversation, North Dakota State University assistant professor Jeremy Straub argued that unlike the nuclear weapons that dominated much of the 21st century arms race between the U.S. and the Soviet Union, the use of cyberweapons and artificial intelligence largely remained "fair game," even as tensions again flared between the rivals. Both countries have invested heavily in developing new tools to wage war on this new front, but Russia particularly has sought to use it as an opportunity to upstage the more conventionally powerful U.S. Related: U.S. is losing to Russia and China in war for artificial intelligence, report says "Now, more than 30 years after the end of the Cold War, the U.S. and Russia have decommissioned tens of thousands of nuclear weapons. Any modern-day cold war would include cyberattacks and nuclear powers' involvement in allies' conflicts," wrote Straub, who was also associate director of the university's Institute for Cyber Security Education and Research, in his article. "It's already happening," he added.

Accused Russian hacker extradited to U.S. to face charges he attacked Dropbox, LinkedIn


An Associated Press investigation finds that Russian cyber spies exploiting a national vulnerability in cybersecurity are trying to break into the emails of scores of people working on military drone technology. An accused Russian hacker blamed for attacking LinkedIn, Dropbox and Formspring is finally facing American prosecutors after a lengthy extradition fight in the Czech Republic. Yevgeniy Aleksandrovich Nikulin is due to appear in U.S. federal court in California on Thursday for a detention hearing. It's unclear whether Nikulin has any connection to the Russian troll farm the Internet Research Agency, which is widely blamed by American authorities for interfering in the 2016 presidential election. But only two days after Nikulin's arrest, American officials for the first time publicly warned that the Russian government was directing efforts to influence the election by hacking and releasing private information.

Facebook Was Letting Down Users Years Before Cambridge Analytica


Future Tense is a partnership of Slate, New America, and Arizona State University that examines emerging technologies, public policy, and society. It sounds like the stuff of spy novels. A secretive company backed by an eccentric billionaire taps into sensitive data gathered by a University of Cambridge researcher. The company then works to help elect an ultranationalist presidential candidate who admires Russian President Vladimir Putin. Oh, and that Cambridge researcher, Aleksandr Kogan, worked briefly for St. Petersburg State University.

AI, Globalization and International Basketball @ExpoDX @Schmarzo #AI #IoT


A strong declaration from a historically antagonist foe should put chills in the hearts of Americans preparing themselves for the world ahead: Russian President Vladimir Putin says the nation that leads in AI will be the ruler of the world [1]" … The ruler of the world! "The development of artificial intelligence has increasingly become a national security concern in recent years. It is China and the US (not Russia), which are seen as the two frontrunners, with China recently announcing its ambition to become the global leader in AI research by 2030. Many analysts warn that America is in danger of falling behind, especially as the [current US] administration prepares to cut funding for basic science and technology research." Elon Musk, one of America's foremost technology advocates, predicts that countries seeking leadership (and domination) from artificial intelligence will be the basis for World War III[2].

Drone Swarms Are Going to Be Terrifying and Hard to Stop

The Atlantic

"More than a dozen armed drones descended from an unknown location onto Russia's vast Hmeimim air base in northwestern Latakia province, the headquarters of Russia's military operations in Syria, and on the nearby Russian naval base at Tartus," The Washington Post reported. "Russia said that it shot down seven of the 13 drones and used electronic countermeasures to safely bring down the other six." And these drones appeared substantially less sophisticated and maneuverable than a DJI Phantom 4, the leading consumer drone. The National Academy notes that most of the counterstrategies that the Army has developed are "based on jamming radio frequency and GPS signals." The thinking was: Drones needed those information flows to navigate effectively.

Vladimir Putin's new robot tanks filmed vaporizing military targets

Daily Mail

The Russian military has released footage of a terrifying new piece of weaponry as it beefs up its commitment to develop the nation's armed forces. Weapons giant Kalashnikov showed off breathtaking footage featuring a robot tank levelling a building with rockets and attacking a compound alongside a group of soldiers. The video, reportedly shot on a military range in the Moscow region, shows the Soratnik (Companion) tank blasting through walls with powerful missiles. It is also said to be able to deal with mines and to provide covering fire for troops, but the exact level of autonomy it has remains unclear. The news comes amid a tranche of upgrades to the Russian military introduced by Vladimir Putin.

These Seven Countries Are In A Race To Rule The World With AI


In a recent speech, Russian president Vladimir Putin made an incredibly prescient statement: "Artificial intelligence is the future, not only for Russia, but for all of humankind." He went on to highlight both the risks and rewards of AI and concluded by declaring that whatever country comes to dominate this technology will be the "ruler of the world." As someone who closely monitors global events and studies emerging technologies, I think Putin's lofty rhetoric is entirely appropriate. Funding for global AI startups has grown at a 60% compound annual growth rate since 2010. More significantly, the international community is actively discussing the influence AI will exert over both global cooperations and national strength.

Putin Warns We May Be Facing the Rise of the Machines


"Is there a danger of it?" "Yep, such a threat exists. But to prevent it from happening, one needs to be prepared for it," the Russian president famously remarked. Separately, Putin has underscored that the creative potential of a human being will never be rivaled by artificial intelligence. On 21 September 2017, President Putin briefly spoke to the pinnacle of engineering development, the robot Alice while on a visit to the Moscow office of the Russian search giant Yandex.

Winning the #ArtificialIntelligence War @ExpoDX #IoT #DigitalTransformation


There is a war a-brewin', but this war will be fought with wits and not brute strength. Ever since Russian President Vladimir Putin's declaration that "the nation that leads in AI (Artificial Intelligence) will be the ruler of the world," the press and analysts have created hysteria regarding the ramifications of artificial intelligence on everything from public education to unemployment to healthcare to Skynet.