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Xiaomi, Aramco Will Likely List in Hong Kong, Exchange Chief Says WSJD - Technology

The proposed changes include permitting IPOs that restrict shareholders' voting rights, secondary listings by Chinese and international companies already listed elsewhere and primary listings by unprofitable biotech firms. The reforms are set to become effective April 30. The exchange will begin taking listing applications in early May, Mr. Li said. "This probably is the largest reform we've ever had in the last 25 years," he said, adding that it's "only a matter of time" before the likes of Alibaba and Xiaomi list in Hong Kong. Mr. Li is one of several speakers who are discussing some of the most compelling ideas emerging globally.

Yemen's Houthis Say Launched Drone Attack on Southern Saudi Aramco Facility

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"The air force announced the execution of air strikes with the Qasif 1 aircraft on Aramco in Jizan (province)," the channel said on its official Twitter account, referring to a drone the Houthis had previously unveiled.

MIT hosts Saudi-U.S. innovation forum

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MIT on Saturday hosted an "Innovation to Impact" forum focused on Saudi Arabia, bringing together governmental leaders, business executives, and academic researchers in an effort to analyze and catalyze new directions for the Saudi economy and to discuss areas of shared interest. The event's participants included a royal delegation from Saudi Arabia, members of the MIT administration and faculty, and chief executives from several prominent Boston–area companies. Among the other components of the forum, separate, simultaneous roundtable discussions examined the state of health care, renewable energy, and the dynamics of entrepreneurship and venture capital. At the conclusion of the forum, MIT hosted an event in the MIT Media Lab that featured an "innovation gallery" of new technologies; presentations by Greater Boston students and scientists from Saudi Arabia; and demonstrations of new technologies. His Royal Highness Prince Mohammed bin Salman, Crown Prince of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, participated in that second event, which included a signing ceremony to finalize a series of research and education collaborations with MIT and other area institutions.

AI News: Artificial Intelligence Surging Interest For Big Oil Companies Stock News & Stock Market Analysis - IBD


Tech giants Apple (AAPL), Alphabet (GOOGL), Facebook (FB), and Microsoft (MSFT) have raced to apply artificial intelligence to their businesses, and the oil industry is starting to seize on AI's benefits too. The reason interest is surging now is because artificial intelligence is "actually doable," he said in an interview with IBD at CERAWeek, explaining that advancements in cloud computing and infrastructure have made AI more affordable and accessible. "The industrial world is waking up to best practices," he said. "They are all waking up to it." Several heavyweights in the energy industry are already investors in his company, including General Electric (GE), Chevron (CVX), Royal Dutch Shell (RDSA) and Saudi Aramco.

AI Correctly Predicts TIME's Person Of The Year. . . Again - Disruption Hub


For the past 90 years, TIME magazine has named a'Person of the Year'. The result is based on who has had the most influence on the news, leading to some controversial but entirely justified selections including Adolf Hitler and Josef Stalin. Last year, Donald Trump received the title over resounding favourite Narendra Modi. This year the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Salman, topped the reader's poll with a clear majority. Despite this, history repeated itself yet again when the #MeToo Campaign was announced as TIME's final choice. So, despite various online polls and predictions, it's notoriously difficult to know who will be picked. But Unanimous AI, an Artificial Intelligence company based in San Francisco, did know.

AI Is The Future Of Computing, And SingularityNET Is The Future Of AI


What happens when you create an open AI marketplace that can learn from itself? Remember Sophia, the humanoid robot who was granted citizenship by Saudi Arabia? From the general media hubbub to the discussion surrounding the Saudi government's treatment of women's rights, the landmark event caused quite a stir across the web. In some sense, the premise behind SingularityNET is fairly simple. "SingularityNET is a decentralized open market for AI," SingularityNET CEO Ben Goertzel said in an interview with the author.

SoftBank's Son remains confident over Saudi investment in Vision Fund amid crackdown

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Billionaire Masayoshi Son may be getting closer to achieving his dream of making SoftBank Group Corp. the world's biggest investor in technologies, thanks in part to the main patron of Son's $100 billion (¥11.3

Give Saudi women a license not just to drive, but to run their own lives

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It'll be close, but it looks like women will be allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia with some time to spare before the automobile industry converts entirely to self-driving cars. A royal decree announced Tuesday that women would finally be allowed behind the wheel, heralding a preposterously overdue end to the most high-profile and infamous of the repressive kingdom's restrictions on women. While there are a few other Middle Eastern and conservative Islamic countries where driving by women is culturally or religiously frowned upon, Saudi Arabia is the last country on the planet that officially prohibited it. The government says it will first form a panel to look into implementing the order, then create the infrastructure it claims is necessary to put the order into effect. However, the order seems likely to be carried out.